Chapter 155 : Competing Wealth with me? (1)

Chapter 155 : Competing Wealth with me? (1)

Finally, Nan Huairen calmed down and couldn’t help but curse:

“F*ck, there are too many crooks here, ah.”

“Ancient Sky City has existed for such a long time and is one of the biggest cities in the Grand Middle Territory, it is not surprising to have so many crooks.”

Li Qiye smilingly responded.

They went past a few block without stopping. Li Qiye was in no hurry and he slowly stepped forward. The truth was that he wanted Nan Huairen to see the world.

A few blocks later, they met many more people who were selling corpses; some real and some fake. Not everyone was a scammer.

In a corner of the street, a grandpa cultivator was sitting with a skull presented in front of him. It emitted a cold air so many people gathered to see. The group of Nan Huairen also came to join in the fun.

“Dao friend, how do you want to sell this skull?”

A cultivator who knew his stuff asked after seeing the skull.

One person, who couldn’t handle the expensive price, responded instead:

“He’s only exchanging for a Life Wheel, an Ancient Saint Life Wheel. Plus, he only wants it from the Heavenly Devil race!”

“I have an Ancient Saint’s True Treasure, trade or no?”

A cultivator asked.

The seller did not say anything; it was a clear refusal. However, from his aura, no one dared to have any strange thoughts.

At this moment, the group of Nan Huairen looked at Li Qiye. He nodded his head and said:

“An Ancient Saint skull, carrying saintly power.”

He turned around after speaking.

“It’s the real deal?”

The group of Nan Huairen quickly chased after Li Qiye. Nan Huairen was afraid of being cheated so he was very paranoid.

“It’s the real deal.”

Li Qiye nodded his head and said:

“A dying Ancient Saint poured all of his blood energy into the skull to maintain the saintly power. This thing was not any weaker than an Ancient Saint’s True Treasure.”

“Because it is a skull carrying the blood energy of an Ancient Saint?”

Qu Daoli was astonished. An Ancient Saint’s True Treasure was worth many times more than an Ancient Saint’s Life Treasure.

“No, because of its origin. This was the skull of the Ancient Ming race, it has extremely tyrannical Yin killing intent.”

Li Qiye gently sighed. The words “Ancient Ming” reminded him of a few things.

“The Ancient Ming race? There is such a race? How come I have never heard of it before?”

Luo Fenghua curiously asked.

“It existed.”

Li Qiye nodded his head as he stared towards the far horizon, and he slowly spoke:

“In this current world, it will be difficult to find the first clan of the Ancient Ming!”

As he finished speaking, a chilling aura could be found deep in his eyes.

Li Shuangyan immediately felt a change in Li Qiye, but she didn’t ask for the reason.

The group went through a few more blocks. Outside of the large auction houses and stores, they saw many street vendors. Corpses were the most common items.

“Oldest Brother, why are there so many people selling corpses in this place?”

Xu Pei whispered.

Li Qiye answered with a smile:

“What is the name of this place? It is called Corpse City! It is right outside of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. And, there is another reason for this — many people steal the corpses of the dead, here. This burial ground contains too many corpses. Some were even invincible during their eras, so many cultivators take the risk to rob the graves. This is why many people sell corpses here. This is a profession that has existed for countless years now.”

Hearing this, Xu Pei felt a bit more relieved.

Inside the city, there weren’t only street vendors, one could even see the sects and different races. Seeing people with human heads along with a snake body or a human body with horse legs was not at all uncommon.

A big, burly man walked by Li Qiye and he attracted Nan Huairen’s gaze. The man’s body was entirely made out of rock, and his face looked like it was crafted from being carved.

“Is this a rock gaining awareness from cultivating the dao?”

Seeing this person walking away, Zhang Yu curiously asked.

Li Qiye didn’t answer because Shi Gandang, who was following him, replied:

“This is a person from the Stone Golem race; he has a shallow cultivation. One of them with higher cultivation would be no different from a regular human.”

“What race is that?”

At this moment, Xu Pei saw a handsome young man in the far distance. This man was perfectly handsome to the point of being devilish. On top of his head was a halo, bestowed by the heavens.

“The Heavenly Devil race. Legends has it that after the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong fought, the walls between the worlds collapsed, so it became difficult to see the Heavenly Devil race in the Mortal Emperor World. We can only see the Heavenly Devil race in ancient cities like Ancient Sky City.”

Niu Fen reminisced with some emotions.


The group of Nan Huairen opened their eyes wide. Luo Fenghua couldn’t believe it and said:

“I, I always thought that the Heavenly Devil race were giants, giants with horns on their heads and eyes as big as lanterns. The Heavenly Devil race is so good looking like this?”

“The Heavenly Devil race is not only one tribe, it has many side branches!”

Li Qiye said.

Walking in this old city really broadened the horizons of Nan Huairen’s group. They have seen many new things today.

Finally, they reached a street and Li Qiye a treasure inside a store was caught in his eyes.

Seeing this treasure, Li Qiye laughed. And Li Shuangyan, as his sword maid, was always attentive to his mood. She noticed that this store was named “Ancient Intent Fasting”, and she said:

“We should go in and see!”

“We will go in.”

Li Qiye smiled and nodded his head repeatedly as he walked inside the store.

The store named “Ancient Intent Fasting” was really large. Outside, it seemed like an ordinary store, but once you step inside, people would find that it was an ancient store with great feng shui. Inside the ancient chamber were walls with treasures close to the windows and jade cabinets that displayed priceless treasures that included Life Metals, Godly Steels, True Treasures, and Soul Grass…

It could be said that everything could be found here, especially when each True Treasure and Life Wheel were hanging above along with the godly swords and immortal pagodas. They emitted their brilliances that would deter even the souls, causing others to be breathless!

Li Qiye’s group walked inside as the shopkeeper of the store personally greeted them even when the group of Nan Huairen were little brats that had never seen the world.

However, Li Qiye had a godly calmness with peerless beauties, like Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, by his side. Any astute merchant would immediately know that this was a big customer. Plus, Niu Fen and Shi Gandang were not ordinary people.

The group of Nan Huairen was a little nervous when they stepped into such a large store, but Li Qiye was still as calm as ever.

The shopkeeper stepped forward to greet them and was very sensible. Seeing Li Qiye’s expression, he didn’t open his mouth to randomly present items.

Li Qiye’s eyes fell into the middle of the yard that had a yellow bell hung in a small pavilion. This yellow bell was old and had ancient magical runes. It was without any bright luster.

Besides the yellow bell in this pavilion, there were also two small cabinets to the side; one on the left and one on the right. There were three pieces of yellow paper on the left side. Their origin was unknown, and countless years have passed, causing the paper to turn yellow.

The right cabinet had a small stone, or an egg. It was unclear whether it was a stone or an egg. It was around the size of a fist; it looked like a stone, but also an egg.

The group of Nan Huairen was also confused and wondered why three uninteresting items was placed in such a place. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was staring at the three items like they were the most perfect works of art in this world.

As Li Qiye was observing these two things in an enjoyable manner, the shopkeeper was very smart and only stood silently to the side without saying a distracting word.

“Good item; casted by the early people, it originated from all existences. Good bell; a truly good bell, it’s a priceless treasure.”

After appreciating it for a moment, Li Qiye praisingly said.

Seeing Li Qiye’s happy state, the shopkeeper was also happy and opened his mouth:

“Sir, you are really extraordinary. My store has numerous items, but Sir was the first one to be so attentive towards it. These three things are the defining treasures of our Ancient Intent Fasting, and they are not for sale.”

“Jiao Heng passing on the nine writings, one stone extracted from the earth. Not for sale is a normal matter. If it was me, I wouldn’t sell it either.” [1.  Jiao Heng is the name of an Immortal Emperor, meaning Arrogance/Overbearing/Domineering]

Li Qiye smilingly replied.

Li Qiye’s words stunned the shopkeeper. His face greatly changed as he said:

“Sir is indeed a wise man, revealing the truth with just one phrase. Wonderful, wonderful, my Ancient Intent Fasting had been in this city for countless years, but there weren’t many customers that knew the real origins of these three things.”

Li Qiye only nonchalantly smiled at the praises from the shopkeeper and didn’t reply.

The group of Nan Huairen glanced at each other. They couldn’t see how these three things were precious, not even Li Shuangyan could discern the value. The three items before them were too ordinary. One was a yellow bell, another was the three tattered pieces of paper, and the last was just a stone.

Nan Huairen thought that he had great vision, but he couldn’t see through the three items, and Li Qiye didn’t say anything either. He could only ask the shopkeeper:

“Sir Shopkeeper, my oldest brother’s vision for immortal items is godly. We juniors’ sights are weak and can’t appreciate these three precious treasures.”

“If you want to ask about the origins of these three items, then just say it straight. There is no need to go around in a circle.”

Li Qiye smiled and slapped the back of Nan Huairen’s head.

Nan Huairen embarrassingly smirked. In fact, at this moment, Niu Fen wanted to know what these three

things were even more than Nan Huairen.


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