Chapter 154 : Ancient Sky City (2)

 Chapter 154 : Ancient Sky City (2)

It could be said that mortals were use to the monstrous and multicolored cultivators, so they did not wonder at the strange sights, nor did they avoid them.

On the contrary, the group of Nan Huairen was here for the first time, and they were no different from country bumpkins — no different from peasants seeing a dazzling grand garden for the first time.

Too many cultivators traveled in and out of Ancient Sky City from the five rivers and four oceans of the world. Some people used a flying treasure while others simply walked. One even rode a Monarch Worm…

In the horizon, one could see countless explosions and bright lights coming into the city and the structures high above; on the streets were cultivators riding centipedes and earth dragons. From beginning to end, giant buildings with ancient architectures floated above. In the far distance, tall pavilions pierced the clouds…

Thus, the group of Li Qiye, who were riding the snail, were not too eye-catching and no one was surprised at the sight.

However, the most attracting things about the group were Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao next to Li Qiye. Two supreme beauties — no matter where they went, their remarkable dazzles would be the center of all gazes.

Li Shuangyan was like the cold apricot in the middle of the falling snow, causing other people to stop in their tracks for another glance. As for Chen Baojiao, she was a city toppling temptress, rendering others to drool and lose their minds.

The waves of pedestrians continued inside the city next to the restaurants and inns and numerous street vendors. Once inside, anyone would be submerged by the incessant advertising chants.

“Immortal Monarch’s flower, one Mobile Godly Platform, and a Flying Immortal Platform. Only exchanging True Treasures or Heavenly Sovereign’s True Treasures for Virtuous Paragon’s magical seals!”

“Ferocious Ocean Flying Ship, a Mobile Fortress created by an Ancient Saint with thirty-six layers of protection and eight layers of offense. Trading for seven Seven Transformation Murderous Fate Pill!”

“Six Runes Treasure Metal with three incantation runes, two murderous runes, and one saint cleansing rune. This is a rare Treasure Metal! Only selling it for Heavenly King ranked Refined Crystal, price is negotiable.”

Inside Ancient Sky City, outside of the grand sects and powerful nations, along with the Immortal Emperor’s lineages in the auction houses, many cultivators were exchanging items for money or other items.

As the saying stated: one shouldn’t show their wealth. The good stuff shown here were either sold by people with absolute strength, or they had a powerful backing, or they were scammers!

Many hawkers were shouting to find buyers. Many cultivators displayed their items on the street while others did not say anything and only waited for the right buyers.

Of course, this place was filled with dragons mixed together with snakes. There were too many crooks here, but they could only fool the inexperienced ones.

“Finger bone of a Heavenly King, an invincible Heavenly King in the legends — the eleventh finger of Heavenly King Fa Tian that swept through the Grand Middle Territory and used his Heavenly King cultivation to challenge Virtuous Paragons. His eleventh finger was refined by the heaven and earth, and it continued to exist in the world even after he had passed away. Quickly now, come take a look at the finger bone of a Heavenly King here, it’s at a very good price.”[1]

A street vendor loudly shouted.

Because it was their first time visiting Ancient Sky City, they stopped riding the snail and were just walking on the streets. Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan were fine, but the group of disciples’ faces were written with the words “first time here”, so anyone who saw them immediately knew that they were country bumpkins.

After just setting foot on the street, the group of Nan Huairen was enthusiastically led by the street vendors to their corners and showed them the treasures.

“Oh great Immortal Emperor sirs, look, this Heavenly King finger bone. This lowly one risked my life to bring it out of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. This is the eleventh finger of Heavenly King Fa Tian, the finger of the heaven and earth. It contains the godly power of Heavenly King Fa Tian’s entire life. This one finger bone alone is not weaker than a Heavenly King’s Life Treasure.”

This street vendor carefully opened his jewel container for Nan Huairen to see. As the box was opening, the royal aura exploded and the street vendor quickly closed the container.

“A Heavenly King’s finger bone.”

The royal aura’s appearance shook Nan Huairen and Luo Fenghua’s group.

“What is the price?”

The brat, Nan Huairen, became greed, and couldn’t help but ask.

“Great One, we’ll make it easy, how about three hundred Heavenly King Refined Crystals?”

In this street vendor’s eyes, Nan Huairen, Luo Fenghua, Zhang Yu, and even Qu Daoli were all country bumpkins.

The truth was that they couldn’t be blamed. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had fallen for a long time and never got the chance to see the world.

“Heavenly King Refined Crystals!”

Needles to say, Nan Huairen and Luo Fenghua sank their heads like turtles. They essentially couldn’t afford it at all.

“How about this, I see that the future potential of you lot are unlimited, and you will all become Immortal Emperors in the future. I only want a bit of good fate. I’m throwing away my head-earned saving here, how about one thousand Destiny Refined Crystals?”

The vendor was very good at reading expressions, so he quickly changed his tone.

In a short amount of time, the group of Nan Huairen and Qu Daoli looked at each other, then at Xu Pei. As for Zhang Yu and Luo Fenghua, they only became official disciples recently and were poor, but Nan Huairen and Qu Daoli were able to afford it.

“Eleventh finger? Finger of the heaven and earth?”

Li Qiye, who was watching the funny scene, came forward and smilingly said:

“Speaking of the finger of the heaven and earth, I have seen it. It is of a tiger-amber color and has bloody spurs on the finger. This finger can rip out the sky with an unstoppable sharpness. Let me see your heaven and earth finger. If it is good, then even Heavenly King Refined Jades will be worth it.”

The moment Li Qiye finished his words, the street vendor’s expression instantly changed. He immediately closed his shop and left. As someone who had been here for a long time, his eyes were very sharp. He instantly figured out that Li Qiye was knowledgeable and would only bring further embarrassment if he kept on trying to deceive them.

This sudden event widened the eyes of Nan Huairen’s group and caused their jaws to drop. Nan Huairen swallowed his saliva and argued:

“But earlier, the bone finger in the box exuded a royal presence.”

“You are haunted by the ghosts and devils!”

Li Qiye angrily slapped Nan Huairen’s head and scolded him:

“How long has this city existed in this world? In this city, the most ancient trade is scamming! This profession was passed on in this city for countless years with layers and layers of tricks. Not to mention the royal aura, give me some time and I can even prepare an Immortal Emperor’s power for all of you to see. Earlier when he opened the box, you only felt it for a second — royal aura my ass.”

Being slapped by Li Qiye, Nan Huairen calmed down and scratched his head in a silly manner:

“So this was actually the case.”

“You little brat, this is greed. Are you not good at reading other people? Yet you almost got scammed. You should just commit suicide by jumping off a floor to lessen your shame.”

Li Qiye jokingly scolded him.

Nan Huairen bursted out in laughter while the group of Qu Daoli wryly smiled. This was not their fault. This was their first time to a place like Ancient Sky City.

“Fate Palace, a complete Ancient Fate Palace of a Heavenly Sovereign’s corpse, never opened before. Come test your treasures and merit laws!”

There was still a bit left to go on the street when the group of the brat, Nan Huairen, was stopped yet again by street vendors to their stalls.

There was a wooden coffin with a corpse inside. The head of the corpse was very complete, and it emitted godly fiery sparks as if there was a treasure inside.

“A Fate Palace can still exist like this? A dead cultivator’s collapsed Fate Palace!”

Seeing this scene, Qu Daoli exclaimed.

“Dead cultivator, collapsed Fate Palace, broken Life Wheel — this saying is correct. However, in special circumstances where the universal laws are sealed within, a dead cultivator still has a chance to leave behind their Fate Palace and Life Wheel. There was an Immortal Emperor who left behind his Fate Palace for future generations! This is a corpse I dug out from the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. From my speculations, he was a Heavenly Sovereign when he was still alive. His Fate Palace is beautifully preserved and is unopened by us. Whether there are any good stuff or not, we don’t know, so we are not selling it at a high price. This Fate Palace is more of a gamble. I don’t know if you all are interested in this gamble or not?”

Compared to the hawker from earlier, this vendor was not only a cultivator, but he was seemingly even more professional.

“What do you think, Oldest Brother?”

Xu Pei looked at Li Qiye and whispered.

This time, the group of Nan Huairen was also smarter, and they all stared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye approvingly nodded his head and said:

“This dao friend is not wrong. Under certain conditions, even when they die, the Fate Palace and Life Wheel have a certain chance of being preserved. However, such cases are very rare. If the Fate Palace was completely intact, then it would contain its cultivator’s entire dao power throughout his life! If an Immortal Emperor actually left behind his Fate Palace for his descendants, then this would be too frightening. Even an Immortal Emperor’s True Treasure would not necessarily be able to match it!”

“Right, this dao brother truly knows his stuff. My pleasure, my pleasure. I am a businessman, and I will absolutely not trick you guys. This is absolutely a Heavenly Sovereign corpse that I dug out from the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, ah.”

The vendor had a comfortable stance as he smilingly replied.

The group of Nan Huairen, at this moment, was very tempted. A Heavenly Sovereign’s Fate Palace — even if it was empty, it would still be very amazing, ah. Suddenly, they all looked at each other.

“Whether this corpse of yours is from the burial ground or not, I will find out after one poke.”

Li Qiye smiled and said. Then, he unsheathed Li Shuangyan’s sword.

Seeing Li Qiye’s sword in his hand, the vendor immediately changed his expression and stopped Li Qiye. He quickly said:

“Dao friend, dao friend, this is an ancient corpse…”

“If you keep on lying there, do you believe that I will cut off his head and turn it into a pot or not?”

Li Qiye swung the Six Dao Sword horizontally, shooting out a black and white colored ray.

The vendor’s expression sank heavily, and he immediately bowed and said:

“My offense, my offense. Dao friend is a wise person, a wise person. We shall go.”

After his words came out, the ancient corpse inside the coffin immediately stood up as well.


Xu Pei screamed in fear. A corpse suddenly standing up also frightened the group of Nan Huairen, making them take a few steps back as well.

When their wits returned, the vendor — along with the “ancient corpse” — had already fled. At this moment, they understood that it was not a corpse but a living person!


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