Chapter 1533: Destroying The Ancestral Terra

Right when the terra’s ancestors were taking the young and old away, the fight between Li Qiye and the three ancestral trees was nearing the end.

“Buzz!” Blinding immortal light oozed out of the trees’ marks. They were going all out in one last hurrah.

“I’ll show you treants what is called an immortal weapon.” Li Qiye answered.

“Whoosh!” The verdant tree blotting out Heaven Spirit had an ancient mark appearing on it. The world was engulfed in its terrible power. This mark was many times stronger than the ancestral trees’ marks and made them seem so insignificant.

“What is that?” Even the most powerful treants were shouting after feeling the immortal power of this ancient mark.

“Boom!” The three marks from the ancestral trees immediately disintegrated into thick laws that were instantly siphoned by the verdant tree. It swallowed them and fused them into its own ancient mark.

With a brushing sound, the immortal lights from the three ancestral trees dimmed down instantly after their marks were taken away. They looked like candles in the wind that could be extinguished with a gust of breeze.

“Rumble!” The entire terra was shaking. The branches of the verdant tree coiling around the ancestral began to pull them up from the ground.

“No!” The ancestors and cultivators in the sect screamed pitifully with despair.

In their mind, the ancestral trees represented everything but now, they were being pulled from the roots. It was too much of a blow to their confidence so despair took over.

“Boom!” Finally, all three trees were taken off completely. Their leaves began to wither after leaving the soil.

These trees took root with the earth so once they left, it meant death! One could imagine the consequence of Li Qiye’s action.

This scene shocked everyone in Heaven Spirit. They stood agape for a long time. Some jaws even nearly dropped to the ground.

Ancestral trees were supreme existences in the mind of many in Heaven Spirit. Rumor has it that not even Immortal Emperors could uproot them.

However, Li Qiye has done so to three of them at the same time. Such a scene was too much to take in. Regardless of who they might be, they were horrified with shuddering legs. Even Emperor Assailants felt the same way.

“No, no, no!” The experts in the terra cried in anguish. From today on, their Ancestral Terra has been erased from Heaven Spirit.

“Ready for death?” Li Qiye’s voice came again after uprooting the trees.

Heaven Spirit was speechless. Everyone understood that facing Li Qiye meant death regardless of who his opponents might be.

The disciples, experts, and even the ancestors were silent. As the ship took the young and old away, Li Qiye didn’t bother pursuing them and simply let them escape.

Of course, some disciples tried to escape secretly but the majority of experts and even ancestors stay behind.

After all, this was their home. They didn’t want to escape and knew that it wasn’t possible either. Once they tried, Li Qiye would start to massacre everyone!

“We’ll fight to the death!” One ancestor rallied the troops in a frenzy.

“Yes, fight to the death!” All the experts felt their blood boiling and were ready to die.

There was no other choice for this was their only end.

In an instant, these disciples formed a grand formation. It was immense, consisting of millions. Once it took form, the blood energy gathered into an ocean of blood.

“Kill!” The disciples inside this array shouted.

With a loud blast, all of the vitality from these disciples unleashed one final blow.

The sky was shattered while the stars rustled. The power of this attack ravaged the world.

“Pointless struggle.” Li Qiye spoke again. At this moment, the branches wove together into a green spear that was thrown straight down.

The formation couldn’t do anything before this spear. It penetrated the arrays instantly and caused a rain of blood and screams.

The branches then pierced through the opponents’ chest. Countless bodies were skewered together.

Many people vomited after seeing so many bodies in the sky. This was a ruthless killing.

Next, the branches shuddered and all of the bodies fell down into the ocean. In just a short period, so many bodies floated on the surface. The spectators felt their scalp tingling watching this scene. No one dared to make a sound due to being completely horrified.

“The terra is done for.” After a long time, someone finally commented.

A place praised to be impregnable even by emperors had turned to ashes. A legend has ended today. Quite a shocking turn of event!

In just one day, Li Qiye has destroyed the Spirit Abyss, Dream Empyrean, Roaring Conch, and the Ancestral Terra. After this battle, everyone could only kneel before him. No one would dare to lift their head or walk proudly in front of him, regardless of how strong they might be.

“Clang!” The branches nailed themselves to the ground followed by a series of explosions. One could see their treasuries being dragged out. Mountains and springs, as well as fields and treasures, were all taken by Li Qiye.

Generations of accumulation made the terra full of treasures. All of that has become Li Qiye’s personal possession.

Everyone watched but no one dared to have a single thought of greed. To be frank, even if a single coin of Li Qiye fell on the ground, no one would dare to pick it up. Everyone knew that opposing him would invite a sect-destroying disaster!

“Xiong Qianbei, heed my call!” He spoke again.

Very few have heard of this name in Heaven Spirit. They were curious about the reason why he called out this name.

In an inconspicuous sea realm in this world, an old man hurriedly flew to the sky and prostrated. He was pale with fright and spoke with trepidation: “Your, your servant is here, please give the order, Your Majesty.”

He almost pissed his pants and didn’t even have the courage to raise his head.

“Boom!” A huge branch from the sky took down a corner of the terra and threw it towards the sea. Li Qiye said: “Take it, this land is yours now.”

“Your Majesty, your servant, servant was blind and didn’t know that you are the contemporary Immortal emperor. I was foolish and blinded by greed. An ant like myself wouldn’t, wouldn’t dare to negotiate with you, Your Majesty.” He finally understood who he was making a deal with in the past!

At this particular juncture, he wouldn’t dare to talk with Li Qiye about conditions even if he was a hundred times more courageous. If Li Qiye wanted something, he would hand it over without a hesitation!

He was afraid of Li Qiye becoming angry. This was someone who could annihilate his clan and race. At that moment, he would be the sinner of the Xiong Clan!

“Take it, my words are made of gold and shall be carried out.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“Thank you, Your Majesty. The Xiong Clan will never forget your kindness.” Qianbei didn’t dare to refuse an imperial order so he immediately bowed his head more than ten times while being scared out of his wits!

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