Chapter 153 : Ancient Sky City (1)

 Chapter 153 : Ancient Sky City (1)

Having heard about the situation, Li Qiye smiled and said:

“Well, since it is a dying person, I will give him a plan.”

“Please speak, Young Noble Li, I am listening carefully.”

Demon King Lun Ri became emotional and quickly exclaimed.

Li Qiye leisurely spoke:

“My plan is very simple. I will help them find an Underworld Boat, then bury him inside. The time he will be buried will be one to two years to prolong the lifespan by three hundred to five hundred years.”

“Buried for one to two years to increase one’s life by three hundred to five hundred years.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Demon King was quite surprised. This was simply playing god! This was even more heaven defying than being buried in a Feng Shui Treasure Earth.

“Three hundred to five hundred years is enough for his one breath, but it is impossible for him to reach Immortal Emperor or a higher realm. He is a person near death, and his Life Wheel is damaged while his blood energy runs dry. The Underworld Boat can only temporarily help him live a bit longer.”

Li Qiye slowly explained.

“That is enough!”

Demon King Lun Ri greatly changed his expression! Three to five hundred years for a giant was enough to do many things, even if it was only temporary. To the War God Temple, this matter had a great significance.

“But, I have one condition. I want one thing from the War God Temple; there is no room for negotiation.”

Li Qiye slowly spoke in his casual demeanor.

Hearing Li Qiye’s condition, Demon King Lun Ri paused for a moment, and then he replied:

“Young Noble Li, stay in my sect for a few days. I will go and find the Outer Sect’s elder to consult with him.”

Demon King was very swift. On the third day, he brought news to Li Qiye and said:

“The War God Temple wants this old man to live again, any condition was fine and all are on the table.”

This was a stunning comment to state. The War God Temple was such a frightening existence ever since the Desolate Era till now. It was unfathomable with countless immortal sages, and no one knew its exact location.

Today, this War God Temple said that any condition would be possible, how amazing was this?! Anyone who heard this phrase would be rendered unconscious from such an unthinkable deal.

“Live again for another era?”

Li Qiye faintly sneered and continued:

“This is wishful thinking. Living again for another era isn’t as simple as this. If it was so easy, then not to mention the War God temple, but even Immortal Emperors would have done it! Tell those old men to not be so greedy. It will only be three to five hundred years, do it or leave it!”

Li Qiye’s stance was very firm, and Demon King Lun Ri didn’t dare to negotiate. He immediately communicated Li Qiye’s words to the War God Temple. The next day, he finally sent another message to Li Qiye:

“The War God Temple agreed with your condition. As long as the venerable elder comes back, then Young Noble will immediately have the thing that you want! If it is not successful, then the item used as down payment will not be returned.”

Demon King Lun Ri was taking a huge chance, here. If this matter failed, then the Nine Saint Demon Gate would lose the item used as guarantee the War God Temple. It would simply be throwing a meat bun at a dog; what was gone would never come back.

“Good, I will go there and wait. Let me know when they come.”

Li Qiye agreed and said:

“But, I will need a few things that Demon King needs to fully prepare.”

Then, he gave a list to Demon King Lun Ri.

Seeing the list, there were a few things he had not heard of before, but he still acquiesced:

“Leave this small matter to the Nine Saint Demon Gate.”

After negotiating with the Demon King, Li Qiye brought Li Shuangyan back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and held a meeting with the elders and Su Yonghuang.

“I’m intending to go to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground.”

Li Qiye announced.

“Going to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground!”

Li Qiye’s words caused the elders to change their expressions while Su Yonghuang lost her colors.

“Qiye, this burial ground is very dangerous. Even a Virtuous Paragon can’t simply enter it.”

Gu Tieshou worriedly said.

Su Yonghuang was also nervous and said:

“This burial ground contains countless Virtuous Paragons and invincible existences. I heard these ancient corpses are tyrants inside the burial ground, and death was the only path to trespassers. You going there is too dangerous.”

“This is right, ah, Qiye. Not to mention bringing an Emperor’s Possession, even an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure would not be enough. Legends say that masters from an Immortal Emperor lineage that wielded an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure went inside the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, but in the end, they still died inside and the Life Treasure was also lost.”

Elder Sun anxiously proclaimed.

Even though many people wanted to rush to this burial ground, those were the people who were on the verge of death. To people who were living just fine, this was a frightening place. Countless people have died there, and one could even say that anyone who entered would surely die.

“I know about these matters.”

Regarding Su Yonghuang and the others’ apprehension, Li Qiye smilingly replied:

“I will be careful about these things. I have my own plan, and I only wanted to let you all know.”

Even though Li Qiye said so in a calm manner, the elders gazed at each other and sighed. They knew that Li Qiye would never change his decision so they stopped trying to convince him.

“Elder Tu will go with you!”

In the end, Su Yonghuang was still worried for Li Qiye and told Tu Buyu to go with him.

Li Qiye didn’t reject this. And so, this matter was settled.

Regarding this trip to the burial ground, after Li Qiye’s careful consideration, he decided to bring Niu Fen. As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, it was needless to say; they would absolutely be going with him. Outside of these people, Li Qiye also brought along Qu Daoli, Xu Pei, Zhang Yu, and Luo Fenghua.

These disciples were the ones he focused on training, and he needed them to uphold an entire direction by themselves in the future. Thus, Li Qiye would bring them along to experience the world.

Of course, the little brat, Nan Huairen, also shamelessly wanted to go, so Li Qiye — in the end — promised to take him!

“The Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground?”

Hearing about this, Niu Fen was in a daze and had a strange expression. After a while, he regained his sanity and lamented:

“This is a very ancient place. There is an ancestor of ours that was buried inside. Whether he was successful or not in prolonging his life, no one knew.”

“Did you all ever go to show your respect after your ancestor was buried inside?”

Li Qiye smilingly said.

Nin Fen wryly smiled and shook his head:

“The truth is that we don’t know where the ancestor was buried! This respectful rite was never brought up.”

“People pay respects to the graves inside the burial ground?”

Chen Baojiao was surprised about this matter.

Honoring the deceased relatives or sect elders was normal, but she had never heard about people paying their respects in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. It was because it was an essentially impossible matter.

“In principle, it is possible.”

Li Qiye smilingly replied:

“In reality, it is not so simple to do. Many situations do not permit such a thing.”

Chen Baojiao was not stupid. It was hard to imagine honoring the elders inside this burial ground. One had to be aware that it was a place made from mountains of corpses and oceans of graves. It was filled with a corpse aura, so no one dared to go inside.

Even though both of these locations were inside the Grand Middle Territory, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was very far from the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. Separated by millions of miles and more than half of the Grand Middle Territory, it was impossible to fly this distance.

The group of Li Qiye have to go through dao gateways. With such a large distance, the amount of Refined Crystals required would be frightening. It was too much of a burden for a falling sect like the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but with the complete funding from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Li Qiye did not need to worry about the Refined Crystals.

Due to the existence of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, the western area of the Grand Middle Territory was primarily wilderness. It existed like a forbidden evil ground that spanned through the heaven and earth.

Even though it turned people pale, there was an ancient city right outside — Ancient Sky City!

Ancient Sky City could be considered the oldest city in the Grand Middle Territory. It existed in an old, old era, and it was unknown when it was constructed.

Ancient Sky City was also called Corpse City. Outside of people wanting to go to the burial ground, only the dying would come to this city, and it was their last stop. Due to this, the price of coffins in this place was very hot. Even a coffin made out of four wooden planks and a few nails would still be worth some money. As for the expensive ones, they would be made from Godly Wood. All types of coffins were available!

As long as a particular material could be used to make a coffin, one would be able to find it at Ancient Sky City. There was a joke amongst cultivators that, if a dying person wanted a coffin perfectly crafted for their own hearts, it was best to go to Ancient Sky City.

Even though it was called Corpse City, it did not have a lifeless atmosphere nor was it desolate and abandoned. On the contrary, Ancient Sky City was bustling and vibrant. Countless cultivators inside Ancient Sky City came from all corners of the world. Even people from different races could be found here, such as Heavenly Devils and Stone Golems.

It was one of the largest cities in the Grand Middle Territory. It was always crowded to the point where it was also known as the city that never sleeps!

Entering Ancient Sky City, one would immediately be met with lively and noisy commotions of the street vendors. In front of the eyes were countless towering pavilions and grand avenues. In the sky, there were many godly temples and ancient chambers hovering above!

On the street filled with dragon carriages and water stallions amidst the large crowd, cultivators and mortals were able to go together. In fact, the staggering amount of people easily caused people to perspire.

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