Chapter 1521: Unbeatable

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The group used their invincible weapons to unleash the ultimate blows.

They finally managed to suppress their copy with the help of these weapons. However, their advantage was still minimal after the attack.

Dualchild had the clearest result because he didn’t only have life treasures but also a true treasure. The true treasure allowed him to suppress his copy since it was far more powerful than treefather and sea god’s weapons.

“Brother Dualchild, unleash a Heavenly Annihilation. We’ll repay you later.” The group noticed this and Stygian immediately shouted.

“Please, brother, we’ll pay you back handsomely after this mess.” Creek Bamboo added.

“Very well!” Dualchild didn’t refuse and crazily roared. He didn’t try to hide anything at this moment since he was on the same boat as the others. If they were to die, he wouldn’t be able to escape Li Qiye either. 

“Boom!” He didn’t mind wasting what’s little left of his longevity blood and channeled a Heavenly Annihilation with his true treasure.

“Boom!” Everything became ashes; all laws shattered into little pieces before this annihilation.

Meanwhile, his copy also used a Heavenly Annihilation that robbed the world of its colors and dao.

One-third of Broken God Cliff turned to smoke after this particular blow. Words couldn’t describe the power of two Heavenly Annihilations.

Many dropped straight to the ground, including Virtuous Paragons. They couldn’t stand up either and were completely breathless.

Finally, the copy of Dualchild was blown flying and broke many boulders along the way.

“Die!” After escaping his copy, Dualchild shouted and took advantage of this rare opportunity by attacking directly at Li Qiye. Though he couldn’t use another Heavenly Annihilation, this next attack from a true treasure could turn the void into nothingness.

At this time, Li Qiye’s blood energy was restored by around seventy to eighty percent. He saw Dualchild coming and laughed: “How could the light of a firefly compare to the moon!” With that, he used his World Seal.

“Buzz!” The moment the World Seal appeared, an old tree emerged at the same time. It wasn’t overly large but it seemed to be rooted in the world.

“Boom!” Multiple immortal rays opened behind its back just like a peacock spreading its tail.

This old tree and its brilliance stopped Dualchild’s attack. The brilliance then swept downward just like a fan.

Dualchild was shocked and immediately used his weapons for protection. However, he was still blown flying and spurted blood!

“What is that?” Many people raised their eyes to see Dualchild still being swept away under his weapons’ protection by this fan.

“Isn’t, isn’t that the Peacock Tree?” Just a moment later, someone finally recognized the old tree and exclaimed.

“The Peacock Tree? That’s impossible, isn’t it still at the Peacock Land right now? How did it get here, plus, after an ancestral tree takes roots with the earth, it can’t leave anymore.” Many people were astonished at recognizing it.

“Look over at the Peacock Land.” One ancestor ordered right away. They changed the direction of their heavenly mirror.

However, the mirror showed that the Peacock Tree was still growing on its territory. Alas, the Peacock Tree back at the Broken God Cliff was completely identical as well.

“Two Peacock Trees, what is going on?” People became quite confused. An identical tree came out of nowhere; even the masters couldn’t tell which one was real or not outside of their location.

The five copies earlier of the masters were already shocking enough. This addition only added to the crowd’s astonishment.

“Is this a dao avatar of the Peacock Tree?”One expert wondered.

“I don’t think so.” A treant ancestor replied: “Once an ancestral tree takes root, it is just that. No dao avatar is available.”

Of course, people didn’t know that this was the amazing property of the World Seal. After curing the tree, Li Qiye has garnered its agreement so he made a mark of the tree with his World Seal.

This meant that he could summon it to fight for him wherever. There was still a disparity between this copy and the real thing. After all, Peacock was an ancestral tree. Nevertheless, this copy was still stronger than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure so Dualchild was still blown away despite having a true treasure’s protection.

“Stop, don’t attack anymore.” At this time, Fengyun shouted while looking at the Peacock Tree in the sky with a grave expression.

The group immediately stopped and their copies stopped as well. This was the weakness of Parallel Space. If one were to stop fighting or run, the copies would stop.

Of course, this clear weakness isn’t present in the higher level technique, Parallel Displacement. 

The group stopped cautiously and stared at their copy. They slowly retreated and maintained a sufficient gap. At this time, they didn’t dare to act recklessly at all. Though the copies wouldn’t attack them, their expression wasn’t good either since they were staring at the Peacock Tree in the sky.

“Okay, warm up is over. Time to take it up a notch.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the group stopping their attack. He recalled Parallel Space and the five copies disappeared instantly.

At this time, his foes had nothing to say. Even a Legendary Godking like Ling Fengyun remained quiet. They understood that they were in a precarious situation today. Li Qiye could casually take out methods to suppress them like this so his killing move might end with their doom.

They felt a tinge of regrets. If they knew he was so terrible, they wouldn’t have crawled out at all. It was better to obediently tuck their tail between their legs back in their cave.

Alas, it was useless now. The feud knot has been tied; they were arrows that have shot from the bow. There was no coming back.

The quiet spectators everywhere had no ways of solving this circumstance either. Li Qiye had the absolute upper hand. What other methods could anyone use to subdue him?

Even the invincible characters mused back and forth. The only way was to prostrate and beg for forgiveness and mercy. Other than that, there was nothing else the group of five could do to leave the Broken God Cliff alive.

“What else is Li Qiye capable of?” The masters outside the cliff were creeped out by his ability to summon another Peacock Tree.

At the same time, many existences were drowned in fear while others celebrated the fact that they weren’t his enemies. This was when everyone realized that Li Qiye was still holding back when dealing with Meng Zhentian’s group.

“How do you all want to die?” Li Qiye smirked while staring at his foes and their stoic demeanor.

Shen Mengtian and the others were silent. They had the courage to fight a bit earlier but that was gone now. Alas, it was impossible for them to beg for forgiveness. Giving up their pride was even more painful than dying!

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