Chapter 1520: The Battle Begins

Li Qiye was quite amused. He stared at the group that had no room to advance or retreat: “What now? Where did your domineering attitude go? Weren’t you certain of victory earlier and wanted to give conditions? Why is everyone shrinking their heads into their shells? Do you want to become turtles?”

The group’s expression turned unsightly after hearing the degradation, but they knew that he was egging them on. Alas, there was no other way but to fight since they didn’t want to lose their prestige.

Stygian Monarch shouted: “Junior, stop acting arrogantly. The victor has yet to be decided!”

Li Qiye leisurely stared at them and smiled: “Then come. Even if all five of you fight together, I’ll still slaughter you all!”

In the past, whoever said such words would be considered a madman. However, it was quite awe-inspiring now that it came from Li Qiye. The experts watching from their mirrors felt their hair standing on end.

The five experts glanced at each other and instantly came to an agreement. They were on the same side so regardless of whatever plans they had in the past, they must work together now in order to leave this place alive.

Creek Bamboo roared: “Go!” Despite being an old man with a childlike face, when he wanted to fight, his battle intent became quite mighty as if he was a giant.

“Boom!” The experts that followed him along released all of their vitality. Creek Bamboo’s vitality fused together with them and then it all came pouring inside his body.

With another blast, Stygian’s cavalry channeled their energy as well and fused with his own.

Shen Mengtian’s group also gave him their vitality.

In a short period of time, these three borrowed energy from their legions and seemed to be several thousand years younger. They looked spirited and ready to fight. Their eyes lit up while their bodies were brimming with energy.

“Borrowing vitality.” Many ancestors emotionally sighed with envy.

This was impossible for many of them. Training these legions was too expensive. Not just any sect could have so many resources to waste.

For those near their death, this was the only way for them to fight. They could only borrow their juniors’ vitality because their life wheel has withered. Even if they could devour the vitality and longevity blood of others, it couldn’t replenish their own bodies. These things would quickly wither away as well.

Only in a young body would blood energy multiply and become more powerful. The near dead didn’t have this privilege.

Ling Fengyun and Dualchild didn’t need to borrow blood from anyone. Fengyun was still young and vigorous and in the middle of his prime. Because of this, when he released his energy, it was majestic and almost caused the sky vault to explode.

Dualchild was at a disadvantage in this regard. He was decrepit and on the verge of death on top of not having juniors to borrow energy.

Luckily, he inherited his father’s weapons. Because of this, he could exert more of their power compared to others while spending less energy.

“Rumble!” The entire Heaven Spirit World lost its light. Weapons soared to the sky as the group activated their strongest merit laws in order to deal a fatal blow.

“Kill him!” They lunged for him in unison.

Earthquakes assaulted the world. Even experts far away were suffocated by their terrifying might.

Just think about it. Five invincible masters have just used their strongest merit laws at the same time. This was an assault that could take down Heaven Spirit itself.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled in the face of this.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He disappeared and five invincible characters suddenly came out from where he was.

Shen Mengtian, Ling Fengyun, Creek Bamboo Immortal, Imperial Dualchild, and Stygian Monarch — there was suddenly a perfect copy of each of them.

“Boom!” The ten began their skirmish. Each of them fought their copy with their strongest attacks. Space was rendered to ashes. Soon after, the numerous boulders by this cliff were destroyed. Even the laws of this cliff themselves weren’t spared!

Each blow caused the stars in the sky to howl. Some of them even fell down. The power of this exchange was too much.

After the first bout, the five opponents stared straight at their copies and were quite helpless.

Parallel Space, a technique from Parallelism, one of the four great arts of the Space Scripture.

The spectators were shocked to see the five having to face themselves. There seemed to be no good way to deal with this.

Shen Mengtian shouted: “Let’s switch.”

In a split second, he swapped with Ling Fengyun. Ling Fengyun swapped with Creek Bamboo and Creek Bamboo swapped with Dualchild.

However, when they swapped their position, the space around them shifted as well. The five copies also made the necessary changes.

In the end, they still had to face themselves within the special spaces.

Not to mention the experts watching from their mirrors, even the masters right outside the cliff had no response to this type of spatial manipulation.

“If such a trick can break my Parallel Space, it wouldn’t be so special.” Li Qiye appeared at a different spot and casually laughed.

If this technique could be dealt with so easily, the Space Scripture wouldn’t live up to its fame.

“Die!” The group launched an attack at Li Qiye. They understood that the only way to make this spatial manipulation disappear was to kill him.

“Boom!” However, when they aimed for Li Qiye, their copies duplicated the same attacks towards them.

“Rumble!” The two sides collided, causing the sky to quake and the sun and moon to lose their color. Countless existences in Heaven Spirit quivered in fear. The murderous intent from a battle of this magnitude engulfed the entire world.

This seemed like the apocalypse to all creatures. The fish dove deeper into the ocean while the birds hid in their nests. Dread overwhelmed them completely.

“Activate!” As the battle was heating up, Dualchild crazily howled. He unleashed an ultimate attack from his true treasure. This might not be at the level of a Heavenly Annihilation, but it was infinitely close.

Even though Dualchild’s copy also replicated the same ultimate attack, it actually lost in this exchange and had to take several steps back.

In this split second, Dualchild understood right away and shouted: “Use your weapons’ ultimate attacks, they can’t replicate a true treasure’s full power!”

With that, the other four quickly unleashed their weapons’ strongest moves. The auras of treefathers, sea gods, and Immortal Emperors rampaged across Heaven Spirit. It was as if these beings were coming back to life and wanted to destroy Heaven Spirit to return it to its original form.

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