Chapter 152 : Underworld Boat Coming into Being (2)

 Chapter 152 : Underworld Boat Coming into Being (2)

“It is not a resurrection.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head and replied:

“The old devil still had a single breath of life. He had used countless immortal medicines to increase his lifespan. As long as it was something that could increase his longevity, he had tasted it. He temporarily survived for a very long time. In the end, longevity medicines and immortal grass were no longer effective to him, but he still didn’t given up. He buried himself under the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground and was eventually successful in rebirthing into another life.”

“What does it mean to rebirth for another life?”

Li Shuangyan asked.

Li Qiye replied:

“It is living again, living as if he was born one more time. His blood energy will be at its youngest, and the same applies for his lifespan. However, the dao foundation, merit laws, and memories will remain the same. It was as if you were born with the memories of the former life.”

“One could truly live again for another generation?”

Hearing this unimaginable thing, Li Shuangyan lost her colors. The two words ‘heaven defying’ were not enough to paint this picture. This was an extreme rebellion against the heaven’s will, going against the heaven’s dao. The heaven would not allow for such a thing.

“It is possible, but the chance is extremely small, so small to the point of being negligible! One could say that living again was a fortunate thing, but also a tragedy.”

Li Qiye slowly said.

Li Shuangyan was in a daze for a short time. For a heaven defying character, what was the true meaning behind living another life? This meant that in their former life, if they weren’t able to accept the Heaven’s Will, then in the next life, they would be able to shoulder the Heaven’s Will by living again with all of the memories, along with their peerless foundation, from before.

At this moment, Li Shuangyan finally understood why all of these old monsters near death rushed in droves to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground!

“Will you accept this business?”

Finally, Li Shuangyan asked. She didn’t inquire why Li Qiye knew all of these things.

“I want to meet your master.”

Li Shuangyan immediately went to arrange this for Li Qiye without question.

The next day, Li Shuangyan opened the dao gateway near the dao platform for Li Qiye to directly arrive at the Nine Saint Demon Gate. They went inside the gateway and ported to the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

This time, the first elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate personally greeted Li Qiye. However, the trip was very low-key, and he only wanted to meet the Demon King, not anyone else.

Demon King Lun Ri — the Demon King of Old Ox Country and sect master of the Nine Saint Demon Gate! He was even a renowned royal expert in the Grand Middle Territory! Amongst cultivators of the same generation, he could be considered the most talented as well as the most promising.

During the Difficult Dao Era, Demon King Lun Ri stepped into the Enlightened Being realm at a very young age. This was an extremely great achievement. To this day, no one knows what his exact cultivation was.

Demon King Lun Ri also personally came to greet Li Qiye. After stepping inside the chamber, he heard an invigorating laughter. The king quickly stepped forward to meet Li Qiye, and he smilingly said:

“I have waited a long time for Young Noble Li’s second coming.”

Demon King Lun Ri appeared to be around forty years old with a stalwart physique, but he still exuded an air of elegance; he was not a classless man. Rumors has it that the Demon King was a demonic tiger who successfully cultivated, but there was not a trace of a ferocious beast on his body! He was more like a Mortal King than a Demon King!

He stepped forward with the presence of a flying dragon and a striding tiger. His behavior and image were without flaws, carrying a majestic momentum, but when he greeted Li Qiye, it also had a sense of a charm and likable affinity!

They went into the grand chamber. Since it was a guest of honor, Demon King Lun Ri was not reserved or tried to do something flashy. Sitting together was enough to show his respect towards Li Qiye.

After everyone left, only the two remained in the chamber. Li Qiye went straight to the point and asked:

“I heard that Demon King wants to bury people from the War God Temple?”

“I don’t have this capability!”

Demon King Lun Ri shook his head with a wry smile, and he said:

“The Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground is a ferocious area throughout the ages. Hundreds of thousand of years till now, countless Virtuous Paragons, countless invincible characters of generations were buried there. All of them want to go on the Underworld Boat to prolong their life or even rebirth, but not many are successful! My little capability, compared to the great immortal sages, is insignificant.”

“But you still want to take this deal.”

Li Qiye calmly said.

Demon King Lun Ri bursted out in laughter while looking at Li Qiye. As his eyes flashed a brilliance, he said:

“I don’t dare to perform this deal, but I believe Young Noble Li is capable of doing so.”

“How does Demon King know that I can enter?”

“A gut feeling!”

Demon King Lun Ri frankly said:

“My intuition is telling me that Young Noble Li can do it, and my intuition is rarely wrong.”

“It is a fortunate thing that you are not a woman.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head.

Demon King Lun Ri didn’t find this comment off-putting and laughed heartily instead. After a while, Demon King Lun Ri said formally:

“The War God Temple tried to find many people to do this matter, but I accepted it right away.”

“I’m curious, what did the Nine Saint Demon Gate bet that made the War God Temple leave this matter for you all? The War God Temple itself is not confident regarding this matter. As for other people, they essentially have no hope.”

Li Qiye smiled and said.

The War God Temple was a crazily powerful existence. In the legends, it was built during the Desolate Era. Countless immortal sages of the human race came from this place. It was not an exaggeration to say that the War God Temple was a big reason for the human race’s prowess.

Their status within the Grand Middle Territory and even the entire Mortal Emperor World was supreme. In the Grand Middle Territory, even a powerful existence such as the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would be dreadful of the War God Temple.

Even the War God Temple was not certain of successfully climbing up the Underworld Boat, how could outsiders like them be able to do it? Wasn’t this relying on a forlorn miracle?

“The War God Temple had tried many times but had always failed. Thus, this time, they want to make a bet and let outsiders try instead.”

Demon King Lun Ri explained. He also didn’t dare to directly accept this business.

In reality, this was easier said than done. For the War God Temple to entrust this deal to outsiders, these outsiders must also have the qualifications to absolutely earn this trust.

Although this could be a lucrative deal, the Nine Saint Demon Gate must have bet their treasures to show their confidence in the success of this business.

Think about it for a moment, what kind of existence was the War God Temple? In order to seize this deal, the Nine Saint Demon Gate most like used a heaven frightening treasure as leverage, and it could even be an Immortal Emperor’s item.

“After War God Mu, the War God Temple still wants these old monsters to live again.”

Li Qiye smirked. He also didn’t ask how Demon King Lun Ri obtained this deal.

“Young Noble Li also knows about War God Mu’s matter?”

Demon King Lun Ri was surprised! War God Mu was one of the most powerful existences in the War God Temple. During that era, he was an untouchable giant.

War God Mu had lived again because of the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. This was why the War God Temple always yearned for a second miracle, but they had never been successful.

Li Qiye responded with just a smile. How could he not know about the rebirth of War God Mu?

Even though Li Qiye did not answer, Demon King Lun Ri’s mind was shaken. He knew he had found the right person!

“Young Noble Li, this grand character is extremely important to both the War God Temple and my Nine Saint Demon Gate. The current elder of the War God Temple’s Outer Sect is a disciple separated by a generation of this grand character. If this business is successful, there would be a special significance towards the Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

Demon King Lun Ri said in a serious manner.

“It seems like the War God Temple has supported you quite a bit.”

Li Qiye smilingly replied.

The Demon King did not lie. He solemnly nodded his head and said:

“When I was young, the Outer Sect’s elder recognized my talents and opened my eyes. Because of his support, I was able to obtain the ‘Pure Jade Saint Physique Law’ from the War God Temple.”

As a Saint Physique, Li Shuangyan’s Physique Law from the War God Temple was a priceless treasure. To be able to trade this Physique Law from the War God Temple, the Nine Saint Demon Gate did not only use a supreme treasure, but it was also because Demon King Lun Ri earned the trust of the War God Temple. Not anyone was able to do such a trade.

“What is the agreement between Demon King and the War God Temple?”

Li Qiye inquired.

Demon King Lun Ri wryly smiled and shook his head:

“The exact details are not yet decided. I was waiting for a response from Young Noble Li! This business… My Nine Saint Demon Gate will not receive anything good. All of the benefits will be given to Young Noble Li.”

“And you win the support of the War God Temple.”

Li Qiye smiled, he knew the intricacies within.

Demon King Lun Ri forced a laughter and said:

“Young Noble Li understands that I and the Heavenly God Sect’s Mortal King are old friends. If the Heavenly God Sect climbs the ladder of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, even my Nine Saint Demon Gate would feel pressured.”

Of course, when he said old friends, he meant enemies. During the last generation, the Mortal King and the Demon King were the most outstanding talents of the Grand Middle Territory and were well-matched rivals!

“What is the situation of this grand character from the War God Temple?”

Li Qiye asked.

Demon King Lun Ri responded:

“I heard that this ancestor’s blood force had halted for a long time, and his lifespan doesn’t have much left. He cannot come into being, and the War God Temple needs to bury him directly on an Underworld Boat.”

Halting your blood force — in plain words — meant to cease all blood and vital breath in order to enter a dormant hibernation, just like a dead person sealed underground. However, halting one’s blood force was extremely costly so not everyone would be able to afford it. Only grand experts from the great sects and powerful nations would have the resources and strength to halt their blood force.


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