Chapter 1513: I Am One And Only Across The Ages

The Stygian Monarch and Shen Mengtian have arrived at the Broken God Cliff. Everyone else was waiting for the others to come.

“Is Li Qiye here?” Shen Mengtian loomed over the world after arriving.

“What’s the hurry? I’m right here now.” Li Qiye’s lazy voice came about.

“Boom!” Before he even showed up, thirteen palaces rushed to the sky and became incomparably large to suppress the entire Heaven Spirit World.

At this moment, everyone had an absurd feeling that their world has become a prison while the warden was Li Qiye.

Each gigantic palace acted as their own fortress at this moment with brimming golden brilliance. Figures emerged within as these strands of light were woven together. They looked just like deities.

“Boom!” Li Qiye has finally appeared riding the Tetra-war Bronze Chariot.

“Rawr!” A large Qilin pulled the chariot with wondrous speed.

“Aooo!” A White Tiger was maintaining the rear.

A True Dragon circled on the right side while issuing its cry followed by a mighty phoenix hymn. The bird was on the left to protect the grand dao.

Su Yonghuang personally acted as the driver for Li Qiye this time while holding the reins. Despite being his master in-name, she was willing to take up this role for him.

“Bang!” The palaces began to rotate. Some deities inside were prostrating on the other ground while others slowly raised both hands to the sky. One golden path stretched from their hands. In the blink of an eye, this supreme path spanned from the ocean all the way to the Broken God Cliff. The chariot crushed through space while traveling on this path.

Before this pathway powered by the deities, the lords of this world kneeled in fear, not daring to move an inch!

At this time, his prestige subjected the world to an immense pressure. Despite his ordinary appearance and a lack of invincible aura, his thirteen palaces have already represented everything.

He was the master of the nine worlds, the tyrant of the myriad ages, an existence above the deities and emperors. The myriad dao and the yin and yang must prostrate before him!

This scene shocked all of Heaven Spirit. Both ancestors that have been sealed for millions of years and untouchable monsters were completely speechless.

Under such a grandiose mobilization, people couldn’t help feeling a sense of reverence as if they were greeting an Immortal Emperor. Such sincere respect came from the bottom of the heart and mind!

“A man should aspire to be like that, to exceed the ages and become the master of the nine worlds!” Many felt their blood boiling with heroism and wanted nothing more than to join Li Qiye’s banner, ready to contribute to his cause!

“No wonder why he is so overbearing and treats others with disdain. Look at those palaces, just this achievement alone is peerless in history.” An old undying was stunned before the suppressing palaces.

“That’s him, it’s really him!” Meanwhile, even a character like the Hallowed Ancestor was aghast. He had taught two sea gods and proudly walked over the nine worlds before. However, his legs turned weak at this moment with the urge to kneel and a non-dissipating sense of admiration in his heart.

For him, this wasn’t shameful at all. Fear was normal to face such an existence. This was someone who has slaughtered Immortal Emperors before. He was not even an ant compared to the being moving in his gaze.

Even kneeling before Li Qiye wasn’t embarrassing at all!

“The mythical chariot, Tetra-War. That’s him for sure…” After a long time, emotions still overwhelmed Hallowed.


Despite being called a cliff, it wasn’t in front of a mountain or inside the ocean. It was part of the sky.

For a million miles of this expanse were stony debris. The small ones were the size of a finger while the large was as big as an island.

At the center of this vast area was a huge cliff. It has been severed horizontally and shattered. One could only imagine how large it was before being destroyed.

Judging by the inflicted damage, the rubble floating around in this sky all fell down from this cliff.

There were also broken remnant dao laws around. Some were more intact than the others. A few were still connected.

This was known as the largest battlefield of Heaven Spirit. Its origin was unknown. Rumor has it that all supreme battles in this world would take place here. This was the reason why it was so broken. But strange enough, it never collapsed completely even after each great battle.

After arriving at the cliff, Li Qiye sat above everyone and glanced at Shen Mengtian and Stygian.

“Such fanfare.” Stygian coldly uttered. Both Shen Mengtian and his expression darkened after seeing a junior putting up an act before them, especially the thirteen palaces sealing all of Heaven Spirit.

The monarch has fought all over the nine worlds before. However, his display was one step below this junior today. It made him feel very uncomfortable.

“So what?” Li Qiye’s eyes darted downward at the monarch: “If you want to act cool, then go ahead and show off your thirteen palaces. I’m afraid you can’t even if you wanted to!”

Such retort left the monarch furious without a response.

At this moment, so many heavenly mirrors were pointed at the cliff. Many great powers and imperial lineages were watching. The disciples from these sects greatly enjoyed Li Qiye’s retort.

These invincible existences have always been imperious but now, they have been slapped by a junior. How could the younger ones not feel good about it?

“Whoosh!” The Ancestral Terra at the Jade Sea was now filled with light. A branch stretched out infinitely from there.

There was a leaf growing on this branch of an unfathomable size as if it was a great square with a legion on top.

This legion also numbered in the ten thousands. Each of the members was full of life. It gave the feeling that they were trees themselves and the square was a great forest. A fresh air flowed everywhere with majestic lifeforce, allowing others to be brimming with vitality.

The legion protected an old man. He was quite thin with a youthful face despite his gray hair. He wore a feathered robe with several leaves scattered around his body. He seemed like an old immortal due to his rich lifeforce.

The majestic vitality of the experts seemed to be attracted to his body. However, it wasn’t that he was borrowing their vitality but they were the one growing on him.

“Creek Bamboo Immortal!” Even the experts from the last generation were very respectful towards him.

This was the oldest and most cryptic ancestor from the Ancestral Terra. Few knew about his stories but two treefathers from this sect actually came from his branch. Just this achievement alone was earth-shattering enough.

Li Qiye glanced dismissively at him and said: “Two more who aren’t here yet.”

“Excuse my tardiness.” An old man took one step across the world and instantly arrived at the cliff.

He didn’t come alone since he had another old man beside him. This friend’s body has turned into wood with his face covered in barks. He looked just like a withered tree.

There was nothing special about him, completely inconspicuous and unmemorable.

“Let me introduce someone, this is Fellow Daoist Driedtree whom I invited to join us today.” Dualchild slowly said. 

Shen Mengtian, Stygian, and even Creek Bamboo nodded their head as a form of greeting.

Creek Bamboo had to say: “I didn’t expect Fellow Daoist Driedtree to come out as well.”

“How could I miss such a fun occasion? Plus, Brother Dualchild invited me as well.” The old man named Driedtree smiled and said.

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