Chapter 1494: Meng Zhentian's Escape

Li Qiye continued his pursuit as Zhentian ran for his life on this vast prairie. Zhentian might be fast, but Li Qiye was even faster. Even though Li Qiye wasn’t going all out, Zhentian was dragging along his wounded body so he couldn’t lose Li Qiye at all.

In fact, his injuries worsened along the way, so his speed gradually fell. Thus, the distance between the two shortened.

Li Qiye was quite relaxed. He didn’t want to catch up right away as if he was taking in the hunt.

However, after a while, Zhentian stopped and coldly stared at Li Qiye.

Su Yonghuang asked while looking at Zhentian: “What is he doing?”

“He’s waiting for me to come over.” Li Qiye smiled freely: “Wait here, I’ll go see what other killing moves he has.”

Yonghuang spoke with concern: “It must be a trap.” Even though Zhentian was as pitiful as a dog at this moment, as the saying goes — a centipede dies but never falls down. This was one of the strongest contemporary geniuses, there was still a chance for retaliation despite his injuries.

“I like traps the most.” Li Qiye replied: “Before absolute power, schemes and plans are all meaningless. Plus, these schemes are trivial anyway.” He grinned after saying this.

Yonghuang’s heart slightly skipped a beat after seeing his thick smile. She looked over at Zhentian and saw a tree far behind him. She was startled: “That’s…”

Li Qiye responded: “Yes, that’s the end of the domain. The Reincarnation Nine-Leaves is right behind him.”

“Why, why isn’t he going to pluck it?” Yonghuang was surprised.

Li Qiye smilingly explained: “The grand momentum. They can’t break through it, but of course, they have noticed some clues. Just wait here and watch, the fun is about to begin.”

Zhentian simply sat down to treat his wounds. There was a battalion stationed behind him.

However, this battalion wasn’t what drew Yonghuang’s attention. The nine leaves growing on the old tree commanded her full focus.

This tree didn’t look special at all, but upon a closer inspection, one would sense that something was amiss. It might look as if it was behind him, but it seemed to only be a reflection. The true body seemed to be growing in a different and independent space. Moreover, it was a master spatial sphere that remained independent from the nine worlds itself.

She understood that this was the grand momentum occupying the vicinity around the nine leaves. Because of this, it looked like the grass was growing in an independent space.

Distance shouldn’t be a problem for experts. Zhentian would only need to take three or five steps to get to the tree. However, he couldn’t do so because the grand momentum had separated everything. It was impossible for intruders to get close.

With the battalion behind him, Zhentian continued his business with a calm demeanor. He was no longer flustered like a dog that had lost its master.

The spectators that followed them to this place found the sight of Zhentian sitting there quite strange.

They wondered: “What is he doing?”

The old charming spirit God-Monarch was here as well and told everyone: “This is the last domain, that tree up ahead is the medicine for immortality.”

“Medicine for immortality!” Eyes lit up instantly as everyone glared at the tree behind Zhentian.

“Does he want to protect it?” This was the question after seeing Zhentian and his Heaven Suppression Legion blocking Li Qiye.

“No, this medicine doesn’t require protection. The grand momentum here is already guarding it. Even Zhentian has difficulty entering himself.” The old monarch was too knowledgeable and immediately understood the situation.

A different master replied: “What does he want to do then? A fight to the death against Li Qiye with his legion? That’s impossible. The legion is of no use for a battle of this level.”

The monarch mused for a bit before looking around: “Don’t you all find it strange that the Prince of Darkness and the vice ancestor have yet to show up?”

People were stirred right away after hearing this. Zhentian’s strongest allies and staunchest supporters should logically show up when he is in trouble. 

“There’s a trap!” An expert blurted after thinking of the possibilities.

Many others agreed with this sentiment. At this time, it was clear to everyone that Zhentian and his legion were waiting for Li Qiye to jump in.

Zhentian finally stood up since his injuries have gotten much better. He stared at Li Qiye and said: “Li Qiye, do you dare to come over and fight?”

People were surprised to hear this resounding challenge. It stood as a stark contrast to the chase earlier. This meant that Zhentian had an incredible ace up his sleeves. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the courage to try again.

A moment later, all eyes were on Li Qiye. Even the dumbest person would know that a trap was waiting for him.

The Prince of Darkness, the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor, and the Conch Overlord have yet to show their faces. Who knows what kind of plan they had prepared? Given the circumstances and Zhentian’s confident challenge, it was easy to imagine just how frightening and dangerous this trap was.

Just thinking about these supreme existences hiding in the darkness left many cultivators quivering with chills.

An expert couldn’t help but say: “Don’t go over there.” In fact, even the charming spirits felt that he shouldn’t do so.

Li Qiye has defeated Zhentian. His thirteen palaces was more than enough to prove his ability to contend for the Heaven’s Will. Leaving with a triumphant fanfare wouldn’t negatively affect him in the slightest. Moreover, Zhentian wouldn’t have a chance to get rid of his inferiority complex.

Anyone with a sliver of rationality wouldn’t jump into such a trap. The wisest choice was to walk away.

“Li Qiye has won already. It doesn’t matter if he fights or not.” A charming spirit expert voiced his opinion.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile at this challenge. He stretched and said: “Do you think this is enough to get rid of your shadow? You will never be able to stop being afraid of me until the day you die.”

Zhentian’s eyes narrowed after hearing this. It was as if someone had just stomped on his heart. He truly wanted to use this trap to kill Li Qiye. Not only would it rid him of his greatest enemy, it would also erase the inner demon in his mind.

Despite having this plan, he unconsciously knew that it was mere self-deception. A voice was telling him that even if he could kill Li Qiye with this trap, the shadow would still remain.

Unless he could defeat Li Qiye in a one-on-one duel, Li Qiye’s invincible posture with his thirteen palaces would always reappear in his mind. The darkness would continue to engulf him.

After hearing Li Qiye, the old monarch lamented: “Thirteen palaces… To have an enemy such as this, one would be trapped in their shadow for a lifetime. I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it either.”

“Do you dare to come or not!” Zhentian steadied his dao heart with a deep breath. He has been shaken too much today. If this continued, he himself would collapse without Li Qiye personally having to kill him. Even if Li Qiye ceased to exist in the future, there would be no way for him to become emperor with this wavering dao heart.

Li Qiye casually smiled and said: “Your dao heart was very steady indeed. Unfortunately, it has been moved today. Even if I don’t kill you or take the Heaven’s Will, you will still never become emperor for you have tasted fear and are now void of confidence!”

He was mercilessly tugging on Zhentian’s heart. Zhentian naturally understood this truth, but it was even more deadly when the speaker was Li Qiye. If he wasn’t focusing on calming down, his dao heart could have shattered at this moment.

He didn’t dare to think any further and loudly shouted: “Come and fight!”

Everyone watched Li Qiye with bated breaths. No one knew what choice he would make. In fact, they wouldn’t dare to criticize him if he were to leave right now.

Li Qiye replied: “Fight, right? I also want to see what you have left up your sleeves. Do not disappoint me or this will be a waste of time.” Having said that, he slowly walked forward.

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