Chapter 1486: The World's Best Techniques

Li Qiye smiled while looking at Zhentian’s blood energy ravaging the world.

With a loud blast, his energy was released as well. It turned into a true dragon and coiled in the air while roaring nonstop.

Even though Li Qiye’s energy was not ravaging the sky like Zhentian’s or drowning myriad realms. When it turned into the shape of a true dragon, it seemed as if a single claw could shatter all things.

The crowd felt breathless after the two showed off their majestic and endless blood energies. All other experts paled in comparison.

“That’s an Era Evader for you, few can rival this powerful energy. Even though there are ancient existences stronger than him, in terms of blood energy and life force, maybe no one can be his match in Heaven Spirit.” An old paragon was naturally shocked to see this scene.

Another big shot stated after seeing the draconic energy: “Li Qiye isn’t weak either. He’s not an Era Evader, but his blood energy is boundless as well. Each strand of energy is like a mountain and has experienced wondrous tempering.”

The two of them suppressed this world as if this region could be easily crushed under their might. One could even hear the ground creaking as if it was on the verge of shattering.

Li Qiye smiled freely and said: “Go. I want to see just how far the dao brother of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong has gone.”

Zhentian casually pointed forward. A phoenix screech echoed in the air alongside a golden light. A golden phoenix descended with a pair of world-severing claws.

After seeing this, a knowledgeable big shot murmured: “The Void Imperfection School’s Phoenix Pursuit Finger.”

Li Qiye leisurely walked forward like a carp jumping out of the water. No one saw how he did it, but he was instantly behind the golden phoenix.

“Boom!” A random blow from him penetrated the phoenix’s weak spot. With a scream, it quickly fell down.

Before it could hit the ground, Zhentian’s seal pressed down with the momentum of the world. The sun and moon came with a torrential flood. One could even see all types of fish among this water channel. Such a seal made him look like a sea god that could command the sea demons.

“Regal Valley’s Sun and Moon Myriad Fish Seal.” The knowledgeable big shot commented again with astonishment.

Li Qiye strolled through this divine seal and somehow avoided the sun and moon as well as the fish. While inside the seal itself, he reached out with his powerful finger and the seal crumbled.

In this split second, the Yin and Yang rose in Zhentian’s hands. His fingers seemed to be taking root in the earth as he instantly sealed the space around him to form a treefather’s divine mark. This mark erupted and brought the world down with it.

“The Ancestral Terra’s Worldgrasp Mark!” Of course, the big shot revealed his vast knowledge once more.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, Zhentian and Li Qiye exchanged several dozen moves. Each attack was extremely powerful and capable of branding the world.

“Extreme Yang School’s Divine Hymn.” Each time Zhentian performed a different technique, the big shot was able to name it.

“Swiftdao Sacred Ground’s Eight Pavilions Sacred Fist.”

“Roaring Conch’s Golden Age Bringer!”


This ferocious battle demonstrated the two’s wondrous energies. Their techniques revealed the mysteries of the grand dao and could directly touch the dao’s fundamental essences.

Zhentian’s attacks were extremely broad since he could easily perform any technique from myriad races. These techniques were profound and mighty. Even the ancestors from the respective sects of these techniques wouldn’t be able to do better.

He had not repeated a move just yet as if he still had thousands more to unleash. Such knowledge and proficiency left everyone in awe. Was there no technique in this world that he didn’t know?

In a short period of time, Zhentian had unleashed a barrage of these techniques. Even the simplest dao art became complex with many variations.

Contrary to Zhentian’s style, Li Qiye retaliated in a very simple manner with punches, kicks, and finger strikes. Moreover, these weren’t techniques at all, they were simple attacks that aimed at the vital points! There was no superfluous use of force or any wasted movements.

During the fight, Zhentian was accompanied by the celestials and protected by the ocean. Sometimes, he would turn into a guardian deity. Meanwhile, Li Qiye casually attacked with a more primal touch just like leaping dragons, striking phoenixes, or soaring eagles…

The contrast between the two was quite great. Zhentian’s techniques resembled a majestic citadel with many golden pavilions and palaces. Even the tiles were extravagant and astonishing.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s simple strikes seemed to be a simple hut. It was unadorned and straight to the point, yet it was enough to shield people from the wind and rain.

The spectators were dazed and astounded by the fight. A commenter murmured: “No wonder Zhentian can call an emperor ‘brother.’ He has so many supreme techniques under his belt, is there a merit law in this world that he doesn’t understand?”

“No, Li Qiye is the real expert here.” Someone could see through the profundities at work: “Zhentian is indeed amazing with all of his techniques under the heavens. However, Li Qiye has grasped the mysteries of the grand dao straight to its essences. Regardless of Zhentian’s techniques, Li Qiye simply dispels it with ordinary strikes. This is true proficiency in the dao.”

After a long time, someone suddenly thought of something: “Zhentian is so heaven-defying with all of these arts. Could it be that he has seen all the laws in this world?”

“No, he didn’t see all of the manuals.” An old charming spirit God-Monarch explained: “This is due to the Dream Empyrean’s divine reflection.”

“Please elaborate.” A junior humbly consulted him after hearing this.

The old monarch went on: “In Heaven Spirit, many people say that the disciples from the Dream Empyrean have the best divine reflections among the charming spirit. Needless to say about Zhentian, he was born as a supreme genius. Rumor has it that when he was younger, his divine reflection was already incredible. Whenever he met someone using a merit law, his divine reflection could derive the mysteries of its laws, allowing him to learn it just by watching.” He ended with an envious sigh.

Who wouldn’t want such a divine reflection? Having it was akin to having all the arts in this world.

“So he can steal people’s techniques just by watching?” Many were shocked to hear this.

For many great powers, their merit laws and techniques were top secrets. If people could secretly learn their arts, it would be a detrimental blow.

“There’s a difference.” The old monarch shook his head a bit: “Each of these arts has their own core secrets. These fundamentals are impossible to steal. Zhentian’s laws are only around seventy percent of the true laws, there is still a certain gap between his and the real deal. However, because of his power and great cultivation, it is enough for his attacks to be mighty. Perhaps they are even better than the techniques performed by the sects’ ancestors!”

People felt relieved after hearing this. If Zhentian could actually steal everything, the rest of the world would no longer have any secrets.

“Boom!” More blows were exchanged with neither side gaining the upper hand.

Zhentian stared at Li Qiye while batting his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

“Warm-up is over.” Li Qiye lightly said: “It’s time for you to use your real techniques. Copying others in a superficial manner can’t reach the apex.”

The crowd gasped again for they understood that this was only the beginning of the incoming tempest.

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