Chapter 1471: Su Clan's Vermillion Spear

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Under the suppression of the nine gigantic palms, Su Yonghuang’s fate kingdom began to tremble. Even bursts of cracking noises resounded as the kingdom began to collapse with the appearance of chasms.

After all, these were the gloves of a sea god, the strongest weapon of its type from the Roaring Conch. Even though the prince was the user, he could utilize its mighty power since he was a descendant from the same branch.

“Clank!” In the blink of an eye, a spear was in Yonghuang’s hands. The base was as red as fire with sparks jumping off of it. The moment she grasped it, her body was ignited and exuded a surging battle intent. She gave off the sense of being ready to conquer the world, the reincarnation of a war god.

“Screech!” With her spear pointing at the sky, a Vermillion Bird flew out. This creature was already powerful enough, but it fused with the Extreme Yang Physique to give off an immaculate union. A fiery divine bird was basking in the refined sunfire to come back to life. Its immortal aura instantly engulfed the world.

The spear and bird allowed Su Yonghuang to look down on the rest of the world. People marveled at her current appearance.

“That’s the Su Clan’s Vermillion Spear.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing her weapon and her sonorous battle intent. Before he knew it, it was as if he was looking at the Su Clan’s general again.

“Screech!” The bird roared and soared across the nine heavens with its wings ready for battle. It instantly blew the nine palms away. Even the weapon from a sea god couldn’t stop this heaven-shaking attack.

Despite the incredible origin of the prince’s gloves, this spear also had an amazing origin. It used to follow its master, the renowned female general, through many conquests across the world. Because of its might, she was able to perform many illustrious deeds for Immortal Emperor Min Ren and flattened many obstacles on his path towards emperor!

The prince spat out blood again. The nine images disappeared and his real body emerged.

“Clank!” Another spear crossed the sky without hesitation straight for the prince. This thrust was extremely domineering, especially inside the vicinity of her domain. Even a True God wouldn’t be able to stop it.

“How dare you?!” This spear was too dangerous, so the overlord couldn’t sit still any longer. He stood up and the divine shadow in him instantly erupted with an endless aura.

Many people shivered after sensing this wondrous and explosive aura of a sea god.

“Conch Overlord, you wish to fight?” Right when the overlord wanted to help, the True Martial Goddess also stood up without using any techniques or variations. A pair of eyes behind her opened and lit up the world. They could see through the Yin and Yang and loomed above the samsara cycle.

They were extremely profound as if they had experienced the vicissitudes of countless eras. When they opened, it felt as if a sea god was coming back to life. Its brilliance made the many existences in life feel an overwhelming sense of respect.

“The eyes of a sea god!” Many sea demons screamed and quickly prostrated with their foreheads touching the ground, not daring to look at it.

One was a divine prince while the other was a divine princess. However, the goddess’ talents were much greater than the Conch Overlord.

“Overlord, you are too old and no longer a match for me!” The light of a sea god bathed the goddess and transformed her into a similar being.

Many people trembled before this radiant scene. She was much stronger than they had imagined and definitely more qualified than anyone else to become the next sea god.

Some even felt that even if someone else was accepted by the Trident, she could still forcibly seize the weapon for herself!

The overlord was livid after hearing this, but what was the use of getting angry? He understood that the goddess had inherited a part of the True Martial Sea God’s power. Even with his father’s protection, he still couldn’t contend with her.

“Ah!” A shrill scream echoed as blood fell into the water. The Vermillion Spear had penetrated the prince’s chest and held him in the sky.

This scene was too shocking. The once most-talented sea demon has fallen to the hands of a human. His bloodied body being paraded like this was too much to take in!

Finally, Yonghuang recalled her fate palaces and casually flicked her spear. “Boom!” His body dispersed into a bloody mist from the vibration. Nothing was left of him.

The overlord’s expression became extremely ugly and white. As the prince’s dao protector, he failed to save the boy in the end.

The Lunargrasp Fairy coldly concluded: “The convention is over, time for everyone to leave.”

The whole scene turned silent after her words came out. Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, and the Terra King couldn’t do anything.

Just Lunargrasp alone had suffocated them with her pressure. Moreover, the True Martial Goddess was also present and could definitely suppress them. Not to mention wanting to kill Li Qiye, even self-preservation was difficult at this moment. If it came down to it, maybe Li Qiye would work together with the two women to destroy them.

In the end, the Prince of Darkness scowled and left after angrily swinging his sleeve. Zhentian and the Terra King were helpless and had to follow him. The overlord endured his anger and eventually left with the disciples from the Roaring Conch.

This was originally a big event where Zhentian’s group wanted to unite the three great races to deal with Li Qiye and kill him while he was still in his cradle on top of determining the future emperor and sea god for Heaven Spirit.

Alas, Li Qiye ruined everything with Lunargrasp and the True Martial Goddess as his backing. Their plan failed completely with nothing to come of it.

Everyone else left quickly after the four experts’ departure. They didn’t dare to linger around.

Shortly after, this convention of myriad races abruptly ended. Only Li Qiye’s group was left.

The True Martial Goddess glanced at Lunargrasp and told Su Yonghuang’s group: “Let’s leave for now.” With that, she was the first to leave the venue.

The rest of the group followed her, so only Li Qiye was left with Lunargrasp. The same scene played out again. Li Qiye smiled while the fairy coldly stared at him.

A while later, he initiated the conversation: “Yue’er, what is your pick? Will you come with me and fight to the end or settle our feud?”

The fairy eventually responded: “I will defeat you!”

He looked at her and answered: “Right now? If you want to fight, so be it. I will go all out!”

“No.” The fairy replied: “I’ll defeat you after you become an Immortal Emperor!”

“I see.” Li Qiye didn’t find this surprising since he understood her personality. He chuckled and asked: “What happens if I lose and what happens if I win?”

She stared at him for a bit before answering: “If I win, you will stay here for me. You will no longer continue forward until I am no longer in this world.”

“Very well.” Li Qiye accepted: “If I win, you will go with me. I don’t need you to fight by my side, just watch me go to the final battlefield at the end of the world in the future.”

“Alright.” She agreed with his condition whether she wanted to or not.

His penchant for touching her flawless face resurfaced while the fairy gently tilted her head in order to be even closer to his rugged palm.

After a while, he smiled and said: “Beating me as an emperor? My little Yue’er, you won’t be able to defeat me after ascension while staying in the nine worlds. You must be prepared to go forward with me if you want to beat me, that’s your only chance.”

“I will!” The fairy coldly said: “I know what I’ll be facing!” With that, she fell into silence.

The secrets regarding what was above the nine worlds were told to her by Li Qiye. At this moment, she recalled the time when they were stuck together like glue.

She finally looked at him for a long time as if imprinting his image into her mind.

“Don’t die so easily until I beat you!” Having said that, she turned and left.

“I won’t die so easily.” He spoke with a smile while looking at her departing figure.

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