Chapter 147 : Six Dao Sword (1)

Chapter 147 : Six Dao Sword (1)

After a while, Li Qiye stood up and outside the door stood Su Yonghuang and Li Shuangyan. They were completely different. Su Yonghuang had an elegant and noble beauty with a matchless imperial lineage.

Seeing Li Qiye finishing his cultivation, Li Shuangyan silently retreated while Su Yonghuang finally stepped inside.

“Disciple, you should know that there is a code of respect between masters and disciples.”

Sitting down, Su Yonghuang looked at Li Qiye and said:

“As a disciple, you cannot summon your master, understand? I won’t scold you right now, though.”

Su Yonghuang came from the Su Clan, which had the blood of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. She was a natural elegant noble, and this elegance was not something that could be taught. Instead, it came innately from her virtuous blood!

“Don’t forget, we are not a real master and disciple.”

Li Qiye calmly smiled and said:

“As a master, you have not taught me the dao or inheritances, how could you even be called a master?”

“Little Demon, a master for one day is a father for a lifetime.”[1. This is an idiom expressing how much historical Chinese valued the relationship between teacher/master and student/disciple – even higher than one’s father]

Su Yonghuang gritted her teeth and glared at Li Qiye. A natural royal descendant like her revealing an angry expression like a young girl was quite a spectacle to behold.

“A father for a lifetime?”

Li Qiye laughed and leisurely said:

“A father for a lifetime, but you need to be a man first!”

Hearing this, Su Yonghuang’s face was flushed red as she glared at Li Qiye with seven parts nobility and three parts beauty — it truly fascinated others.

“Do you still remember the vow of the Su Clan?”

Li Qiye stopped smiling and formally looked over at Su Yonghuang.

Li Qiye’s words left Su Yonghuang in distraught. She also became solemn. With a serious gaze, she then said:

“Of course, why do you ask?!”

The vow of the Su Clan had to do with the Supreme Immortal Physique Law. Only the descendant of each generation knew about it, so she was shocked hearing Li Qiye’s question.

“I want you to make an even stricter vow than the Su Clan’s vow. Use your True Fate to swear!”

At this moment, Li Qiye raised his tone.

“On what grounds?”

Su Yonghuang’s expression also greatly changed. A True Fate promise, to any cultivator, was the most serious of matters! Once one swore with one’s True Fate, it would follow them for the rest of their lives!

“The Extreme Yang Immortal Physique Supreme Law!”

Li Qiye slowly spoke; each of his words were powerful. Hearing the words “Extreme Yang Immortal Physique Supreme Law”, Su Yonghuang thought about many things to not be carried away by a sudden impulse.

Su Yonghuang was a genius of the Su Clan and was a natural born Complete Yang Saint Physique. After careful deliberation, he decided to pass the Supreme Immortal Physique Law to her. Otherwise, it would be a waste of her talents.

“Impossible, impossible!”

At that moment, she intensely stared at Li Qiye. Even her noble grace lost their colors. She suddenly stood up in disbelief and said:

“This is an Immortal Physique Law, it’s supreme beyond comparison! How can you have it?”

Su Yonghuang cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique Supreme Law, a renown physique law, so she naturally understood how heaven defying it was! Their ancestors used to say that within the Solar Immortal Physique Laws, no one could have a better one than themselves! One could say that the Su Clan’s Physique Law was number one!

Li Qiye’s bringing up the supreme Extreme Yang Immortal Physique Supreme Law shook Su Yonghuang. She had cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique so she knew how invincible it was!

“It is impossible for other people!”

Li Qiye calmly continued:

“But, I am Li Qiye!”

These ordinary words carried an unparalleled confidence!

Su Yonghuang furrowed her brows, then she looked at Li Qiye. His confident words shook her heart. In this moment, she was short of breath as her milky breasts were shaking up and down.

“Will you swear or not?”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said:

“The decision is in your hands.”

Eventually, Su Yonghuang calmed her heart, took a deep breath, and looked at Li Qiye for a long time. Finally, she said with a serious tone:

“I swear!”

A True Fate vow was not a joke, but she knew the meaning behind the Extreme Yang Immortal Physique!

After she made the True Fate vow, Li Qiye smiled and said:

“Listen carefully, as the descendant of the Su Clan, if you need me to repeat myself, that would be very disappointing, you know, Master—”

He teasingly stretched the word “master” for a long time. Li Qiye made her face become hot. She glared at him again with a charming demeanor!

Li Qiye passed on the profound truths behind the word “Yang” to Su Yonghuang. This word “Yang” could be derived into two Supreme Immortal Physique Laws — the Extreme Yang Immortal Physique and the Solar Immortal Physique!

Su Yonghuang cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique, but now she also accepted the Extreme Yang Immortal Physique. She was astonished for a short time and was in complete disbelief.

At this moment, she knew that Li Qiye’s Supreme Immortal Physique Law came from the same source as her own. They even synergized with each other, like two flowers on the same branch, to become two different fruits.

She finally understood why Li Qiye said that there would be no conflict between her two Immortal Physique Laws! Since these two were two branches from the same root, how could they conflict with each other?

Su Yonghuang was completely stirred. At this moment, she knew where the origin of these Supreme Immortal Physique Law was. These were the number one Immortal Physique Laws in the world with no equals!

“You… How did you obtain this Immortal Physique Law?”

Even at this second, Su Yonghuang still couldn’t believe how this young man, no, this disciple in front of her possessed this Physique Law.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said:

“Don’t forget the Immortal Emperor in my dreams that passed on the dao to me.”

Having said this, he bursted out in laughter.

These words made Su Yonghuang angrily glare at Li Qiye once again. This was essentially an impossible matter. Even though the group of Gu Tieshou believed in this dream dao instruction, Su Yonghuang didn’t believe this excuse. However, if it wasn’t due to the dao instruction in one’s dream, there seemed to be no better explanation.

Having obtained Li Qiye’s dao instruction, Su Yonghuang rose up and left. She had to go back to ponder this Supreme Immortal Physique. Like Li Qiye had said before, she was a natural born Complete Yang Saint Physique, so cultivating the Extreme Yang Immortal Physique was the most appropriate choice! She will have the biggest breakthrough using this cultivation method!


After arriving at the door, Su Yonghuang turned back and looked around Li Qiye with three parts teasing, one part charm, and six parts calmness, and she smiled:

“Even though you taught me the Supreme Immortal Physique Law, it cannot change the fact that you are my disciple. Disciple, in the future, you better be pious to me. Whatever method and invincible treasures you obtain, you need to respectfully give them to me, you know?”

Finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Her smile was as crisp and clear as the bell that resonated from outside the door. It was particularly pleasing for others to listen to.

Li Qiye smiled and called Li Shuangyan in. He took out the wooden sword from the Evil Infested Ridge and gave it to Li Shuangyan as he smilingly said:

“Since I said that you are my sword maid, if you don’t wield a sword, how could you be a sword maid? Find a good scabbard and carry it with you. It is not only my sword, but also your sword.”

Li Shuangyan gave him an angry glance and carefully looked at the sword in her hand. Then, she asked:

“What is the sword’s name?”

“This sword was formed by the Primordial Foundation of the Six Dao Lotus and the Primordial Foundation of the Evil Typha Tree and refined by the heaven and earth. You can call it an evil sword, immortal evil sword, or black and white sword… Just pick one.”

Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Black and white sword sounds horrible.”

Li Shuangyan angrily said:

“Then let it be called the Six Dao Sword!”

She didn’t realize that she let go of her cold demeanor in front of Li Qiye. She was acting more like a little girl.

“Give its mysticism a try.”

Regarding the name of the sword, Li Qiye didn’t provide his opinion.

With the Six Dao Sword in her hand, she activated her blood energy. “Ommm”, the black and white rays appeared and intertwined with each other like the Yin and Yang taiji, interlacing and rotating without stop!

When the small “ommmm” sound appeared, Li Shuangyan’s body spewed out an extremely holy light. The white rays of the Six Dao Sword were like the fish in the water. They immediately blended together with Li Shuangyan’s brilliance.

However, the black rays were very wary of Li Shuangyan’s Immortal Physique. Her light dissipated the black rays, and it caused Li Shuangyan’s entire body to shake. At this moment, she felt that her Void Imperfection Physique was maximized to the extreme — impenetrable by all daos. When the Immortal Physique absorbed the black light, she immediately took control of yin and yang, reigning over the universe with an extreme power.

“Very good, this sword is very appropriate for you.”

Li Qiye smiled and said:

“With this sword next to you, it can greatly grow your Physique and strengthen your blood energy. It truly is advantageous for you! It will make your cultivation very easy.”

“But half of this sword is the Primordial Foundation of the Evil Typha Tree, it has evil energy. Would it haunt my Void Imperfection Physique?”

Li Shuangyan worriedly said. The Six Dao Lotus and her Void Imperfection Physique were harmonious, but the Evil Typha Tree was conflicting with her Physique.

“You underestimate the Physique Law I passed onto you.”

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled:

“Compared to your Physique Law, the Evil Typha Tree is nothing. Do you remember the words?”


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