Chapter 1468: Lunargrasp In Action

While sitting on the throne, Li Qiye laughed at the Conch Overlord’s refusal and leisurely said: “It’s fine if Seashield doesn’t wish to fight. In that case, there is only one path left for you all, a route towards certain destruction. Your so-called four experts will not leave this convention alive.”

Everyone here felt fear after hearing this. With these four presiding over the convention, not many in Heaven Spirit would dare to cause trouble. However, this didn’t apply to Li Qiye since he blatantly threatened them. Just how mighty and overbearing was this? He really didn’t care for them at all.

The group’s expression became unsightly. As top characters of their respective generations, all of Heaven Spirit was afraid of them. No one dared to act this presumptuously, but Li Qiye had done so time and time again. Even a mud Buddha would turn angry after so many transgressions.

The Prince of Darkness coldly asked: “Li Qiye, do you think you alone can stop the four of us?”

Godhalt was the Spirit Abyss’ territory. No one has ever acted presumptuously here, let alone directly provoke them. That is, until now.

Li Qiye smiled and casually replied: “Only a bunch of nobodies who can’t reach the apex.”

Lunargrasp lost her patience and declared: “I have had enough of this nonsense! The four of you, come now. I’ll take care of you before ending this convention.”

The Terra King stood out and shouted back: “Lunargrasp Fairy, you are too arrogant!”

“So what?” She turned towards him and pointed a finger forward. A starry light condensed at her fingertip, a strike capable of stealing the fortune from the world, reversing the Yin and Yang, and severing all karma!

She immediately took action while showing an overbearing stance. Not only was she beautiful, her style was quite aggressive as well.

The Terra King was alarmed by this incoming strike. He spread out both palms and a barrier was immediately erected in front of him. Majestic mountains sheltered him inside.

It looked as if under the protection of these perilous mountains, no one could ever get past them. Nevertheless, the fairy’s finger strike exploded and shattered all of them in the blink of an eye. The Terra King was shaken by the explosion and blown outside.

The Terra King felt the crisis and crazily shouted while flying in the air: “Open!” Waterfalls descended from the sky, each carried a wooden breath and poured down endlessly. These laws came together and turned into a sky-piercing tree that emitted an enormous amount of dazzling divinity.

It was as if a treefather was coming back to life with an oppressive aura. Shortly afterward, runes emerged around the tree as if they came from a treefather. Each could suppress the heavens.

“Clank!” These runes turned into a sword that spanned thousands of miles. This sword could cut down the stars and deities.

“Whoosh!” It soared upward before slashing down at Lunargrasp.

The fairy opened her palm to seize the universe and locked time itself. When she closed it again, a loud explosion came that looked as if the universe had shattered and time was extinguished. Everything turned into ash with her closing palm.

“Clank!” The sword shattered into dozens of pieces.

“Poof!” The Terra King spat out blood. Next, his body trembled with bone-cracking noises.

He wasn’t the same Terra King as before. The last one was him having control over his own body. This time, the vice ancestor was in charge, so he had a portion of the vice ancestor’s power. However, this didn’t matter. The fairy’s attack still annihilated him. Unless the vice ancestor’s real body came, he simply wouldn’t be her match.

Many couldn’t calm down while watching this shocking scene. The vice ancestor who took over the Terra King’s body was defeated in a flash by the fairy. Even Zhentian and the prince took a deep breath. They knew just how powerful this form from the vice ancestor was, but it couldn’t handle a single move from the fairy.

“That’s Empress Hong Tian’s strongest rival.” Many felt dreadful because of her invincibility.

“Only a puppet, not worth mentioning.” The fairy coldly said: “Crawl out with your real body and I’ll still beat you down!”

She was too domineering. The vice ancestor was an existence only second to real treefathers. Many people trembled before his name, yet she didn’t care for him at all.

Su Yonghuang glanced at Li Qiye. The fairy’s attitude seemed to come from the same mould as him.

The Terra King finally got up but was shivering with rage. He was currently at an impasse. His real body was taking root back at the ancestral ground and he must pay a great price in order to take over this body completely.

However, if he didn’t fight, being shown such contempt by the fairy would leave him without any face.

“Since the younger generation wants to settle their grievances, we of the older generation shouldn’t interfere.” The prince told the Conch Overlord: “Brother, your disciple is a gifted genius with no fear for battle, let him beat their morale down to the ground.”

The prince didn’t wish to fight the fairy directly. Their alliance was very powerful. If the four of them could maintain this state, the future was very hopeful. If something were to happen to the vice ancestor today, it would be a great blow to them in the future.

One must be able to endure minor setbacks for the grand plan. Because of this, after thinking it through, the prince decided to let Seashield fight in order to dampen the fairy’s sharp momentum.

The overlord pondered for a moment and found that this was the wisest decision. The Seashield Prince was their conch’s pride, he wouldn’t necessarily lose to a human. Moreover, he defeated her in the past!

“I understand.” Seashield took a deep breath and bowed.

“This is the ancestors’ weapon, it will aid you.” The overlord called him over and handed him a pair of gloves.

The gloves emitted a shining light as well as the aura of a sea god. The moment the prince put them on, his hands turned into the hands of a sea god. There was a lot of history behind these gloves. It was a proud creation of the Roaring Conch Sea God that accompanied him to many battles. Later on, he gave it to his son, the Conch Overlord.

Seashield readied himself for battle and walked out proudly. Each of his steps was quite steady and showed his great determination. They weren’t fast, but they were very orderly as if each step was measured by a ruler.

His body was shrouded in fog, allowing him to turn invisible. This fog allowed him to integrate with space itself, making him even more mysterious.

The prince coldly declared: “You and me, it’s a fight to the death!” He spoke with great conviction, confidence, and a surging battle intent.

He believed he could defeat Su Yonghuang since he had done so before. Moreover, his ancestor has given him a powerful pair of gloves. These gloves were much stronger than an ordinary sea god’s weapon. He himself was already powerful enough, so these gloves empowered him even more.

Furthermore, if he were to win this fight, it would fortify his position among the sea demons and allow him to make his mark during this convention of myriad races. This, in turn, would boost his chances of becoming the next sea god.

Because of this, winning was a must. It would allow his reputation to last for ages. At this moment, he could already see the scene of him returning triumphantly.

He wished to kill Su Yonghuang in order to break Li Qiye’s morale. In fact, the prince and Zhentian had this thought as well.

During the battle, Li Qiye couldn’t do anything if Su Yonghuang was going to lose. One could only blame themselves for not honing their skills enough should they die in battle. He would have no chance to save her under such circumstances.

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