Chapter 1464: True Martial Goddess

Li Qiye entered and smiled at everyone. He leisurely strolled in as if this was his own garden.

Meng Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, the Terra King, and the Conch Overlord also looked at him from their pavilions with glints in their eyes.

However, they were all influential big shots with illustrious fame. Despite their past grievances with him, they still remained calm under this situation.

Li Qiye looked around and said: “So many came I see. It would be good if everyone is here, I can take this rare opportunity to deal with all the past grievances. There’s no need to run back and forth.”

His arrogant tone left everyone breathless. Many couldn’t help but praise him in their minds.

An expert slowly praised: “This brat is arrogant and overbearing to a crazy level.”

Everyone knew about the feud between Zhentian and Li Qiye. With all of his enemies here, he was still completely unperturbed and was even provoking them. Anyone would have to admire him in this situation.

“Fellow Daoist, the human clan’s section is over here.” A sea demon was leading Li Qiye towards the human’s seating area.

It was a desolate corner at the back of the venue like a vacant place meant for a squatting beggar.

Humans have been weak at Heaven Spirit for a long time and had no status worth mentioning. It was easy to see that they would be arranged to sit in this tiny corner.

Li Qiye didn’t bother giving it a glance before dismissively speaking: “Who says that I want to sit there?”

“Human cultivators sit over there.” The sea demon guide put on a stern face. Many sea demons didn’t like him and viewed him as an enemy. If they weren’t afraid of Li Qiye’s power, they would have attacked him already.

In their eyes, humans were only a minor race akin to little insects. Since when were they allowed to be so presumptuous? Alas, Li Qiye was too heaven-defying, there was nothing they could do.

“I will sit over there.” Li Qiye glanced at the top and smiled.

“That’s reserved for the three supreme races.” The sea demon turned a bit cold at this moment.

“What is this about supreme? They’re only a bunch of weaklings.” Li Qiye smiled and went forward.

“Sir, please show some respect.” An old man blocked his way. There were divine diagrams on his body with dozens of experts accompanying him. It was clear that none of them were weak due to their powerful blood energies.

“That’s a minister.” Someone whispered: “I heard there are eight old ministers in total presiding over this convention.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and flatly said: “Back down, good dogs don’t block the way.”

The old man’s expression immediately changed. He had worked under a sea god before and had an illustrious prestige that was respected by all. But now, Li Qiye showed disdain right away, how could he not become angry?

The old minister raised his voice: “You should sit where you belong, don’t trouble yourself.”

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “I’ll be sitting up there at the foremost position.”

The old minister coldly said: “The pavilions are meant for the three supreme races, please go back.”

“Who says that I want to sit at those pavilions? A bunch of nobodies wants to sit on the same level as me? Go, place an imperial throne in front of those three royal thrones and I shall sit there.” Such words left everyone gasping for breath. Everyone knew just how domineering he was. If he really wanted to sit in a pavilion, this old minister wouldn’t have been able to do anything to him outside of just creating some minor annoyances.

But now, Li Qiye actually wanted to sit above the three thrones that symbolize the greatest existences. Remember, they represented an Immortal Emperor, a sea god, and a treefather of Heaven Spirit. Even Zhentian and the prince’s group wouldn’t dare to talk about sitting in front of these royal thrones.

However, Li Qiye demanded to be seated in front of them. This demand was too overbearing and out of line.

A sea demon couldn’t help but yell: “You have no respect for anyone, you actually dare to blaspheme the great beings!?”

The minister’s expression turned unsightly as well. As someone who had worked under a sea god before, he couldn’t tolerate Li Qiye’s attitude towards a sea god.

Li Qiye lazily glanced at the minister and casually said: “If you don’t want to, then go to the side, I’ll let someone else prepare a seat.”

“Where did this ignorant fool come from? Minister, let people take him out.” The Conch Overlord finally spoke. Even his feeble words were full of unquestionable divinity.

Everyone turned silent and held their breaths after hearing the overlord. The atmosphere became quite tense since a battle might break out at any moment.

The minister coldly spoke: “Sir, will you leave, or do we have to escort you...”

The experts behind him were quite eager, evident by the cold glints in their eyes. Once the command came out, they wouldn’t hesitate to cull Li Qiye.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Before the minister could even finish, the experts behind him were sent flying at the same time. They all spewed out blood, creating a spectacular scene that resembled a blooming blood lotus.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye still stood there as if he didn’t move from start to finish.

He nonchalantly stated: “Do you know why I spared your life? It is because I need a slave to wipe the floor. After all, these bloodstains would make people feel uncomfortable.”

“Such a big tone!” The other seven ministers stood out and immediately surrounded Li Qiye.

“Just a bunch of errand boys and lowly vassals, you’re not even soldiers.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at them: “Go, do your job and find me an imperial throne then place it above these three seats, then I shall spare you all.”

“Naive fool!” The ministers were furious. How could they endure this humiliation? One of them grimly said: “Human ant, you aren’t even qualified to sit at the pavilion, yet you dare to boast about sitting on the throne above?”

Even though they knew just how powerful he was, the most powerful beings such, as the Conch Overlord, were here at the convention, so they weren’t afraid of Li Qiye. Moreover, they had found him unpleasant to the eye for a long time now.

“Who says he isn’t qualified?” A voice came about. It wasn’t only pleasing to the ears but also carried a mighty prestige.

A woman slowly walked inside. The whole venue lit up because of her presence. All eyes darted towards her.

This woman was tall and slender. She wore a dark blue gown that perfectly outlined her wonderful curves. She also had a shawl fluttering in the wind and a pair of eyes as bright as the stars.

This woman was so beautiful that she could make others sigh in admiration, a goddess.

There was an aura of the sea accompanying her. It was as if wherever she went, an ocean followed. She was its daughter, the goddess of the sea.

There was an old man walking right behind her. He wore a silver armor and looked quite gallant while standing there like an unclimbable mountain. Su Yonghuang, Ye Xiaoxiao, and Sima Yujian were right behind them as well.

“True Martial Goddess!” Many people shouted after seeing her. Some sea demons even kneeled on the ground.

Her dazzling presence was a marvelous sight. Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times!

All three races felt an innate respect after seeing her arrival.

This was the daughter of the True Martial Sea God. She was considered to have the highest talents among sea demons. Back in her father’s era, she was accepted by the Trident as well.

Everyone thought that the moment her father passed away, she would certainly become the next sea god.

At that time, some even believed that she could even surpass her father’s achievements after taking the position!

However, for some unknown reason, she suddenly disappeared without a trace from this world. Even her own father stopped talking about her!

Her comment at this time made Zhentian’s group, who was sitting in the pavilions, bat their eyes with an ominous feeling.

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