Chapter 1459: Su Yonghuang's Return

After returning to the inn, Li Qiye looked at Su Yonghuang and asked: “Why did that kid ambush you?”

“What is this ‘you’?” She angrily glared at him and reminded: “I’m your master so be good and call me master, don’t lose your sense of propriety.”

This beauty was indeed an elegant noble. As the descendant of an Immortal Emperor, her aura was dignified and stately. When she glared at him like this, there was a special style worthy of savoring.

“Okay, I know you are indeed my master by luck.” He smiled: “Even though I can give you some good stuff for being my master, don’t always take advantage of me.”

“You!” Her teeth were itching from anger, and she didn’t let up her merciless glare. Before Li Qiye, she didn’t look like an imposing master at all.

It was more accurate to say that Li Qiye was her master. Despite being his master in name, Su Yonghuang had never taught him how to cultivate, it was only ever the other way around. Li Qiye was the one who took care and guided her, so it was no wonder why he would tease her and call her a master by luck.

He smiled at her annoyed expression: “Did you find that place?”

“I did and I also found my clan’s treasure there. The ancestor did die on that spot.” She gently sighed.

Li Qiye flatly said: “In order to marry his sweetheart, he must have promised her seniors to go get an item.”

“How do you know?” She was startled because she only found out after seeing his dying message at that location.

“I just calculated with my fingers.” He leisurely replied: “What else could they be doing after visiting that place?”

“It wasn’t just the ancestor, the lady also came with him. Both of them died there.” She sighed again.

“It’s a blessing within a disaster then.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “It is still a meaningful death. He alone couldn’t do anything in that place.”

Yonghuang eventually calmed down and told Li Qiye with excitement: “There is a divine root there, an incredible one.”

“I know.” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised at all: “A highly coveted one, even by Immortal Emperors. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it since the time isn’t ripe.”

“What about now? I feel a great momentum suitable for ascension. Even though I don’t really know alchemy, I can sense that the medicine has matured enough.” She recalled her observation.

“You should be happy about being able to maintain your dao heart and not getting tempted by it. Otherwise, your fate would have been bad.” He chuckled.

“Of course I realized that, I’m not stupid.” She gracefully glared at him with a charm that could make the heart beat faster.

She was able to enter due to having two pieces of the diagram. She found the remains of her ancestor, and according to his last words, she knew that this place had a peerless divine root. Moreover, she felt an ascending momentum coming from that place as well.

However, Li Qiye had warned her before, so she fortified her dao heart and didn’t infiltrate any further. After taking back the treasure from her clan, she immediately left.

At the same time, the Seashield Prince ambushed her because of the map. Who knows how he found this place or where he received the message that she had this map? Before she left the ridge, he ambushed her in order to take the diagram.

Li Qiye smiled while looking at her charming expression. She gently sighed and took out an old box before handing it to Li Qiye: “This is our Su Clan’s ultimate treasure.”

She didn’t need to hide anything in front of him. They treated each other with sincerity, and she could give him her all. Li Qiye opened the box and an immortal light gushed out. He couldn’t help but sigh while looking at the treasure within. The past resurfaced in his mind.

All along, he felt that he still owed the ancestor of this clan. He was the one who dragged her into the mess and gave her a promise. On the path towards the dao, she had sacrificed a lot. She formulated plans for Immortal Emperor Min Ren while carrying out conquests all over the nine worlds on top of defensive campaigns…

When the emperor failed, she was there by his side. After he accomplished his dao, she was also there, silently standing beside him.

She laughed and cried together with him through good times and bad. For him, she didn’t hesitate to abandon her clan and home.

Unfortunately, as the Dark Crow, he failed to carry out his promise and couldn’t make her the queen! The emperor back then seemed to be possessed and couldn’t forget that idiotic woman.

This eventually escalated into a conflict between him and the emperor. After this, the emperor stopped associating with him. The two of them parted unhappily; he had no choice but to enter an early hibernation.

Even though the Su ancestor had never blamed him since she thought that it was her own choice and fate, he knew that he owed her. If he didn’t involve her in the changing world, she could have lived happily as a golden daughter or a carefree princess. An ordinary life of happiness and harmony with her own family…

He gently sighed while thinking of the past. It was all gone now, who knows who was right and wrong? The emperor wasn’t necessarily wrong and he wasn’t necessarily right. The only one who was hurt in the end was a woman who had sacrificed too much!

With a sad sentiment running through his mind, he handed back the treasure box to Yonghuang and said: “Your clan’s treasure has many incredible mysteries, so you should take your time learning them. Once you grasp its profundities, it will mean a lifetime of benefits.”

“I will.” She took a deep breath and solemnly nodded.

Xiaoxiao, who was standing to the side, finally found the chance to jump in and excitedly told the two: “Hey, where is this divine medicine you two are talking about? Let’s go and have a look.”

Li Qiye saw that she was eager and couldn’t help but smile: “I’ll take you there, but not now. We will wait until after she gets better and kills the Seashield Prince.”

Li Qiye was definitely not a nice person. As an advocate for an eye for an eye, he will give Su Yonghuang a chance to kill the prince after the previous ambush.

“That’s fine.” Although Xiaoxiao was hot-tempered and unreasonable for the majority the time, she could still read the situation and knew when to not push the issue.

“You are still flirting everywhere, you even tricked an underage girl!” Yonghuang looked at Xiaoxiao before glaring at Li Qiye again.

“Who says I’m underage!?” Su Yonghuang had stepped on Xiaoxiao’s tail with her comment. Xiaoxiao immediately jumped up with her aggressive pose, arched out her breasts with a slightly visible valley, and fiercely exclaimed: “This lady treads the world and deters myriad realms, who dares to say that I’m underage?!”

Su Yonghuang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Xiaoxiao’s appearance. She had to shake her head.

Li Qiye ignored Xiaoxiao and told Yonghuang: “In order to kill the prince, I will help you dispel the suppression of Godhalt first.” Having said that, he placed his big hand between Yonghuang’s breasts.

She could feel his rough palm, causing her to blush. A hot wave coursed through her body. Even a calm woman like her couldn’t help but slightly lower her head with an air of indescribable gentleness.

“Clank!” The grand dao began to move with sonorous sounds. In the end, it was just like the opening of a lock. With a click, the suppressive laws were finally dispelled.

“So it’s like that.” She breathed deeply as if a huge burden had just been lifted. Even though this suppression wouldn’t injure anyone, being here for so long gave people the feeling of being shackled. It was completely overwhelming.

She felt quite comfortable as her energy billowed once more. Its return allowed her to reach her peak state. Her royal aura surged even more alongside an imposing momentum and a new will to fight.

“Take your time recuperating. After you recover, your battle will come, there’s no need to rush.” He could feel her battle intent and chuckled: “The prince won’t escape. He has some backings at the Divine Ridge Citadel so he’ll come back for revenge soon enough.”

“I’ll be waiting for him to come so that I can personally decapitate him!” Su Yonghuang’s eyes flashed a cold glint; she was ready for war. Being ambushed by him had enraged her. If it wasn’t for the suppression, she would have killed him already!

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