Chapter 1456: Seashield Prince

Li Qiye and the Seven Martial Goddess talked for a long time. When she left, her expression was completely different.

“Ego King, what did you and the Seven Martial Goddess talk about?” Xiaoxiao was curious. They talked for several days in one sitting, so it couldn’t have been a normal conversation.

He blinked and replied: “A man and a woman alone together, what else did you think we would talk about?”

“Bah!” She turned red right away and ruthlessly stomped on his foot: “Pervert, deviant! Take this!”

“Little girl, where did your mind drift off to? We were talking about serious business. Only dirty-minded people would actually think about those things.” Li Qiye laughed after seeing her explosive demeanor.

“Say that again!” She aggressively posed with both hands on her waist again — her signature look when angry.

Li Qiye never failed to find amusement in teasing this little pepper. He then stared at the sky. Even though the city was very lively at this moment, he found the sky to be quiet and lonely.

“Pack up a bit, we’re about to leave.” In the end, he sighed and intended to leave the city in order to meet Su Yonghuang.

She noticed his lonely expression and asked: “We’re not waiting anymore? We can stay for a bit longer.”

She didn’t know who he was waiting for, but when such a nonchalant person revealed this kind of expression, it meant that he was waiting for someone very important to him.

“Forget it.” He said with forlorn: “Some things can’t be forced in this world. Life will always carry some sort of regret. The moon is round and crescent at times, this is the course of life.”

Xiaoxiao quietly nodded and didn’t pry any further. She went off to get ready with Sima Yujian in order to leave with him.

During this moment, Li Qiye’s heart suddenly quaked, causing him to frown. His blood energy surged as his eyes turned cold.

He immediately started moving and exclaimed: “Let’s go, we have to save someone!”

“Who?” Xiaoxiao was caught off guard.

He didn’t answer and left right away while the two girls quickly gave chase. He was afraid that the two couldn’t keep up, so he simply pulled the two of them and crossed through space.

In the depths of the ridge, many powerful cultivators were on an adventure to find the rumored immortal medicine. Of course, even if they couldn’t find it, there were still other precious herbs and materials. It wouldn’t be a complete waste of their trip. The deeper they go inside, the more dangerous it would be. Nevertheless, this place was extremely tempting even without the famous immortal medicine that was circulating around. Many grasses here were millions of years old. 

As one of the twelve burial grounds, its perils weren’t only in name. Some locations were extremely dangerous, consisting of fierce and elusive beasts or man-eating poisonous plants…

Some of the adventurers died without leaving a corpse behind. Of course, some were eventually taken over by seeds and turned into the withered. In fact, most cultivators preferred the former. After all, turning into a different race with something occupying their bodies was quite creepy. Thus, when they saw their companions being taken over, they would destroy their bodies first.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A severe battle was waging in a certain location.

A woman was struggling with solar flames soaring from her body surrounded by floating suns. She was completely encompassed in this blinding light like a sun goddess. She was elegant and imposing. The suns surrounding her only amplified her dignified and unquestionable aura.

She was gravely wounded, but she continued to fight without fear while finding a path of retreat.

“Come!” She shouted while sending out a whistling flame. It turned into a fiery dragon and soared to a certain position in the sky.

“Boom!” This fiery solar dragon instantly shattered the fabric of space at this location and created a terrifying black hole.

“Bang!” Right after this explosion, a person jumped out of nowhere and ambushed this woman. She reacted swiftly and waved her hand to command more suns to attack. However, she was a split second too late and was blown away while spewing out a mouthful of blood.

This young man, who came out of nowhere, disappeared just as fast. When he showed up again, he was already hovering in the sky.

He seemed to be one with the space around him. The clouds obscured his face, so no one could see his appearance. It looked like he was the lord of space with full control. All aspects of space were in his grasp.

“The Seashield Prince’s Void Physique is quite terrifying. Not only can he conceal everything, he is also omnipresent.” Someone murmured while looking at the youth standing in the sky.

This battle has gone on for some time and even attracted the adventurers seeking materials nearby.

“Well, that lady’s Extreme Yang Physique is also very powerful. It is a shame that she is being suppressed by Godhalt. Otherwise, who knows who the victor will be?” An older expert with keen vision noticed the intricacies within.

“Who is she?” Many people couldn’t recognize her, so they were very surprised: “Even under the suppression of this land, she can still withstand the pursuit of the prince. Maybe she can even contend with him on equal footing. Why don’t we know someone as powerful as her?”

“Miss, you won’t be able to escape. This continent might be vast, but it is only a foolish hope.” The Seashield Prince hovered in the sky and glared at the woman: “Be smart and hand over the diagram, then I’ll stop pursuing you.”

People didn’t know who she was or what diagram the prince was referring to. However, it must be extremely unfathomable and precious to make the prince personally give chase.

Despite her injuries, she stood up and coldly retorted: “In your dreams.” Even under such dire straits, she was still noble and strong.

“If you keep on being stubborn, you can’t blame me for being merciless. You asked for it by opposing the Roaring Conch!” The prince’s eyes turned cold with bloodthirst.

“The Roaring Conch is nothing.” A voice slowly came about as a man hugging two women came forward.

Someone shouted in horror: “Fiercest is here!”

“Fierce is showing up again.” Many experts gave way after seeing Li Qiye. In fact, the majority of them shuddered since they knew that his coming meant bad things were going to happen.

Seashield, standing in the sky, coldly glared at Li Qiye with a pair of eyes that flashed.

The wounded woman heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him. She was none other than Su Yonghuang who came to Godhalt before Li Qiye.

The prince coldly uttered: “Li Qiye, the conch will settle the score with you eventually, so do not interfere with today’s business. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise your sister!” A kick came just as fast as the verbal retort. It suppressed the entire location so fast that even the prince couldn’t react in time. He slammed into the ground and created a deep pit while his blood crazily spurted everywhere.

The assailant was naturally Li Qiye who flashed behind the prince to deliver the kick. He then looked down on the prince and slowly said: “The Roaring Conch only consists of a bunch of chickens and dogs. Know your place and stop prancing around in front of me!”

This overbearing and invincible style made all the spectators gasp.

“Fiercest’s aggression is at an all-time high right now, he’s completely matchless. No wonder he is Zhentian’s rival.” Many shuddered with fear after seeing his invincible display.

The sea demons were even paler. The Seashield Prince was the most hopeful to become a sea god, but he was beaten down in the blink of an eye!

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