Chapter 1452: One Sentence To Suppress The Eras

Li Qiye stayed back at this inn inside the Divine Ridge Citadel for several days without leaving the door.

Xiaoxiao found his isolation quite strange. Both of them felt that he wasn’t a timid person.

In order to satisfy her curiosity, she quipped: “Ego King, what are you doing? Are you trying to be a lady while learning how to do needlework?”

Li Qiye only chuckled: “Waiting for someone.”

“Who and how long do you want to wait for?” She was certain that something was looming on his mind after his return.

He pondered quietly for a moment while staring out the window: “A couple more days. If they don’t come, then we’ll leave the citadel for another place.”

He lamented in his mind. Outside of the Epoch’s Leaf, he also came in order to deal with a grievance of the past. After doing so, he could finally go to the end of the war and fight with a carefree mind.

However, if she didn’t want to end this with him, there was nothing else he could do but leave Heaven Spirit with regret.

Xiaoxiao didn’t ask again. Despite her lack of experience due to her tender age, she could still read his expression.

During their wait, the citadel was bustling to a chaotic level. People were everywhere as more and more cultivators came.

In the beginning, many rushed over like bees after the news about the immortal medicine came out. However, some were still skeptical. Although they came to the ridge, they adopted a wait-and-see mindset.

In the last several days, more shocking news came out about Zhentian and the Prince of Darkness personally visiting the citadel.

This came as a surprise to everyone. People knew that Zhentian had come to Godhalt for more than a month now, and they thought he would have left already. Now, after hearing how these two were coming to the citadel together, people felt that something was different. A few big shots even picked up the scent of war wafting through the air.

“Could it be that Zhentian and the prince want to deal with Li Qiye?” People unavoidably had this thought.

“It wouldn’t be strange at all. Li Qiye is Zhentian’s rival for the Heaven’s Will as well as a mortal enemy of the abyss. Plus, the empyrean and the abyss were once family, so it makes sense that these two would work together.” Some sect masters agreed with this sentiment.

“At this moment, Fiercest is simply unstoppable with his meteoric rise. In this generation, who else is more likely than him to reach the throne?” Even some sea demons who didn’t like him had to make this comment.

Prior to this, no one would place a dao junior like Li Qiye on the same level as Zhentian. Alas, in a short period of time, Li Qiye was relentless and murdered everything in his way while maintaining an imperious bearing. Even Zhentian’s avatar was crushed by him. Li Qiye’s strength has reached an indecipherable level.

With his current momentum, everyone thought that he had become Zhentian’s greatest rival!

Thus, the prince and Zhentian working together to deal with him was not surprising to anyone even though it would have been unbelievable in the past.

This news made complete sense, but shortly after their arrival, the True Martial Goddess visited the citadel as well. Now this took everyone by surprise. The entire ridge became lively with her presence.

“The Roaring Conch’s oldest and most powerful ancestor has come into being. He is personally coming to visit the citadel right now!” This message suddenly came from an unknown source.

“Strongest and oldest ancestor? Who?” Some listeners were curious.

“The Conch Overlord!” Even some older God-Monarchs had a strange glow in their eyes. They all had serious expressions after hearing this news.

“Who the heck is the Conch Overlord?” The young ones have never heard of this title before. This was quite strange since the oldest ancestor of the Roaring Conch should be quite famous.

“The Conch Divine Prince, the son of their progenitor, the Roaring Conch Sea God.” A God-Monarch enunciated each word slowly.

“The Roaring Conch Sea God’s son…” The juniors took a deep breath after hearing this.

In fact, those who knew this ancestor’s background found this astonishing as well. Some murmured: “What the hell is going on? First, it's the True Martial Goddess, now the Conch Overlord is out too? The divine prince and princess of the sea gods are coming out, is it to vie for the new golden age?”

Someone speculated: “Maybe the overlord came out to be the Seashield Prince’s dao protector?”

It was a very reasonable guess because not long after the overlord came to the citadel, news of another arrival spread. The Seven Martial Goddess has also come to the Divine Ridge Citadel!

After hearing this, people started to get a picture of the overarching situation. An old sea demon stated: “The competition for the sea god’s position will be quite merciless this time around. The divine prince and princess are coming out, I think the Seven Martial Goddess’ status is being greatly threatened right now.”

With the coming of these amazing characters, the citadel could feel a storm brewing as rumors spread everywhere.

“Ego King, it looks like you’re about to be really unlucky.” While Li Qiye was waiting inside the inn, little Xiaoxiao couldn’t sit still and would occasionally sneak out to play.

Today, she was gloating about his misfortune: “I heard the oldest and strongest ancestor from the Roaring Conch is coming out, he’s called the Conch Overlord. Heh, you killed so many of their disciples, I’m sure he is coming to cause trouble for you.”

“Conch Overlord? You are talking about the cowardly turtle who hid in the Roaring Conch for millions of years without daring to come out?”

“Cowardly turtle?” Xiaoxiao curiously said: “He’s the son of a sea god, a real prince.”

“So what?” Li Qiye casually smiled: “Because of a single phrase from Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, he immediately shrank into his shell for many years without coming out. Such a coward can’t get into my sight.”

“A phrase from Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng?” Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and was extremely interested: “Really? What kind of story is this?”

In fact, even Sima Yujian listened attentively since these anecdotes were very interesting.

“It is a very old tale.” Li Qiye noticed their interest. Since he had time anyway, he smiled and recalled: “Back then, this Conch Overlord was only a prince. He felt that he could do whatever he wanted just because his father was a sea god. He had grown accustomed to this lawless lifestyle at Heaven Spirit. One day, he met Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng at the Mortal Emperor World, and his arrogant self offended the emperor.”

At this point, Li Qiye sneered before continuing: “So, the emperor simply glared at him and said a single sentence. The story ends there.”

Xiaoxiao inquired: “What do you mean?”

“It means that the prince went into hiding and never dared to come out again.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Hiding?” Xiaoxiao was surprised: “Just what did the emperor say?”

Li Qiye flatly stated: “Never shall you be allowed to become a sea god!”

“Never shall you be allowed to become a sea god?” Xiaoxiao continued: “The Conch Overlord went into hiding just because of this? Are you serious?”

“Do you have to ask? Of course it is a true story.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “You shouldn’t underestimate Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng’s words. He is the only emperor in history to have twelve fate palaces as well as the only one undefeated throughout his life.”

“But ultimately, they are just words. Plus, the overlord’s father is still a sea god.” Xiaoxiao didn’t buy it.

“You are looking down on the emperor’s supreme position.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “A sea god is nothing! If Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng wanted to kill his father, there would be no escaping death!”

“Moreover, it wasn’t just a simple sentence. His words were an unquestionable imperial order. It was a supreme law that branded itself on the overlord’s body.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“But I heard others say that this overlord had once been recognized by the Trident.” Xiaoxiao brought up another point.

“This is also true. When his father was still a sea god, the prince has indeed used the Trident before. Not only did it not reject him, you can even say that it flourished under his control. Under the cover of his father’s shadow, he indeed had a big chance of becoming the next sea god. Unfortunately, he offended Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. One simple sentence buried his life. Even his sea god father couldn’t do anything about it.” Li Qiye concluded with a faint smile.

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