Chapter 1450: Great Reversal

Many cultivators and experts felt envy after seeing the successful cry for help from Dragonscale.

Someone enviously spoke: “The Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor is indeed special, he’s famous all around the world. Just his old reputation alone is enough to ask for help from the guardian, I suppose this isn’t too surprising.”

Some considered the preeminent vice ancestor to be the number one treant below treefathers. Him being able to take root in the earth gave him an unprecedented battle prowess. Some even considered him an Emperor Assailant.

Of course, fewer than few people knew about his origin. In fact, with respect to status, Terminus was much higher than the vice ancestor; it wasn’t even close to being comparable. The vice ancestor came to ask for guidance from Terminus in the past. Because of this fateful connection, Dragonscale tried to ask for help.

Li Qiye faintly smiled after seeing this. He watched this play out without a care.

Terminus finally looked at Li Qiye and smiled as well: “Causing trouble at the Divine Tree Ridge? This is disturbing the peace.”

Dragonscale was elated to hear this. He thought that Terminus was talking about Li Qiye and has decided to help him. With Terminus’ help, he was emboldened.

“Li, did you hear that?!” He coldly glared at Li Qiye and uttered: “Disturbing the peace of the citadel and killing our treant race — this is worthy of a thousand deaths!”

Many people took a deep breath after seeing the guardian helping Dragonscale.

“I’m afraid Li Qiye is in trouble, legend states that even emperors can’t kill this guardian.” Some people felt worried for him.

Even though his strength was as clear as day, the guardian was very powerful. It has existed in the citadel for generations, perhaps it was even an unfathomable Emperor Assailant.

This meant that Li Qiye was going to have a bad day. Perhaps it would mean defeat or even mortal danger.

“That’s the Ancestral Terra for you, it has many connections.” A charming spirit enviously said: “How many people in this world can actually ask the guardian for help? Because of his master, Dragonscale can actually do so.”

Ye Xiaoxiao was smirking while looking at Dragonscale’s smug expression. In her eyes, he was simply hilarious.

“I see.” Li Qiye touched his neck and told Terminus: “My neck is feeling cold after hearing him. I’m so worried about my safety, should I kneel and surrender now?”

“Haha, surrender? It is too late to surrender!” Dragonscale continued: “You have broken the peace here and even killed members of our race, nothing can redeem these crimes! The ancestor will take charge for our race and kill an evil person like you! Li, your demise has come. Even if you were stronger, you are nothing compared to the ancestor. Even if you are a Heavenly God, he can still crush you with one finger.”

He became very complacent at this time. In his mind, Li Qiye was dead for sure since Terminus was on his side. Not to mention Li Qiye, even Meng Zhentian wouldn’t dare to act up in front of this ancestor!

Although these words were quite smug, many people stared at Li Qiye and felt that his defeat was certain. Maybe he could even die here. Everyone knew that no one in this world could stop this guardian.

Terminus finally opened his mouth and spoke: “So noisy, I’m talking about you!”

“Huh.” Being suddenly interrupted by Terminus left Dragonscale confused. He couldn’t react and stammered a bit: “Ancestor, this, this Li, he, he shattered the peace of the citadel and killed our fellow disciples…”

A divine light shot out from Terminus’ eyes as he slowly spoke: “Fool! You don’t know that you have invited a catastrophe. Hurry and commit suicide as an apology. Maybe then, your Ancestral Terra will be able to avoid a sect-destroying disaster!”

Terminus said this for Dragonscale’s own good as well as to open a path of escape for the Ancestral Terra. Dragonscale might not know who he offended, but Terminus did.

Terminus was actually speaking up for the sake of the terra. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be difficult for the provoked dark hand behind the curtains to destroy the terra. For generations, many invincible lineages had fallen because of him.

Dragonscale couldn’t react at all, he only stood there looking silly. He thought Terminus would back him up because of his master; the death of Li Qiye was surely about to happen.

In fact, such a reversal took everyone by surprise. They watched in astonishment and didn’t know what had just happened.

“Ancestor, my, my master is the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor, he, he has told me…” When Dragonscale calmed down, he tried to speak again but couldn’t find the right words.

“I know who your master is. Even if his true form comes here, my answer will still be the same.” Terminus interrupted him: “Go on, it isn’t too late to commit suicide for the terra’s sake!”

Dragonscale was completely speechless. Not even in his dreams would he expect for Terminus to take Li Qiye’s side.

“Alright, my patience is limited and so is my time, I have other things to do.” Li Qiye glanced at the dazed old man and flatly stated: “Are you committing suicide or do I have to help you myself? The geezer is right, it is not too late to commit suicide.”

Dragonscale stammered: “You… you… I… I…”

“I’ll send you off then!” Terminus unleashed a palm straight at Dragonscale after seeing this.

“Ancestor, Ancestor, I’m from the Ancestral Terra, my master is the vice ancestor…” Dragonscale’s soul almost left his body after seeing Terminus take action.

Terminus declared: “This is for your own good as well as the terra’s.” 

“Boom!” Dragonscale was slammed into a bloody mist without the chance to scream.

Li Qiye looked at Terminus and insipidly said: “Ai, I was aiming to kill the young while waiting for the old to come out.”

Terminus could only smile helplessly. He killed Dragonscale in order to give the terra a chance. This was because Dragonscale didn’t know who he was messing with. If this continued to escalate, the Ancestral Terra would be completely annihilated even if it was stronger!

In this brief moment, the crowd was completely astounded. No one expected for the guardian to kill Dragonscale. Everyone thought that Li Qiye would be the victim instead since the vice ancestor had some ties with the guardian.

Not only did Terminus not save Dragonscale, he even personally put him down. This result was truly unimaginable and beyond everyone’s expectations.

“If anyone sees the Prince of Darkness, tell him that from today on, I do not want to see anyone from the abyss or I shall trample it and place his skull at the highest location of the ridge!” Li Qiye’s eyes swept through the crowd as he declared this without a care if there were still any disciples of the abyss left in the city.

With that, he disappeared into a street with Ye Xiaoxiao. Terminus only smiled and slowly closed his eyes to return to his slumber.

“He is qualified to be called Fiercest.” People had no choice but to be convinced by Li Qiye while watching his departing back: “Among the young, outside of the Era Evaders, who would dare to talk about taking the Prince of Darkness’ head?!”

Not just anyone could make this domineering statement towards the prince and the abyss at Godhalt. Even the most mighty genius would need to think twice before uttering these words.

Alas, Li Qiye did so today in a nonchalant and overbearing manner.

“Will he really become emperor? It looks like even the guardian is protecting him.” A treant expert was in disbelief.

Being old acquaintances with the vice ancestor, Terminus should have saved Dragonscale at the very least. However, he personally killed Dragonscale. The only explanation was that he held Li Qiye in high regard and didn’t wish to become enemies with the future Immortal Emperor!

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