Chapter 145 : Silence in all Directions (1)

Chapter 145 : Silence in all Directions (1)

During the Desolate Era, as the Dark Crow, Li Qiye was the guide for the Alchemist God. They experienced mortal dangers, traversed the nine heavens and ten earths, walked throughout the Nine Worlds, invaded the Forbidden Burial Grounds, and penetrated the Ancient Earth. Along the way, they tasted all type of grass and refined countless pills. In the end, they established the rules for the human race’s Alchemy Dao and specified the methods to refine pills as well as the standards…

Since the ages till now, there was a saying: “If the Alchemy God didn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be an Alchemy Dao for the human race, and there would also be no standards for alchemists for all the races!”

One could say that the Alchemy God not only created the Alchemy Dao’s foundation for the human race, but also the foundation for all existences.

Of course, the world only knew about the Alchemy God and the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon, no one knew about Li Qiye or the Dark Crow behind him!

Later on, regarding the pill refining dao of the Alchemy God or his inheritance, only Li Qiye knew. The essence of the Alchemy God’s skill was not passed down; the world only had the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon. This was only a guideline for pill refinement and a complete system for alchemists. Of course, these things would serve as a guideline for alchemists later on.

The reality was that the true essence of the Alchemist God was lost, and Li Qiye knew that this brat did it on purpose. What was even more frustrating was that there was a problem when he erased his memories so, later on, he couldn’t find the memories regarding the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon.

However, Li Qiye knew that there was still some hope, and it was this frog. This was the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron they raised that year! The Alchemy God’s Grand Canon was sealed inside this frog.

At that time, this lunatic Alchemy God once made a joke that this frog was his essence. No one would expect that this frog would be his only handed-down teachings and his dao orthodoxy! However, this frog unexpectedly escaped, so this joke was no longer true later on.

After a while, Li Qiye was always trying to find this Myriad Heavenly Cauldron to recover the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find it. However, in this life where he regained his body, Li Qiye finally found the cauldron as well as the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon.

Seeing this frog-shaped cauldron, Li Qiye smiled and said:

“Crazy alchemy brat, I’m afraid in this life, I will have to outshine your brilliance.”

Having said this, he bursted out in laughter. But after a while, behind his smile was a sense of disconsolation and sadness.

It was a memorable past during his millions of years of ups and downs amidst the blood and killing. Since the Desolate Era till now, he had been chased and even his root was cut, but he managed to reserve this situation and plotted against the world. It was either his enemies dying, or him dying. During the Ancient Ming Era, there was even more blood in the sky. When he massacred the gods and annihilated the immortals, to him, this was an extremely difficult era, and it continued all the way to the Emperors Era. This was the era when he counterattacked against the Immortal Demon Grotto, an era with many great changes. He developed many wise sages, and even Immortal Emperors. When he ran out of effort and ran out of preparations, that would be the day when he broke through the Immortal Demon Grotto!

No matter how difficult the road was, whether it was slaughtering and vanquishing gods and devils or his plan to counterattack against the Immortal Demon Grotto, along with numerous foul winds and bloody reigns during countless military campaigns, his memories regarding the era of the Alchemy God was the most pure. It was an era of learning, an era of pill refinement and herb testing. At that time, it was a search for the dan refinement path to form a foundation for the human race, as well as the Nine Worlds.

Finally, Li Qiye gently sighed and calmed his thoughts. He picked up the frog and shouted:


As the frog was falling down, it turned into a huge cauldron in the shape of a squatting frog. It opened its mouth and spewed out the heaven’s energy.

Feeling the bashing of the heat in front of him, it caused Li Qiye to close his eyes. He smelled the medicinal fragrances of the drugs inside the Heavenly Cauldron and said:

“Myriad Heavenly Cauldron — truly worthy of being the best cauldron since the start of time, worthy of my time spent to chase you in all of the Nine Worlds, and worthy of all the consumptions of great treasures of the world. With this cauldron in my hands, any heaven rebelling or fate changing pills would be too simple.”

The world had never heard of this Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. In contemporary times, only Li Qiye knew all of the mysteries of this Heavenly Cauldron.

This cauldron went beyond simple alchemy refinement. It was fused with the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon, so it had heaven-frightening power; it was able to rebel against the heaven and change fates!

The Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, in Li Qiye’s eyes, was the supreme furnace throughout the ages! It was different from other Heavenly Cauldrons. Other cauldrons were born from nature and essentially couldn’t move. It could only stay in one place to swallow the world’s essence to cultivate its fire.

However, this Myriad Heavenly Cauldron… It could move by itself like a frog, capable of traversing this entire world. It could even find different flames to eat, along with spirit pills and alchemy grass. The longer it lived, the more valuable things it would have eaten. Normal flames and ordinary spirit pills were not worthy in its eyes!

This was why its medicinal treasure along with its flames were peerless! It was also extremely fast. No one was able to catch it before. Even if they saw it, they didn’t pay any attention since it was only an ordinary frog.

Finally, Li Qiye withdrew the frog and slumped down to the ground as he started to cultivate.

Many sects finally got the news of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s triumphant return. In a short amount of time, there were howlings and commotions everywhere between these great sects and secret schools. Losing everything in this trip to the Evil Infested Ridge, to many of these great powers, was an extreme disgrace.

Inside the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, within an ancient temple, Heavenly Prince Qingxuan — surrounded by his azure aura — was reporting the events regarding the trip to an expert. And this expert sitting up high was a Heavenly King, renowned in all Eight Desolaces. His royal aura chilled the souls of others; even an Ancient Saint would lose his colors from fear.

“The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect–”

The expert sitting up high with his voice carrying tension and godliness began to speak:

“An insect dying for a hundred years yet still not completely vanquished! Immortal Emperor Min Ren is worthy of being the founder to the Emperors Era! They have declined for such a long time yet they still have some abilities.”

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, below, didn’t say anything, he only listened quietly.

“Don’t worry, there is no need to rush getting even with the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

The royal expert up high finally said:

“We should wait. Let other people ignite the first fire, we just need to watch. Even though you didn’t get the godly treasure, it is not a big deal; our Ancient Kingdom does not lack treasures! Remain calm and go cultivate. In this era, if you carry the Heaven’s Will, our Ancient Kingdom will have our third Immortal Emperor.”

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan sounded in agreement, and he eventually left.


“My son, Hao—”

Inside the Southern Heavenly Kingdom, an old man bellowed and almost fainted after receiving the news, even when he was a master.

In the end, this old man was ready to blow up, and he bitterly said:

“If we don’t obtain our vengeance, then our Nantian Clan will cease to be humans!”

This old man went into the royal city of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom to find the royal experts and beseech them to maneuver the troops to take revenge for his son, Nantian Hao, and to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

To his request, the high above royal expert replied:

“The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is within the border of the Heavenly Jewel Sect, and they do not like us moving troops into their borders! Plus, the ancestor of the Heavenly God Sect is still alive, we cannot easily offend the Heavenly God Sect. I will send messengers to contact the Heavenly God Sect. As for the killer of Little Hao, I will not let it go. Wait until my royal son comes out from his cultivation, I will then tell him to go and take revenge for Little Hao.”

Even though the old man was not satisfied with the royal expert’s ruling, he could only accept it.


Meanwhile, inside the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. The Mortal King heard the report from Dao Child Shengtian as he was sitting high in his dragon throne. At this moment, his expression sank before he finally spoke:

“Emperor’s Possession! Emperor’s Possession again!”

That year, when the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect used the Emperor’s will to suppress him, it was an unbearably humble moment to a royal expert such as him. But he couldn’t do anything. Unless there was no other choice, even someone as powerful as him wouldn’t deal with an Emperor’s Possession.

“The ancestor still has not come into being, we will just have to subdue our anger for a little longer!”

In the end, the Mortal King finally said:

“This trip was fruitful. To be able to go together with Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, it is a good thing. You don’t have to worry about the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for now, I will send ambassadors to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom to see if we can form an alliance with them! If the alliance is successful, then with them as our backing, we will have nothing to be afraid of in the Grand Middle Territory! Hmph, even if the Nine Saint Demon Gate want to protect the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, they would only be seeking death!”

As his words came out, the killing intent in his eyes soared.


“My son…”

In the Jiang Zuo Clan, a person miserably shrieked. After hearing the news, the Jiang Zuo Clan was

shrouded by sadness.

The Jiang Zuo Clan not only lost Marquis of the Eastern River, but also the ferocious Jiang Zuo Tieyi along with one thousand elites. To the clan, this loss was too heavy, especially when their younger generation was destroyed; they would have a hard time recovering.

“The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect… One day, our Jiang Zuo Clan will slaughter you!”

Finally, the clan master of the Jiang Zuo Clan bitterly exclaimed.

To the Jiang Zuo Clan, this was not only animosity, but also a generational feud! Back in those days, their Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo suffered a crushing defeat to the hands of Immortal Emperor Min Ren and was not entitled to host the Heaven’s Will.


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