Chapter 1449: Reinforcement

“Blurgh…” The beastmaster’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth wide to speak, but nothing came out. Even at his very last moment, he still didn’t see his murderer.

In the blink of an eye, Sima Yujian flashed into existence and swung her sword to decapitate him.

There was no doubt that her target was the beastmaster. Her previous attempt ended in failure, but he couldn’t escape this time.

The towering bamboo shouted: “Junior, you want to die!” It was shameful that someone had killed the beastmaster right under his nose.

With a loud howl, the half-dragon clawed at Yujian. Its monstrous claws were like five sharp peaks. The earth seemed as if it would be shredded like a piece of paper under this attack.

“Boom!” Before it could catch Yujian, a swift fist easily repelled it.

“Your opponent is me.” Li Qiye chuckled after successfully neutralizing the claw attack.

Dragonscale shouted: “Li Qiye, everyone says that you are strong. I’ll see just how strong you are then!”

With a loud bang, the dragon that was coiled around the bamboo disappeared.

“Rumble!” The tree actually grew even more and covered the entire Divine Tree Ridge.

Everyone gasped when they saw this gigantic tree because it emitted a draconic energy that engulfed the world. It was as if a dragon was about to come back to life.

This tree resembled a dragon at this moment. After fusing his bloodline with his body, Dragonscale was able to obtain a new, explosive power.

“Junior, die!” A dragon claw descended from the sky. It was actually growing from the bamboo itself. The earth quaked before its coming and the entire citadel turned dark.

Even this great city seemed tiny in comparison; this claw seemed capable of instantly shattering the land, turning it into ashes.

“Oh god, is he trying to destroy the city?” People were scared out of their minds. The more cowardly cultivators rolled around and quickly fled from the city.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s right fist slightly shook and a monstrous flame came out along with a punch.

“Rumble!” The world trembled even more. The entire continent was robbed of its brilliance. When he unleashed this punch, countless suns slowly rose and replaced the continent with a new source of light.

The Extreme Yang Fist and Sacred Spring Fist were combined. The former was overbearing and should have more than one hundred suns. However, under the empowerment of the Sacred Spring Fist, more suns were derived from nothing the instant he punched forward.

This awesome power could easily be imagined. With loud explosions, the large dragon claw was instantly annihilated. The sound of something burning could be heard as the entire tree was ignited. It couldn’t prevent this particular fire from ravaging it.

“Crackles!” Imagine a scene of the largest tree in the world being incinerated by countless suns. This was an extremely magnificent scene of fire.

It looked like an erupting volcano that headed straight for the nine heavens, burning the sky in the process. This shocking flame illuminated the entire Divine Tree Ridge.

“Ahh!” Dragonscale screamed as he was being burned alive. Despite spewing out a large amount of water, he still failed to extinguish this fire.

The spectators were creeped out to see this living tree that could be burnt to death at any moment.

“Boom!” At this second, the bamboo tree that couldn’t withstand it anymore opened its mouth and spewed out a divine seal. This seal immediately poured out some divine water.

With buzzing sounds, the flame disappeared while the tree returned to his first form. However, he was completely black like a piece of charcoal.

The divine seal continued to float above his head. It was quite profound, no one could understand it in a short amount of time.

“Little animal, you are forcing my hand!” Dragonscale screamed while his blood energy surged and poured into the seal.

“Boom!” A different towering tree appeared right behind Dragonscale. Its presence heralded a sacred and supreme aura. It was as if an untouchable sovereign had awakened with enough power to suppress the nine heavens. Under its sacred aura, all other existences seemed insignificant.

“A treefather!” Many treants shouted and slowly prostrated in unison after seeing this.

“What is that?” A sea demon who had never seen this type of seal was startled.

“It’s an ancestral seal that belongs to a treefather. The Ancestral Terra is indeed incredible.” A charming spirit paragon slowly explained: “It’s unbelievable that they can produce a seal before their treefather passes away.”

Sea gods had the Trident while treefathers had their ancestral weapons. These weapons were quite powerful as well since it could borrow the supreme power of their forefathers.

The difference was that these weapons were personally refined by the treefathers. Refine the seal, transform into the root, form a weapon — this was the process a treant disciple must take on the path to become a treefather.

The day when this weapon takes form would be when they become a treefather capable of borrowing the power of their race’s forefathers. This allowed them to oppose the Trident of the sea demons.

However, when these treefathers returned to the void, their ancestral weapons would also dissipate from this world. In this aspect, the Ancestral Terra was quite amazing. Although they couldn’t keep an ancestral weapon behind, they used an incredible method to save the ancestral seal — the basis of the weapon itself.

“It’s only an ancestral seal, what’s so great about it?” Li Qiye revealed a contemptuous smile.

With a clank, a saber as white as snow appeared in his hand. Its light lit up the heaven and earth.

“An Immortal Emperor True Treasure!” Even those who didn’t know anything could sense an imperial aura assaulting the world, causing them to shudder.

A treefather might be strong, but an emperor was invincible. Plus, Dragonscale didn’t have a complete ancestral weapon in his possession, it was merely a remnant seal. It was far inferior compared to the Benevolent Saber in Li Qiye’s hand.

Dragonscale’s expression turned sour. He wasn’t a match for Li Qiye, and in terms of his weapon, his seal wasn’t a match for the Benevolent Saber either.

Once Li Qiye took out his weapon, everyone understood that it was over for the Dragonscale Bamboo. Despite knowing how strong Fierce was, no one expected that even a character like Dragonscale couldn’t handle a single blow from Li Qiye.

Affected by both fear and anger, Dragonscale’s eyes flashed with an idea. He soared to the sky and immediately stood above the other tree at the citadel.

This other great tree was, of course, the Terminus Divine Ancestor.

“Ancestor, please lend this junior a hand. My master is the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor, your friend.” He asked Terminus for help at this critical moment.

The cultivators here might not know of Terminus’ background, but they understood that he was the guardian of the citadel. He was rumored to be so powerful that even emperors couldn’t kill him.

“Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor?” The initially slumbering tree finally opened its eyes and stared at Dragonscale.

Dragonscale didn’t expect that he could wake up this guardian and was jubilant. He hurriedly said: “Yes, my master is the vice ancestor! He has told me about your supreme prestige and to ask you for assistance in times of trouble.”

Terminus slowly said: “Yes, I do know him. He has asked me about the method of returning to the void.”

“Ancestor, you are an incredible and omnipotent being.” Dragonscale quickly added: “My master once said that you have always been protecting the treant race. This is worthy of a lot of admiration. Ancestor, this Li Qiye right here has no scruples and killed your fellow treants. Please, take charge and avenge our fallen comrades.”

He was ecstatic since he didn’t expect for this to work. It must have been his master’s reputation that allowed for him to beseech this legendary guardian.

The spectators were astounded by this. Despite the many wondrous rumors about this guardian, no one has ever seen it in action before. Nevertheless, no one dared to act presumptuously at the Divine Ridge Citadel or pick on the withered. No one expected that Dragonscale had enough connections to actually move Terminus.

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