Chapter 1444: The Abyss’ Revenge

In just a short period of time, this crossroad was completely surrounded with Li Qiye in the center. He was besieged by several hundred experts.

This sudden development left all the other cultivators present eager to see what was going on.

The people surrounding Li Qiye were from the Spirit Abyss. Their aggressiveness displayed their malicious intent.

Li Qiye chuckled without a care. He wasn’t surprised at all.

A male disciple walked out from the group. He was quite handsome and gallant. It was clear that this was an incredible prodigy.

“It’s Huang Yuxuan, the Abyss’ Spirit Beastmaster’s first disciple, the abyss’ first brother.” Anyone who had a little influence in Heaven Spirit knew of this young man.

It was because virtually all cultivators who visit Godhalt would go to ask the Spirit Abyss for help. Huang Yuxuan would be the person who receives all of these characters, so many have seen him before. Some even had ties with him.

“You are the famous Li Qiye?” Yuxuan came forward and chillingly glared at Li Qiye, clearly showing his murderous intent.

“Is something wrong?” Li Qiye smiled, he was too lazy to look at him.

This arrogant and disrespectful attitude fueled Yuxuan’s murderous intent. At Godhalt, who would dare to disobey their abyss? It didn’t matter who they might be back at their own regions, they had to ask the abyss for help in this place!

But now, an outsider was acting so presumptuously that it fueled Yuxuan’s will to kill even more. This was a direct challenge to the abyss’ prestige.

“Li Qiye, you are indeed amazing, a hero of our times.” Yuxuan coldly said: “Our abyss also respect the heroes and prodigies of the world! However, the rules cannot be bent! Godhalt has its own rules! Our abyss would welcome you as a guest at Godhalt. However, you came and protected an assassin who murdered our disciples, not to mention you killed more than ten yourself. You need to give us, and the deceased, an answer.”

It didn’t matter whether people knew him or not, they secretly praised his reasonable and graceful words. It didn’t tarnish the abyss’ reputation at all. Moreover, they glanced at each other and lamented. Li Qiye was indeed a fierce man, he would always kill wherever he went without scruples even if the opponent was from an imperial lineage or a sea god’s sect.

Now, at Godhalt, he even killed disciples from the Spirit Abyss. Many cultivators who came would always act sensibly towards the abyss. Even the most incredible genius wouldn’t oppose them. After all, even a strong dragon would have trouble against a local serpent.

“And? I killed them, so what?” Li Qiye maintained his smile. He didn’t bother to deny their claim.

Such a casual response left everyone speechless. This was true to his overbearing nature. It was as if he didn’t need a reason to kill people and couldn’t care less if their sect came for retribution.

People could only wryly smile at this display. He didn’t bother to explain himself and only showed a completely indifferent attitude. Fierce was indeed unique, he didn’t care for reasons! Yuxuan was livid because Li Qiye was showing utter disdain for their sect!

He took a deep breath to suppress the anger rising in his heart and coldly spoke: “Li Qiye, our abyss is still a reasonable place. If our disciples were wrong, then very well, we will swallow this anger. However, if you murdered the innocent, your own fellow cultivators, and protected the assassin…”

The abyss had a reputation for being a bully at Godhalt. However, Yuxuan’s choice of words was very appropriate and level-headed. It was no wonder why he was chosen to be its successor, he was indeed capable of bearing this responsibility.

Li Qiye interrupted him as he was too lazy to argue: “There’s nothing to talk about. I killed them, I don’t need a reason to do so. Speak if you have something to say or fart if you have gas. Even if you are here for revenge, just act quickly. I’m very busy.”

The tides have completely reversed today. The abyss was known to be the ruthless bully. However, it was the reasonable party this time while an outsider had turned into the arbitrary oppressor.

“Good, good, good.” Yuxuan was trembling with anger from Li Qiye’s attitude. This was supposed to be his role, but Li Qiye stole it from him today. This wasn’t something that their abyss could tolerate.

“It’s good that you have admitted it.” He coldly spoke: “As a reasonable party, we shall give you a way out. First, hand over the assassin, second, confess your crime to our abyss. My seniors are currently staying at an inn in the citadel, so go there and surrender yourself. As long as you can do these two things, we will forego this grievance out of consideration for you being a top genius!”

Eyes darted everywhere out of confusion. Many couldn’t believe their own ears. Since when was the aggressive abyss so reasonable?

“Did the abyss just change its personality completely?” A cultivator spoke with disbelief: “Since when were they this easy to talk to?”

Just think about it, no sect could handle dozens of disciples being killed, let alone the abyss with its ruthless reputation. At Godhalt, it was their place to rampage, no one would have a turn to do the same to them.

If someone dared to kill their disciples, they would incur the abyss’ most ferocious wrath and wouldn’t be able to leave Godhalt alive.

And yet, they said that as long as Li Qiye confessed, everything would be over. This was a great concession, a showing of their magnanimity.

“Well, that’s because you should look at who it is.” An expert from the previous generation insipidly said: “You can try to do what Li Qiye did. Not to mention killing their disciples, just offending them alone would end in your entire family being killed! Fierce’s momentum is unstoppable since he can slaughter anyone in his way. It is understandable that the abyss would choose to compromise.”

Any knowledgeable person understood that Li Qiye’s fame was currently on the same level as Meng Zhentian’s. The abyss’ actions, in this case, made sense.

Li Qiye simply smiled and casually responded: “Just come and attack me, there’s no need for this confession. I have already shown my mercy by not destroying your abyss. All of you should be going to bed with a beaming smile from being so lucky, yet you are here asking for me to surrender. Did your brains stop working?”

This retort truly made others want to vomit blood. Everyone here was completely tongue-tied. They all felt that after killing so many disciples, just apologizing to end things would still be quite an awe-inspiring tale for Li Qiye. Anyone else would have apologized already.

However, he was claiming that the one who was showing mercy was him and not the Spirit Abyss. He was the one who was sparing the sect from certain destruction due to his kindness. Who could stand this?!

“Li!” Yuxuan was livid. Today was very humiliating for him and his sect. They only wanted Li Qiye to hand over the assassin and confess his crimes of killing their disciples and crippling an elder. This was already shameful enough.

Things were a bit different this time around. Their sect didn’t wish to ruin their grand plan over trivial matters, so they had to make these concessions! Nevertheless, they still needed him to show some goodwill in order to alleviate the blow to their prestige.

Who would have thought that Li Qiye simply wouldn’t give them any face and treat them with complete disdain?

Yuxuan couldn’t restrain himself any longer as he shouted: “Today, whether you want to or not, you must apologize to our fallen disciples or we swear to never let this go!”

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