Chapter 1443: Bullying The Terminus Divine Ancestor

Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing her quip, but he still chose to answer seriously: “The Lunargrasp Fairy is indeed very beautiful, she’s just like an immortal.”

He sighed after stating this. Mu Yueli — what a difficult name to forget. They had experienced a lot back then, so it was time for him to face the music.

In the future, he needed to visit the end of the world. This might be a path of no return, so he needed to settle all grudges and matters of the past.

“Will you really go and see her?” Xiaoxiao found this surprising: “Rumor has it that after she adopted a secluded lifestyle, no one has been able to see her face to face.”

Li Qiye only chuckled at her skepticism and didn’t reply.

The trio arrived at the Divine Tree Ridge once more and visited the citadel. This whole area was currently bustling. One could see cultivators everywhere among the pretty peaks and deep valleys.

The culprit was the news of the immortal medicine. After this news spread out, everyone tried to find the medicine. Many experienced cultivators and alchemists headed for the Divine Tree Ridge right away because this was the most likely location for this immortal medicine to appear.

Because of this, the normally desolate terrain of this place was full of people. Even though they knew that it was quite dangerous, especially the deeper locations with the risk of seeds turning them into withered, they still chose to continue their search. This was a chance to make a fortune, even if they couldn’t use it for themselves. Selling it to someone else meant that they could live the rest of their lives in peace.

The trio’s arrival at the ridge immediately attracted a lot of eyes.

“Fierce is here.” Someone couldn’t help but shout after seeing Li Qiye in the distance.

Li Qiye was currently extremely notorious across the world. Anyone who heard his name would quiver inside. They quickly made way for him. Wherever he went would become quiet since no one dared to gossip about him.

After he destroyed Zhentian’s avatar, many put him on the same level as Zhentian. Among the younger generation, both the Seashield Prince and the Seven Martial Goddess were put one level lower than him in terms of fame.

“Hey, Ego King, I didn’t realize you are now so famous and awe-inspiring.” Xiaoxiao noticed the quiet atmosphere and revealed a charming smile after giving Li Qiye a side-glance.

At this moment, she was the only one who would dare to talk to Li Qiye in such a nonchalant manner.

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “An invincible person like me should indeed be awe-inspiring.”

“Please, enough with the boasting. When it comes to compliments, you’ll want a mile after getting an inch.” Xiaoxiao stared at him with disdain: “You can be happy all you want right now. Wait until after I become an invincible treefather, the first thing I’ll do is take you down completely so that you can never get up again.”

Having said that, the little girl aggressively postured with both hands on her waist as if she was about to suppress Li Qiye.

He simply smiled and shook his head after seeing this: “Even if you become an invincible treefather, no, even if you become an Immortal Emperor, you can only be pressed down before me.”

“Bah! What a shameless pervert!” She looked at him with fierce eyes as if she wanted to kill him.

“Little girl, where did your mind run off to? Stop thinking about those things when you are so young, focus on cultivation instead.” He mocked her with a grin after hearing her strange response.

“I’m going to kill you, Ego King!” She became angry like a cat that had its tail stepped on and immediately lunged at him.

Li Qiye laughed and continued forward at a faster pace.

It didn’t take long before the trio reached the Divine Tree Citadel. They didn’t enter just yet since the sky-blotting Terminus Ancestor opened his eyes.

Terminus looked at Xiaoxiao and said: “Young Miss, congratulations, congratulations. The path to the grand dao has been opened for you. In the future, the treants will shine because of you.”

“Thank you.” Xiaoxiao naturally knew what he was referring to and felt quite excited.

“If you need anything at the citadel, come and find me.” Terminus happily laughed. He was already a heaven-defying character, and he only grew stronger after taking root here.

Normally, even if a Godking or someone like Meng Zhentian personally came, he wouldn’t give them the time of day. However, he held Xiaoxiao in a good light. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye, he would have made her his disciple instantly and personally became her dao protector to watch her turn into an unstoppable treefather.

She tilted her head to the side and mused before asking: “I can find you for anything?”

“Yes. As long as it is within my capabilities, anything is fine.” Terminus laughed again.

“Okay, I do have something to trouble you with.” Her pretty eyes beautifully blinked.

Terminus cheerfully replied: “Let’s hear it.” He was clearly spoiling her.

“It’s very simple.” Xiaoxiao smiled and pointed at Li Qiye: “Help me take this Ego King down and force him to submit. Hmph, we’ll see if he can still be all arrogant then!”

“Er…” Terminus didn’t say anything since he didn’t expect this type of request from her.

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this.” He eventually let out a wry smile and gently moved his face back and forth. He naturally knew who he was facing. Even if he wanted to, he lacked the ability.

“Hmph, you just told me to find you for anything, but now you changed your mind?” She pouted and was clearly unhappy.

“Anything outside of this.” Terminus showed an embarrassed expression: “I can take charge of anything else at the Divine Tree Ridge.”

“I don’t want anything else but this.” Xiaoxiao then murmured: “I just want to see the Ego King be suppressed.”

Li Qiye gently knocked on her forehead and smiled: “How can there be no other things? You can ask him about where the immortal medicine is and ask for his help to get it.”

“Oh, right.” Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up with sparkles.

Terminus looked quite bitter after hearing this, but he maintained his wry smile: “Young Noble, you have everything at your disposal so you know better than anyone else whether the ridge has a medicine for immortality or not. The nine worlds are only secular places, how could there be a medicine for eternal life? This only stemmed from some baseless and foolish rumors.”

“There really isn’t a medicine for eternal life?” Xiaoxiao was curious about the topic since she had been hearing about it after coming to Godhalt.

“Really.” Terminus shook his head again: “How could there be this level of medicine in the nine worlds? If it does exist, Immortal Emperors would have taken it away already, it wouldn’t be the turn of those foolish ones.”

Xiaoxiao felt that Terminus didn’t need to lie to her.

Li Qiye chuckled and added: “There probably isn’t any medicine for immortality. However, I personally know that there is an amazing divine medicine in the Divine Tree Ridge. Alas, my memories are still vague, I believe it might be at something something valley.”

“Well…” Terminus let out a hollow laugh: “I don’t know much about this either because the Divine Tree Ridge is so large.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye grinned: “You have taken root here for a long time now, yet something like this can elude you?”

“Young Noble, you are too funny.” Terminus quickly laughed again: “I am only a little tree with limited abilities. The land under my jurisdiction is also very little. The Divine Tree Ridge is one of the twelve burial grounds, and it is too mysterious. My foolish self can’t even grasp a tiny bit of it.”

Terminus spoke very modestly at this moment since he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of arrogance in front of Li Qiye. Under normal circumstances, even Godkings would have to lower themselves before him.

Li Qiye only smiled. He didn’t continue to tease him. After all, he wasn’t omnipotent.

“Goodbye.” Xiaoxiao waved at Terminus as they headed for the citadel. Li Qiye intended to find a place for the two girls to stay so that he could go and see someone. Before he could arrange for their accommodations, however, he was stopped along the way.

The streets in the citadel were vast, yet they were immediately stopped at this crossroad. A large number of experts completely surrounded them.

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