Chapter 1442: The Turmoil Begins

The emergence of the True Martial Island attracted a lot of attention in addition to rousing many speculations. In a short period of time, conflicting opinions appeared everywhere.

Everyone knew that this island was mobile and could appear anywhere in the Heaven Spirit World. However, it still rarely showed itself to the world. Because of this, few had seen it in person.

Normally, it was completely untraceable so no one would know where it was. Because of this, this power was full of mysteries.

Today, its sudden appearance at Godhalt made many people curious. The older crowd was even more shocked because they knew it wouldn’t appear so easily. Its emergence in full view of everyone meant that a grand event was about to happen.

The appearance of this island made many people think about the recent gossip. An ancestor-level character wondered: “Could it be that Godhalt really has an immortal medicine of immortality?”

On the second day, an even more shocking piece of news came.

“The True Martial Goddess is personally coming to Godhalt!” This resounding news exploded across Godhalt. Many arrogant characters were shaken.

Some youths had never heard of this character, so they curiously asked their astounded elders: “Who the heck is the True Martial Goddess?”

With a pale expression, a shaken elder slowly answered: “The daughter of the True Martial Sea God. She’s a genius who was once the most likely candidate to become the next sea god.”

This news left many people breathless. Those who knew about this name was aware of just how significant it was.

The people in the world let their imaginations run wild as she personally entered Godhalt.

She was the favorite daughter of True Martial. Rumor has it that at a young age, she had already displayed exemplary talents that even exceeded her own father when he was younger.

Her cultivation was also exceedingly high, so she was famous across the nine worlds. Many people held her in high esteem and thought that she would have the best chance of becoming the next sea god.

In fact, there were rumors that claim that it was a certainty because back in that era, she had used her father’s Trident and was accepted by it.

After all, the Trident wouldn’t accept someone just because they were the current sea god’s daughter. Gaining its recognition meant that they had the potential to become a sea god.

In that era, with her father and his legion’s protection on top of being accepted by the Trident, it seemed that her becoming a sea god was almost a fact.

However, for some unknown reasons, the True Martial Goddess suddenly disappeared from sight. No one had seen her again, so people stopped talking about her.

People gradually forgot about the goddess. No one knew why she suddenly disappeared instead of becoming the next sea god.

Today, the missing goddess had returned in order to visit Godhalt.

How could people not be shocked when such an existence was arriving? The sea demons were especially ecstatic and applauded this new development.

Her return held great significance for their race as a whole!

“Could it be that she wants to become the next sea god this time? This means she’ll be competing against the Seven Sea Goddess and Seashield Prince.” Some sea demons were happy while others sad.

In the midst of all the discussions, someone had arrived at Godhalt on this particular day. This woman with a matchless demeanor descended from above like an immortal from the nine heavens. Anyone would be swooned after being in her peerless presence.

“Lunargrasp Fairy!” A God-monarch saw her supreme figure at Godhalt and was immediately captivated.

The news of her arrival spread across Godhalt in just one day, sending the entire continent into a furor.

“Lunargrasp Fairy!” Some heard of her personal arrival and took a deep breath while others started shuddering.

“Meng Zhentian’s biggest threat is here.” A God-Monarch slowly commented: “In this generation, his biggest threat isn’t Li Qiye, it is the Lunargrasp Fairy! He must surpass an invincible existence like her or else he will never become emperor!”

Zhentian’s reputation was illustrious and was brothers with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. However, his spotlight was completely stolen when Lunargrasp came out.

In Heaven Spirit, she was a legend and its pride. Before Empress Hong Tian ascended, the fairy was already a supreme character in the nine worlds. The emperor wasn’t qualified to compete against her at all!

There was no need to say more about the empress, she had defeated countless geniuses in her life. However, Lunargrasp was still able to become one of the strongest rivals of Hongtian. This was indicative of her strength.

“What is going on in this generation?” Some prodigies were shaken after hearing this news: “First, there’s Meng Zhentian, and then the Prince of Darkness and True Martial Goddess. Now, even the Lunargrasp Fairy is out? Do all the Era Evaders want to come out?”

Many geniuses felt dejected with the fairy’s appearance at Godhalt. Some were even drowned in despair.

They once had aspirations in this generation. Some wanted to become emperor while others wanted to become the next sea god. However, the appearance of these great characters immediately disappointed these hot-blooded geniuses and drove them crazy.

They simply had no chance against these apex existences. Both the throne and the Trident were completely out of their reach!

Li Qiye brought Xiaoxiao out of the inner world and returned to Crane Beak. Sima Yujian, who was guarding the peak, heaved a sigh of relief after seeing their safe return.

His trip was now over so they left the Undying Gate. The gate master personally saw them off for five hundred miles.

Li Qiye waved his hand and flatly said: “Go back.”

The gate master respectfully bowed again and sincerely said: “When you come to our sect again, we will welcome you from with great hospitality.” He was truly grateful towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “I’m afraid another meeting will be difficult. You need to look out for yourself. With enough luck, you can revitalize your sect. If this isn’t possible, you will continue down the path of decline.”

“I understand.” The gate master spoke: “I have firmly engraved your words in my mind. I will definitely do my best to revive the Undying Gate!”

Li Qiye simply smiled. The gate master had both ability and ambition. Alas, he was born at Godhalt. Without enough luck and help from others, it was easier said than done to weather the storm and revive the sect. Nobody can do anything without the necessary means.

“I’ll stop here then.” The gate master said: “Godhalt will shine with your presence. I trust that it won’t take long before you will be able to stand evenly beside someone like the Lunargrasp Fairy.”

“You mean that she is here at Godhalt?” He batted his eyes after hearing this.

The gate master respectfully replied while bowing his head: “Yes, Meng Zhentian, the Lunargrasp Fairy, and the True Martial Goddess have all arrived. Rumor has it that an immortal medicine has come out in Godhalt. Recently, the Spirit Abyss began to move as well and ordered many disciples to find it. Even the Prince of Darkness has come out, so maybe this type of medicine does exist. Perhaps you could try looking for it too…”

However, after his message was received, he looked up and saw that Li Qiye’s group was long gone. He stood there for a long time before gently sighing and turned back.

Although the second half of the message wasn’t heard, the trio headed straight for the Divine Tree Ridge.

Xiaoxiao asked: “Ego King, why are you in such a rush?”

Li Qiye was silent for a moment before answering: “I want to see someone.”

“Lunargrasp Fairy?” She was quite discerning despite her young age. She spotted the change in his expression after the fairy was brought up by the gate master.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “I have some unfinished business that is overdue.”

“Oh?” Ye Xiaoxiao blurted: “Don’t tell me you have a crush on her? Even though I have never seen her before, I have heard of her beauty. She’s no different from an immortal. Is it because you have heard this too that you now have a one-sided crush on her?”

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