Chapter 1433: Entering The Inner World

Li Qiye finally finished digging up all of his pits and smiled towards Ye Xiaoxiao: “Playing around for the last several days should be enough, it’s time to go.”

“Really, is it ready?” Xiaoxiao was instantly filled with energy. She had grown impatient, so how could she not be excited after hearing this news?

“Okay, let’s go.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at her face glowing red from excitement.

He told Sima Yujian: “Stay here for now and wait for us. It is not that I don’t want to bring you along, but a place like this isn’t suitable for you.”

Yujian quietly nodded in agreement. In fact, she wouldn’t bother Li Qiye just because he didn’t want to bring her along.

Finally, Li Qiye stood by the edge of the cliff of Crane Beak and told Xiaoxiao: “Let’s begin.”

The excited girl stood next to him and could barely contain herself. At this time, Li Qiye released the Myriad Age Tree and a newfound vitality oozed out like the source of life. Anyone standing next to the tree would feel as if they were dozens or even hundreds of years younger.

In the past, this tree was on the verge of death, but it was now full of life as if it could stay lush for an eternity. Those unaware would still know that this tree was incredible after sensing this boundless vitality. Only this type of divine tree would be able to possess this life force.

The tree lowered its green branches. Each branch looked just like swimming spirit snakes. They drilled into the ground as if they wished to reach the deepest part of the earth.

Peeling noises came about. The pits with dao runes made by Li Qiye had little shoots coming out. These were new lives that grew at an unbelievable speed. They turned into long vines that looked quite happy like baby elves full of curiosity towards this world.

Lights emerged from these pits with floating runes. They intertwined to form little maelstroms. This scene was extremely magnificent. These little maelstroms came together to form a supreme formation — majestic and full of mysteries. It seemed that this formation connected to another world.

However, it wasn’t the entrance. It was granting the vines endless power and boundless life. It was as if under its empowerment, these vines could grow and blot out the sky in an instant. However, they chose not to do so and instead simply swam to the cliff by Crane Beak and continued to weave in the sky.

In this manner, they weaved into a vast dao chapter that suddenly ignited upon completion. They burned until they turned into ashes and only left behind scars of extreme temperature in the sky.

“Clank!” Something seemed to be alerting the mysterious grand dao. The scars in the sky suddenly lit up and turned into flashing golden laws as if they were made from gold.

A hymn to the nine heavens. A grand and incomparable dao chapter appeared before Li Qiye. It was esoteric and impossible to grasp.

In this split second, the chapter began to rotate at an increasing pace. In the end, it turned into a maelstrom and sucked in the tiny maelstroms from the formation.

“Whoosh!” In the end, this maelstrom disappeared and all the golden lights dissipated. Only a great dao portal was left behind in the sky, seemingly capable of connecting to any location in the nine heavens and ten earths.

Li Qiye faintly smiled after seeing the portal and slowly said: “Finally, success. Not bad at all.”

It was no easy feat to enter the inner world of the Divine Tree Ridge, not even emperors could do so as they please. In the past, Li Qiye required a vast amount of resources and preparation in order to support this endeavor even though he had grasped the ridge’s mysteries. However, it was now different. With the Myriad Age Tree, everything became simpler for him.

He told Xiaoxiao: “Okay, let’s go in.”

“Sounds good!” The girl jumped in exultation since she had been waiting for this moment for too long.

The two of them entered the portal and disappeared right away. This portal also disappeared with the wind as if nothing had happened.

Yujian was staying back at Crane Beak. She silently guarded the premises in full stealth. Even if someone climbed to the peak, they would find it empty; they would be unable to see her standing there.

The duo had finally stepped into the other world of the Divine Tree Ridge. A silvery light poured down from the sky and engulfed everything.

Xiaoxiao quickly looked up and saw that there were many silver rings hanging in the sky that looked like galaxies.

These silver rings were spread out and arranged themselves into a mighty and stirring array. The lights came from them and touched every single corner of the world. Everyone was being basked in this light.

“What are those things?” She was full of curiosity while looking at this scene.

In her world, the sky either had a sun or a moon, but now, this world had these silver rings. She had never seen or heard of something like this before.

Li Qiye flatly replied after looking up: “Those are the wheels of time.”

“Wheels of time?” She had never heard of this name before: “What are they? Treasures? Is it that hard to pluck them?” Having said that, her eyes flashed with a glimmer.

“That depends on how strong you are. It would be quite amazing if you can pluck them.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “In other words, the wheels of time are a measure of age. One ring is one era.”

“One ring is one era?” She was startled and started counting: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…”

“Okay, stop. There are 351 rings.” Li Qiye gently knocked on her forehead.

“How do you know?” She was surprised.

“I calculated with my fingers, that’s all. Such a simple number, do you actually need to count?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Of course he didn’t calculate with his fingers just now since he had been here before. How could he not know how many rings there were?

“Please, I don’t believe you at all. Let me count, you are probably making it up.” Xiaoxiao was unconvinced and hoped that this number wasn’t right in order to embarrass him.

After finishing, she found that he was right — 351 rings. She couldn’t believe it and did a recount only to find the same result.

“Looks like you were lucky.” She unwillingly admitted before pondering: “351 rings, what is the meaning behind this number?”

“In a certain sense, there is no meaning. It lives that long and then dies. However, after reaching the number 365, it will be meaningful.”

“365? What is the significance behind this?” Xiaoxiao was curious.

He paused for a bit before answering: “The number of an epoch.” This was something few people talked about. Only apex existences in the nine heavens would be able to talk about it!

“What?” This was the first time for her to hear about this epoch number.

It wasn’t surprising at all since even Godkings weren’t qualified to talk about this issue. One had to be at the level of an Immortal Emperor to have such a discussion.

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