Chapter 142 : Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (2)

Chapter 142 : Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (2)


A loud explosion filled the air. The Evil Typha Tree saw itself being slowly devoured, and its struggling became weaker. The main root tore into the ground, wanting to reach the deepest parts of the earth to stop the sucking power!


At this moment, an incomparable power appeared from under the earth and helped the main root.


After being assisted by this power, the Evil Typha Tree began to stabilize, and then it pulled down the dao platform instead. The dao platform turned bright as it was being dragged by the evil tree.


In a short time, the whole world shook and the Evil Typha Tree furiously pulled with its roots, wanting to yank out the dao platform.

“What is going on here?”

Seeing the sudden reversal of the situation, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were frightened and lost their colors. Once the Evil Typha Tree captured the dao platform, they could only die.

“The Evil Typha Tree managed to devour such a rare thing, this growth is not unreasonable.”

Li Qiye was still calm, and he idly said with a smile:

“The underground contains an evil vein with evil spring water. This evil spring water is extremely valuable to the Evil Typha Tree. If the tree could use it to refine its body, then one day, it would become an existence that exists alongside the gods.”


Suddenly, the black hole doubled in size. The clanking sounds of the iron chains hitting each other as the universal laws restricting the Evil Typha Tree contracted several times more, pulling it into the black hole.


The earth was overturned. This scene was like a heavenly ox plowing through the world, creating countless holes of dirt and mud.

At this second, even connecting to the evil vein was useless and nothing could stop it from being dragged into the black hole. A section of its roots was devoured into pieces.

“Clank, clank, clank…”

But now, an even more horrifying event occurred. The bony outgrowths of the tree that were sucking in evil energy in the sky rushed to the mountain of bones, and all of the evil energy started to condense there instead.

At this moment, all of the bones connected together. No matter whether they were human bones, Heavenly Beast’s bones, or Stone Statues’ remnants, everything was assembled together into a huge, giant skeletal tree.

This giant skeletal tree appeared in front of Li Qiye, like a giant monster, and struck down towards the dao platform with its monstrous body.


The entire platform was shaken from the impact, but the black hole became even larger and more powerful as it continued to drag the Evil Typha Tree.

“Bang— Bang– Bang”

At this point, the giant tree gripped the dao platform, wanting to crush it into pieces.

“Shit, this evil thing became much stronger!”

Inside the protection sphere, the expressions of Niu Fen’s group greatly changed from this crazy grotesque scene.


However, the Evil Typha Tree was far more frightening than that. At this time, a bony outgrowth bursted out from the ground.

This bony outgrowth was ten thousand zhang high — thick and terrifying. It turned into a giant hammer and slammed down with a destructive force on the dao platform.


Being stuck by this horrifying hammer, the dao platform was shaking nonstop, and even the black hole suffered from the impact, decreasing its power.

“Booom– Boom–”

Both the bony outgrowth along with the giant tree made from bones repeatedly slammed the dao platform, wanting to render it into nothingness. The black hole became weaker from the impact, leaving the Evil Typha Tree room to breathe. In a short time, their attacks became even more rapid.

“I’m afraid the dao platform won’t be able to handle this. We should run away; if this ghastly thing escapes, it would be our end.”

Niu Fen lost his colors and glanced at Li Qiye while speaking.

“Still a piece of cake.”

Li Qiye was still calm. Looking at the Evil Typha Tree with its evil energy soaring the sky, he smiled:

“I originally did not want to kill to the very end, but since you don’t know life from death, I’ll help you.”

Finished speaking, Li Qiye formed miscellaneous seals with his hands. He stomped his feet on the ground and shouted. Blood energy rushed into the sky, and he chanted true mantras:

“Obey my will, open Emperor Xue Xi’s Dimension. Descend, Slaughtering Evil Formation!”

“Boooom— Boom–”

At this moment, an unimaginable scene occurred. The entire space of the Evil Infested Ridge was illuminated with a bloody light. In the horizon, a giant door was opening, and it unleashed an endless stream of terrifying emperor aura. When the lights intermixed with each other in the sky, the celestials appeared and the world rotated, giving birth to a huge complex formation.


In a flash, a bloody spear belonging to the gods descended from the sky in order to destroy evil and all existences.


The blood spear pierced down and destroyed the long bony outgrowth, penetrating countless bones. Under this one spear, whether it was the bony outgrowths or part of the giant skeleton mountain, everything was drilled through — they were unable to resist its power.

Even the Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were shivering from feeling the presence of the Immortal Emperor. One million year old Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were all hiding in their caves, not daring to venture out.

“Oh heavens, the sky is a killing formation!”

Even an expert like Niu Fen lost the strength in his knees as he watched the emperor’s gate opening and the appearance of the grand formation that created the bloody spear. He emotionally exclaimed:

“This… This is a grand formation of the Immortal Emperor rank. Anyone… anyone who meets this will surely die.”

Chen Baojiao and the old servant were — needless to say — also speechless from this impossible scene ahead. This bloody spear was indeed capable of killing gods and devils.

After a while, Chen Baojiao regained her wits and, while still pale, asked Li Qiye:

“You… you had this technique since way earlier right?”

This beauty capable of toppling kingdoms — even when pale — was still enough for others to yearn and love.

Chen Baojiao and the old servant finally understood at this point that, since the beginning, Li Qiye already had a victorious method. From the very start, Li Qiye wanted to kill all of the sects and cultivators that came into the Evil Infested Ridge!

This was when they understood that whether it was the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the Heavenly God Sect, or even the entire world, everything was within his calculations. He was the one who spread the rumors that Dao Child Shengtian wanted what was called the “treasure of the gods.”

In the end, too many people died here and only a few escaped.

The old servant had experienced many waves and winds, but his palm was still shaking with cold sweat. At this point, he was secretly glad that they weren’t the enemies of Li Qiye. Even if he was stronger, they would still be doomed.

Li Qiye simply glanced at Chen Baojiao and said:

“The Evil Infested Ridge is the personal property of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. As the prime disciple, it is nothing strange that I know certain methods.”

Of course, this grand formation didn’t have anything to do with Immortal Emperor Min Ren. This was prepared by Immortal Emperor Xue Xi. At that time, they prepared this grand formation in the sky as an inescapable net to destroy the Evil Typha Tree.

Unfortunately, before they could do anything, the Six Dao Lotus had already made a move against the Evil Typha Tree so they didn’t get a chance to use their preparation.

The killing of the tree was led by the Dark Crow, Li Qiye, but because the formation was not used, Li Qiye left it behind, hoping to make good use of it one day.

Today, Li Qiye clashed his hands together with mysterious seals while chanting profound words to open this emperor gate and summoned the descending bloody spear to destroy the evil existence.


At this time, the Evil Typha Tree miserably shrieked. The bloody spear had pierced through its body and its roots were slain even more.


The main root of the Evil Typha Tree was split opened. Inside was an ancient root, around the size of a finger, flying forward. It wanted to escape as far away as possible!

“What is that?”

Seeing the ancient root wanting to escape, Li Shuangyan asked with astonishment.

“Primordial root.”

Li Qiye looked at the extreme speed of the primordial root and said:

“The tree is not an adult Evil Typha Tree, so it only had such a tiny primordial root.”

“Are you not killing it?”

Niu Fen was also worried. If the primordial root could grow up to become an adult Evil Typha Tree, then once it escaped, the consequences could only be imagined. This would be a great disaster ah…

“It does not understand this world and does not understand this heaven and earth!”

Li Qiye smiled and said.

As they were talking, the finger-sized primordial root wanted to escape far, far away.

As the root was flying out of the eastern region, the Cassia Lotus Tree in the far south made a buzzing sound. Suddenly, a green branch rushed forward like a sword of the gods. It suddenly slashed the horizon, a slash that was capable of ending the karmic cycle and destroying all six dao.

It was only a young branch, but at this moment, even the gods would tremble. This branch that was slashing out was just like a sacred sword.


The young branch rendered the primordial root into innumerable pieces under its godly power!


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