Chapter 1404: Goodbye Kiss

Li Qiye smiled and said after seeing Ruyan’s beautiful appearance: “A woman as beautiful as jade with an enchanting fragrance.”

“A face for you alone to enjoy, isn’t it time for you to show a little something as well?” Ruyan’s eyes rippled with a glimmer while she teased him.

“What does that mean?” He laughed.

Ruyan was very bold. She actively wrapped around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Though her actions seemed amateurish, she was still bold and persistent and let caution to the wind.

Li Qiye simply smiled and held her face while gently sucking on her lips. Ruyan’s lady soul nearly left her body as she felt a numbing sensation throughout her body; it was as if she was melting.

She went even deeper into his embrace, her pair of eyes showing how intoxicated and charmed she was. This scene felt like the coming of spring.

She pouted: “Young Noble, you must be a veteran in love.” This appearance of hers was incredibly seductive.

Li Qiye softly played with her nose without saying anything. Ruyan was a cheerful woman. Even though the parting was coming, she maintained a cheerful demeanor.

“Sister, he’ll be leaving soon, shouldn’t you give him a farewell kiss as well? We may never meet again in the future after all.” After leaving his embrace, Ruyan winked at Jianshi.

The elegant Jianshi was not as bold as the bewitching Ruyan. She blushed and felt her face burning after hearing this.

However, she also mustered courage out of nowhere and shyly offered her sweet lips for a soft kiss. Her entire body trembled for she was at a loss for what to do. In a split second, her complexion looked like the sunset in the sky. This demure look would intoxicate others as well.

Ruyan chuckled and whispered next to his ear: “Don’t worry, Young Noble, leave big sis to me. When you return, just get ready to take her in.”

Li Qiye laughed after hearing this demoness and replied: “Take care, okay? If it is meant to be, we shall meet again.”

With that, he left the ship and casually reached forward to form a portal before disappearing inside. The two women watched the whole process. After he disappeared, they felt a strange sense of loss and had a hard time calming down.

Li Qiye went to Bones Island and the palace situated there. Bones was still lying around lazily and basking in the sun when he spoke: “It looks like you got unexpectedly rich this time.”

Even though the small shuttle was greatly damaged, Bones wasn’t sad at all. He excitedly said: “Of course not, of course not, this is all thanks to Your Excellency’s blessing. I only picked up some leftover soup in the Bonesea to live on, that’s all.”

Li Qiye laughed and lied down on the chair to say: “Okay, I’m not here to take your stuff so there’s no need to be a sycophant. The items there aren’t ordinary and are more than enough for you to eat for several generations.”

Bones let out a fake laugh before handing Li Qiye some nice wine. He stood there respectfully as if ready to listen to a lesson.

“That brat Bu Si might be able to do it in this generation.” Li Qye casually said while sipping the wine: “Do you still want to find him and teach him a good lesson?”

Bones took his time musing this question. Eventually, he sighed and answered: “Your Excellency, so much time has passed that it allowed me to open my eyes. Back then, the truth is that the two of us knew that only one would make it out. Even though that brat tricked me, it didn’t matter too much since I would have done the same given the situation…”

Bones always gritted his teeth and talked about how he wanted to peel Bu Si’s skin. Alas, the reality was that they used to be close brothers.

“Since Bu Si was successful, the two of you may meet again.” Li Qiye smiled and looked at the blue sky.

In fact, despite their enmity, these were two existences that had lived for a long time. They were able to have different perspectives due to the changing of times.

Bones eventually asked after a long silence: “Your Excellency, how much longer will it be?”

Li Qiye looked at him and answered: “Soon. Even though I haven’t been to the Divine Tree Ridge just yet, it won’t be long according to my calculations. The withered have been there for a long time so I believe their experiment is very close to success.”

“Is it the same with the Bonesea?” Bones felt a bit frightened.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “Given your background, you should know this already since you can feel its changes better than anyone else.”

Bones smiled wryly and shook his head: “That’s only in the past. My connection with it grows weaker with every passing year. It isn’t because I’m growing weaker but because the Bonesea is becoming stronger to the point where I essentially can’t sense anything. From this, we can assume that the Bonesea is almost ready too.”

He became serious after stating this. In fact, he himself was an incredible being. Alas, even if he was stronger, he was nothing before the Bonesea.

“Indeed. In my opinion, it’s just a step away.” Li Qiye slowly said: “When I seized the Trident, the Bonesea was still able to show restraint. There is a great saying: a little impatience spoils the great plan. Even losing the trident is considered a trivial and endurable matter, so what is it planning?”

Bones was gripped by this speculation. He had spent a long time in the Bonesea and many generations in this place. He understood the implications behind all of this.

“This won’t just be a generation but an entire eon.” Li Qiye took another sip: “When it actually comes... I don’t know about others, but you will definitely be able to see that day.”

“I can’t have that much time left.” Bones forced a smile.

Li Qiye looked at him in response: “My personal guess is that it won’t be this generation probably, but it will come in the next for sure. It must have had a breakthrough for the initiation, but who knows if it will be the Bonesea, the Maelstrom, or the Divine Tree Ridge?”

Bones fell into deep thought. Regardless of his wish, that day was inevitable. However, to be able to see its arrival could either be good or bad for him.

“What are you worried about?” Li Qiye smiled: “I don’t even need to see your treasures to know how much you have harvested this time. To be a bit harsh, you better work harder with all of these things to get a chance to leave this place. That is when the sky will open its doors for you.”

“Maybe.” Bones murmured and sighed: “Leaving here will definitely be nice. No, abandoning this damned place is better than anything else, there’s no need to be anxious all day long.”

“Do you want to leave?” Li Qiye smiled while looking at him.

Bones chuckled this time: “Your Excellency, are you trying to recruit me? Am I suitable to run errands for you?”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “Forget it. Without taking into account whether you can leave or not, even if you could, you still wouldn’t be able to drop everything. Am I right?”

Bones turned silent. At his level, very few could talk to him on even footing. Li Qiye was naturally one of them.

Bones wryly smiled: “Right… am I willing to leave? After being tricked by the brat, my biggest dream was to leave this hell hole! Alas, I have been here for so long that I don’t know where else I can go. Even though this place has all sorts of annoyances, I still kinda like it! Perhaps it is because I was born here that I am destined to take root here.”

“The place that gives me life and raised me!” Li Qiye emotionally sighed as well: “Indeed, many people love this place with all their heart. Countless unfathomable characters knew that a disaster would come one day to Heaven Spirit, yet they still chose to take root here! This is a profound love for this world.”

Bones smiled and commented: “Maybe I will die in this damned place one day. Being born and buried in the same location isn’t such a miserable fate.” It looked like he has accepted his fate.

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