Chapter 1401: Invincible Attack

This time around, even Puresun was shocked like the rest of the spectators. No one could regain their wits for a long time.

Some charming spirits eventually calmed down but were still clearly distraught and murmured: “Impossible, impossible!”

Prior to this, Li Qiye had used the Benevolent Saber to kill a sea god’s intent outside of the Dongting Lake. Back at the War Cliff, he easily annihilated the Regal Valley. Both of these matters left the sea demons in despair.

Today, the same has been done to the charming spirits. Countless charming spirits placed their hopes on Zhentian, their pride. In their minds, Zhentian represented invincibility.

Alas, he had been rendered to ashes by Li Qiye. Even though it was only an avatar, it was still enough to shatter many’s dreams. The legend of his invincibility has been broken! Those who held him in such high esteem couldn’t handle this cruel truth!

Some charming spirits turned pale while others dropped to the ground, unable to handle this blow.

Some sea demons empathized with the charming spirits after remembering their own situation. They became dejected and had forlorn expressions.

“Swoosh!” The Kun Peng shook its body and changed into an unimaginably large bird. When it spread its wings, the entire sky was covered.

In this form, a terrifying primordial aura poured down like a waterfall. Under this ancient aura, even the most powerful would become timid. One could easily imagine that back in its era, a Kun Peng would be incredibly terrorizing and mighty.

Even Godkings were speechless and awestruck before the sight of this heavenly bird. The weaker people couldn’t even lift a finger under this pressure.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the depths of the sky only to suddenly reappear above everyone. This great bird was only inches above them. Feeling the aura of a divine beast up close horrified the crowd. This ancient aura instilled an instinctive fear in them.

“One splash to create a boundless tsunami, another flap to soar towards endless heights.” Li Qiye emotionally commented while enjoying the beast’s innate ability.

People didn’t dare to breathe loudly below this Kun Peng. Just one claw attack could crush everyone here to death!

In the end, this gigantic bird disappeared and only Li Qiye was left in the sky. He stood there nonchalantly and naturally.

His insipid demeanor left everyone in fear. What were the right words to say at this moment? Who would dare to claim that he wasn’t qualified to compete against Meng Zhentian?

The truth was apparent to everyone. Their rivalry has been determined! Even though many charming spirits didn’t want to accept this fact, they had already acknowledged it in their minds.

Puresun eventually sighed: “Who can stop him in this generation?”

Profound had no choice but to admit that this unlikable fella might be the most qualified candidate for the throne. He found that not attacking Li Qiye to get revenge for his concubine might have been the wisest decision of his life!

Li Qiye stood there and told the Crimsonflame Ancestor with an indifferent tone: “Go back and tell Zhentian that if he stands in my way again, I’ll cut down his true body!”

This statement would sound outrageous in the past, but a general sense of acceptance pervaded the crowd at this moment. No one dared to laugh or mock him.

This casual declaration was very oppressive for the crowd. He made it sound as if Zhentian was a random nobody that could be killed whenever he wished.

Crimsonflame was grievously wounded and pale. If someone else told him this in the past, he would scold or even kill the person, but at this moment, he didn’t even dare to let out a fart.

Even if he was ten times more courageous, he wouldn’t dare to retort against Li Qiye. Even his master had been crushed, so what could a mere driver like him do?

“That’s the pride and glory of our human race!” The few human cultivators here felt their blood boil and their eyes tear up.

The scene turned quiet because people felt suffocated in Li Qiye’s presence even when he didn’t have an aura that ravaged the sky.

Li Qiye ignored everyone and returned to his ship before smiling: “Okay ladies, you have gotten what you wanted and looked at the sceneries too, it’s time to leave now.”

Ruyan and Jianshi both got on the ship along with Puresun. Profound who didn’t like him left as well.

Someone murmured while the group was departing: “If it was me, I would stand with Li Qiye too. No wonder Void Imperfection and the four branches are supporting him! It looks like that group is much more farsighted than us.”

In the past, many didn’t understand why they chose to side with Li Qiye. Some charming spirits were extremely unhappy with their decision as well. But today, Li Qiye’s easy dispatch of Zhentian’s avatar made everyone realize that he was exceedingly more powerful than what they imagined. Thus, Jianshi and the others’ keen insight was finally appreciated.

Another human excitedly blurted: “In this generation, we humans will have an Immortal Emperor!”

His excitement was understandable. Humans have been weak and oppressed by the three great races in Heaven Spirit. If they could have an emperor in this generation, they could finally walk with their heads held high.

A spirit unhappily said: “It’s not time for the competition yet, so who can determine who can laugh at the very end? We’ll see when the time comes.” Of course, he didn’t speak with great conviction.

“Oh? I will bet on Li Qiye to be the one smiling at the end. He killed Zhentian’s avatar so he can definitely do the same to Zhentian’s true body.” This human was emboldened.

“Hmph, he might be strong, but that was only an avatar he defeated. When the true body comes out, Zhentian will beat him instantly.” Another charming spirit disciple stood up for his race.

“That’s right, an avatar is only ten percent as strong as the true body, so Zhentian’s actual presence will be unstoppable.” Another spirit chimed in.

“He still killed Zhentian!” The human sneered.

“It was only an avatar! An avatar! Only one-tenth of the real deal!” The spirit didn’t accept this statement and corrected him.

“He killed Zhentian!” The human repeated this simple statement.

In the end, the charming spirits got tired of this sentence and decided to stop speaking. Arguing any further would only bring up this humiliating event again.

In fact, most charming spirits were quite down-trodden at this moment. Crimsonflame didn’t say anything either. He quietly picked up the fragments of the carriage and left. From start to finish, he was unwilling to say anything else unless he received his master’s instructions.

His sad departure only increased the pressure on the charming spirit experts. Just imagine, he was imperious and glorious despite only being a driver; others still treated him with respect. In their eyes, becoming a driver for an Immortal Emperor was not a disgrace but the greatest of honors.

Alas, he was no longer proud and imperious. It was as if he had fallen from his pedestal. The event today had shattered Zhentian’s myth of invincibility. Despite still having an opportunity, a real rival has come out of nowhere as a substantial threat.

The rest of the people here didn’t want to admit it, but they understood that Zhentian could no longer influence or order the world like before. People would cease to treat him with the same reverence and admiration.

The defeat of his avatar has seriously damaged his illustrious prestige!

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