Chapter 1390: Iron Maelstrom

As he placed his hands on the disc, his right hand was suffused with a golden glow while his left a silver glow.

Strangely enough, the moment he made contact, the disc looked like snow and ice meeting the sun since it slowly melted just like the change from winter to spring!

Finally, the whole disc turned into molten iron. This liquid slowly swirled faster and stronger before emitting an extraordinary light of an iron-gray hue.

“Boom!” This molten iron instantly turned into a maelstrom. It was as if something had just awakened or come back to life! This maelstrom turned huge and developed an eye of the storm. Its mighty power could tear through everything and destroy the world! After waking up, it turned violent, wishing to annihilate everything in its sight.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye, once again, activated his crystal physique and entered this iron-colored maelstrom.

“Rumble!” The moment he set his foot inside, the entire vortex quaked as if refusing him entry.

“Boom!” The rapid rotation became even more fanatic. A terrifying force in the form of a gigantic hand wished to twist him into powder!

However, this force couldn’t hurt him in the slightest due to the crystal physique. Meanwhile, he was refining and carving runic words with his hands in order to leave behind an indelible mark on the iron maelstrom.

“Rumble!” The maelstrom naturally resisted this action and caused the world to shake. It utilized its ultimate defensive formation that could tear everything to pieces.

“Nothing can stop my desire.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all and simply smiled after seeing the maelstrom’s struggle.

“Whoosh!” The golden and silver rays from his forehead became even more dazzling. They shot out again and instantly pinned themselves into the deepest part of the iron maelstrom.

Little strands of silk-like laws nearly invisible to the naked eye slowly drilled into the iron maelstrom. Its violence actually subsided like the calming of a furious dragon.

Li Qiye continued to refine the laws and carved more runes into the maelstrom in order to accomplish his goal of permanently marking this entity.

In the present, he was the only one who truly understood the mysteries of these maelstroms along with their true uses! Eventually, the deed was done. He looked over his work with a smile.

“I’ll make my return to the nine heavens soon enough. At that time, even gods and emperors will be killed if they try to block my path!” He lifted his gaze while making this statement.

“Clank!” The sounds of metal banging resounded. The golden and silver rays that were at the depths of the iron maelstrom returned to his forehead. However, they had another companion this time — a ray with an iron hue.

The three rays intertwined and moved together as if they were triplets!

“Rumble!” After the iron ray left, the entire maelstrom rotated even faster. 

He smiled and said: “Time to depart. We shall meet again and I shall become the ruler of all on that day!” With that, he left the iron maelstrom.

“Bang!” Right after he left, the world trembled violently. The iron maelstrom flew up and tore through space itself, leaving this world.

No force could suppress it since even this spatial zone was left with a hole as it made its departure! Li Qiye was happy with this development and left as well.

However, before making his exit, he stopped and laughed to make a casual remark: “In my eyes, regardless of how powerful or great one might be, they are still only cowards for not going to the end of the world for the final battle! They’re only tyrants of their own homes! Haha!” He coolly left after jeering.

From start to finish, this realm was silent. No existence answered him, making it seem as if he was a madman murmuring to himself.


In the Bonesea, the frantic quaking left many people horrified. They were still afraid after it calmed down due to not knowing what happened.

“Did a great change just occur in the Bonesea?” A great character speculated in the midst of all the commotion.

In fact, the sea indeed changed quite a bit, but outsiders couldn’t point out what exactly was different.

Someone had already been to a particular location in this area before anyone else. It was a little skeleton — Lord Bones!

He was both happy and shaken by the quaking of the Bonesea: “This is insane, he practically obtained the Trident, something no one has done before! That’s the dark hand behind the curtains controlling the nine worlds for you, the devil king that can slaughter Immortal Emperors!”

He shuddered while thinking about the Dark Crow’s legends. In the nine heavens and ten earths, this was probably the only entity that could forcefully seize the trident. What seemed impossible would always be proven otherwise by him. Alas, Bones didn’t have much time to think right now since he had been waiting for this moment. He knew better than everyone else; the moment Li Qiye obtained the Trident was the safest moment in this location due to the earth-shattering changes.

“I’m going to be rich!” His eyes lit up as he immediately rushed in while shouting: “With all of this fortune, I won’t need to rely on the Bonesea to live anymore! Hehehe, Bu Si you brat, just you wait, I will flay your skin and break your bones. Then we’ll see if you dare to trick me again!”

He came well-prepared so the trip didn’t take long. He left in a hurry right afterward.

“This is really big money this time.” He looked quite smug and satisfied like a hungry ghost that just ate a full meal. One could faintly tell that he was smiling from his shaking cheekbones.

The Bonesea became calm again soon after, so Bones noticed another change! He was shaken and exclaimed in horror: “Oh mother, this can’t be right! He actually gave the Trident back, what is he doing?!”

He was lost in contemplation and murmured: “Why did he return the Trident? What is his wish?”

Bones didn’t think that Li Qiye had been killed because he heard that no one could kill the Dark Crow! This was someone who dared to kill Immortal Emperors, so he surely had plans for a safe escape after coming to the Bonesea.

“Just what kind of item made him discard the Trident?” He stood in a daze and recalled that Li Qiye came for something else, not the Trident.

He became very curious about this particular subject. Though Li Qiye had stated his goal, he should still have kept the Trident.

More than anyone else, he understood the significance of someone like Li Qiye wielding the Trident! Not only would it make him exceedingly powerful, it would also give him free reign over the Dragon Demon Sea. Both supremes and sea gods could only wait for him to massacre them without a chance to resist!

As for the sea demons, the consequences of losing the Trident were unimaginable. They would no longer be able to produce more sea gods in the future. This meant that their spiritual totem would be lost from then on. They would no longer be qualified to stand tall in Heaven Spirit and no longer be able to contend against the charming spirits and treants!

“Oh god, Heaven Spirit was almost done for just now.” After a long time, he regained his wits and uttered: “The Bonesea is yielding right now!”

He became aware of the internal intricacies. Li Qiye gave back the Trident as part of a deal!

“This is too damn devilish, just what scheme did he resort to in order to force the Bonesea to submit? Did he involve the maelstrom and the divine ridge too?” He absent-mindedly murmured some more.

Due to his amazing background, he was privy to certain secrets unbeknown to outsiders.

He knew that the only way to make the Bonesea yield was for Li Qiye to have outside help. The maelstrom and the divine ridge might also be behind this, which would break the balance. The Bonesea would have no choice but to submit in this scenario.

Of course, his speculation was only partially correct. The deal indeed had something to do with this matter, but it wasn’t all there was to it.

“The dark hand is incredible. Even emperors can’t force the Bonesea to yield, but he has done it! No wonder even emperors would think twice before opposing him.” He finished his thoughts.

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