Chapter 1371: Resplendent Godking

The Terra King was discontent. Even though he rarely showed himself, many great figures treated him like an esteemed guest, especially those who knew more about his identity; they were even more respectful. With this being the case, he was quite arrogant. However, a mere junior was looking down on him today, so how could he not be enraged?

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing the Terra King’s strong rebuttal. He smiled and said: “Many experts in Heaven Spirit? I won’t deny that. As for tucking my tail between my legs before being qualified? Hahaha, if I am not qualified, no one else is. Who will be emperor but me in this generation?”

This arrogant response made people glance at each other. Their first reaction was to check Cao Guojian’s expression. Everyone knew that his master, Meng Zhentian, was the most promising candidate. Li Qiye’s response was not putting Meng Zhentian into his sight.

“Such a big tone!” Cao Guojian turned cold and uttered: “You think you are qualified to compete against my master?”

Li Qiye turned to look at him before leisurely asking: “Who is your master?”

Guojian knew that Li Qiye was doing this on purpose, but he was still annoyed all the same. Not many in Heaven Spirit would dare to treat his master like this, not even the ancient existences.

Guojian sneered and proudly declared: “My master is the number one of Heaven Spirit, Meng Zhentian, someone comparable to Immortal Emperors. Even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong called him older brother!”

He used this chance to assume a lording posture since Li Qiye dared to provoke his master.

“Never heard of him.” Li Qiye laughed: “Nowadays, even a random street dog will dare to say that they are comparable to emperors. It’s too much self-flattery.”

Guojian pointed at Li Qiye with a trembling finger: “You!”

People glanced around with astonishment in their minds. Fierce’s evaluation of Meng Zhentian was simply outrageous. This comment must have been the first of its kind in all of Heaven Spirit. Mocking him as being a nobody was surely suicidal. Those who opposed him would most likely be dealt with by his disciples before he even does anything.

“Ignorant fool!” A Roaring Conch’s ancestor who was standing next to Cao Guojian came out and coldly said: “Li Qiye, you have been arrogant for long enough, it is time for our Roaring Conch to deal with you. You have killed my disciple — a crime worthy of ten thousand deaths!”

At this time, these ancestors stood out with Cao Guojian because their sect had sided with Meng Zhentian. Last time, Guojian failed to win the Void Imperfection Schools over, so he went to see the Roaring Conch.

At first, they were in no rush to kill Li Qiye since in their minds, his death was only a matter of time.

They simply wanted to watch and were quite pleased to see the four branches getting involved. It was even better when the Void Imperfection Schools were intentionally opposing the Ancestral Terra. Guojian couldn’t help but jump out and fan the flames.

For both Meng Zhentian and the Roaring Conch, a chaotic world was all benefits and no harm to their plans. It was best if all of these behemoths were trapped in a continuous war.

However, Li Qiye was unexpectedly overbearing and directly provoked Meng Zhentian, so they had no choice but to get involved.

“Who is your disciple?” Li Qiye glanced at this ancestor from the conch without a care.

This ancestor was livid to hear this. A junior was acting this haughty before him?! He wanted nothing more than to tear Li Qiye to pieces at this moment.

“Junior, as the Resplendent Godking, I won’t stoop down to attacking a wounded junior like you, but since you are so suicidal, I’ll take your life as revenge for Yan’er!”

“Resplendent Godking!” At the start, many didn’t recognize this ancestor from the Roaring Conch. After all, he rarely showed his face in public. However, his title had shaken them.

An old paragon startlingly exclaimed: “According to the rumors, the Resplendent Godking is a descendant of a true god!”

This ancestor was a famous Godking from the Roaring Conch who had been famous since his youth. He was Shangguan Feiyan’s master and commanded a pivotal position in his sect. Despite being a sea demon, he also had the blood of a true god. Rumor has it that his ancestor was an invincible true god.

He himself was a Heavenly Godking. This, in combination with his divine bloodline, allowed for him to look down on the majority of the other Godkings.

“Ah, I remember now, Shangguan Feiyan, right? Yes, I killed her.” Li Qiye laughed as if he had just remembered who it was.

Resplendent was annoyed by Li Qiye’s pompous attitude that ignited a flame in his heart. He lost his patience and stepped out to declare: “Junior, come out here and accept your death. I’ll take your dog life in just ten moves!”

In a split second, many people held their breaths and stared at Li Qiye. They all knew that Fierce was extremely powerful, so they wondered if he was a match for the Resplendent Godking.

Jianshi, who was supporting Li Qiye, slowly uttered: “I will take you on in Young Noble’s stead.”

This piqued the crowd’s interest. A few of them were amazed and struck with envy at the same time. They didn’t know what kind of charisma this kid had to be able to make the two schoolmasters accompany him for so many days. This luck was truly jealousy-inducing.

“Schoolmaster Zhuo, if your school stoops so low as to work with a human junior, then my Roaring Conch won’t mind becoming your enemies. And you alone are not my match, so you and Schoolmaster Liu should come at the same time so I can see your supreme physiques.” The godking didn’t find this surprising at all and sneered.

He was correct that his sect had no reservations about becoming enemies with the Void Imperfection Schools. The moment they chose to stand with Meng Zhentian, they steeled themselves to fight against the three schools. If they could actually defeat the three schools one day, then that would establish their top status at Heaven Spirit. Such a possibility was quite probable in their minds. After all, they were optimistic about Meng Zhentian; all would be solved the moment he ascends to the throne.

“Then it’s time to fight.” Ruyan chuckled: “As if our schools are afraid of your Roaring Conch! We’re waiting for your declaration of war!”

Ruyan was much more overbearing compared to Jianshi. She laid everything out in a fiery manner.

In just a moment, the atmosphere felt tense. On the surface, this seemed to be a personal grievance, but on a deeper level, it was the competition for the throne in Heaven Spirit with the many powers picking sides, choosing between Li Qiye and Meng Zhentian.

Everyone could now see that the Roaring Conch sided with Meng Zhentian while the Void Imperfection Schools were on Li Qiye’s side. At the same time, Gu Chun’s four branches also basically chose Li Qiye!

From this particular perspective, Li Qiye had two behemoths behind him, so he had an advantage over Meng Zhentian. Nevertheless, people were still more optimistic about Zhentian. Even though they could see Li Qiye’s strength, there was still a gap to go before he could reach Zhentian.

The Resplendent Godking stood next to the Terra King and coldly said: “Very well, I’ll defeat you two right now. It won’t be too late to take his dog life afterward!”

“It’s fine, I got this.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his sleeve the moment the two girls were about to take action. He joked: “If the two of you keep on protecting me like this, others will actually start to think that I am a weak ant that needs to rely on women.”

Jianshi worriedly began after seeing his desire to fight: “Young Noble…” After all, they were clear on just how grievous his wounds were after being injured by Fairy. Even Daoist Puresun couldn’t handle her with his diamond physique.

“There’s no need to worry, he’s only a Heavenly Godking, an ant that can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye casually smiled.

Everyone present turned silent. This was a Heavenly Godking, yet he spoke as if they were no different from an ant — this was truly outrageous.

Resplendent almost vomited blood from anger as he shouted: “Ignorant child, come!”

“What’s the hurry? Killing you couldn’t be easier.” Li Qiye laughed and sat down on the deck in a lazy manner.

People had nothing to say after seeing his display. He looked completely exhausted and had no semblance to a master, he was more like a hoodlum.

“Hah, Li, don’t tell me your legs have turned weak from fear? You probably shat yourself and can’t stand up anymore.” Guojian sneered while deliberately mocking him. This was his payback for the humiliation he suffered last time!

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