Chapter 1370: One Against Two

Puresun and the monarch grew up together. Although they walked different paths, their brotherhood remained strong. No one in this world understood the monarch more than Puresun. He could easily see that the monarch was deliberately taking advantage of this situation to sharpen his blade and ignite the fire of war for his own expansion.

The monarch looked at Puresun before answering: “If Brother wishes to fight, I won’t meddle in your business any longer.”

Having said that, he coldly looked over at the two foes and smiled: “The two of you should be honored and praise your fortune that my senior brother is so benevolent.”

With that, he stood to the side without wasting more words. Regardless of the situation, he had always treated his senior brother with respect. In his eyes, Puresun was the chosen one, a peerless and incomparable savant.

In fact, this wasn’t far off from the truth. Puresun’s talents were so incredible that he had few peers in all of Heaven Spirit.

Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch’s expressions sank after hearing this unpleasant claim.

“I’ll borrow my brother’s words. Since the two of you are purposely dragging my four branches into this issue, I would like to see your supreme arts. Even though our four branches do not wish to compete with the world, it doesn’t mean that we are easily provoked. I will represent my sect for this spar. If the two of you lose, then you will keep your mouths shut from now on. If I lose, then my sect will not pursue this matter any further.”

His words were plain yet powerful. There was a touch of overbearingness within the calm delivery. There was no room for negotiation after this resounding statement.

“Good. If you want to fight, the two of us will entertain you.” Lin and Extreme Yang glanced at each other before agreeing.

After being blatantly humiliated by the Profound Monarch, the two of them must regain their face at all costs. In their eyes, the Profound Monarch would be forced to fight if they defeated Puresun at this moment.

Puresun stepped on the shore and slowly said: “We’ll fight on shore.” The other two quickly followed him. They stood on both sides in order to form a pincer formation.

The Profound Monarch snorted after seeing this. In his mind, his brother was the only one in Heaven Spirit that could contend with Meng Zhentian, so these two had no chance of fighting him.

“Gentlemen, make your move.” Puresun stood there as if he didn’t notice their pincer tactic at all. He carried himself with great equanimity.

“Excuse us then!” The two didn’t hold back and attacked at the same time.

Daoist Lin performed a finger attack, causing a tsunami to rise with blaring blasts. The Extreme Yang Monarch unleashed his seal of the sun. A three-legged golden crow screeched as its sunfire terrorized the world.

Fire and water were co-existing yet antagonistic elements. This combination attack was actually quite excellent; it was as if they could read each other’s minds. When the fire and water reached harmony, their amplified power aimed to crush Puresun.

The nonchalant daoist swung both of his sleeves and quickly dispelled both the tsunami and sun-seal from his opponents. His first move had already taken the other two by surprise. Even though they didn’t go all out, a casual swing of the arm was enough to dispel their attacks. This power far exceeded their imagination.

“Die!” These two weren’t pushovers. After noticing the daoist’s extraordinary power, they cried out and used their weapons at the same time in their attack like eagles swooping down from above.

Their weapons were impeccable since they were Immortal Emperor True Treasures. Loud explosions came about with monstrous, raging divine flames. Many marveled at these weapons. To have such tyrannical weapons in their arsenal, their two sects were indeed resourceful.

Puresun showed a carefree smile in the face of this attack. He was smooth like flowing water and floating clouds. With both hands working together, the grand dao easily appeared. He used the simplest and most direct method to rout the attacks.

“Rumble!” The battle waged on. Lin and Extreme Yang showed no mercy as they continued their fatal techniques while the daoist remained carefree from start to finish. His sword never left its sheath as he resorted to dispelling the other two’s attacks with simple techniques.

His wondrous skills shocked the entire scene since people had never seen him in action before! No one expected for him to be this mighty. Cao Guojian and the Roaring Conch’s ancestors were startled as well. Due to his quiet way of life, few people knew his true strength, so this battle exceeded their expectations.

“Mere fireflies challenging the moon’s brightness!” The Profound Monarch sneered while watching the fight. He saw that his brother was on an entirely different level.

Li Qiye smiled while shaking his head as well. Puresun simply didn’t feel like killing. The moment his Ancient Purity Blade leaves its sheath, killing these two would be far too easy. Li Qiye stopped caring and looked over at where the Swiftdao God was standing: “You sure found the right place, but blocking the entrance like this is useless. You can’t enter.”

The youth didn’t answer while the Terra King continued to stare him down. It was obvious he wanted to take action.

Li Qiye chuckled and continued: “Scatter. I am the only one qualified to enter, do not block my path.”

This domineering statement offended everyone present. Many people changed their expressions; some even glared at Li Qiye.

What took people by surprise was that the youth pondered for a moment before answering: “I owe you a favor, so I shall repay it today. The spot is yours.” Having said that, he conceded the spot.

The favor he was referring to was when Li Qiye spared his senior sister, Sima Yujian. Of course, this was his one-sided thinking. Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t respond to this remark.

Once the Swiftdao God gave up the position, Liu Ruyan’s figure flashed in order to occupy the entrance for Li Qiye.

She was fast, but the Terra King — who had been eyeing the position — was even faster. He swept by and blocked Ruyan from the entrance.

Ruyan’s eyes turned cold as she threatened: “Terra King, be smart and stand to the side, do not block my way!”

The king struck back with a chilling demeanor: “Schoolmaster Liu, don’t bother being aggressive. I was here first so I will enter first. This is how it should be.”

Ruyan retorted: “Is that so? I don’t mind stepping on your body to get past!”

There was no need to explain the importance of the Windchase Break for the Void Imperfection Schools. They must enter the octagonal tower in order to prevent this technique from falling into the hands of others.

For the girls, it didn’t matter who tried to stop them. They would meet god, slay god; meet devil, slay devil in order to reclaim their technique.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after seeing Ruyan’s bloodthirsty aura. He told her: “Ruyan, you don’t have to be so tense. He isn’t qualified to enter, but of course, daring to take my position is deserving of death!”

Ruyan felt at ease after hearing this, but she maintained her aggression: “Scram now or do I have to step over your body?”

The Terra King was very tyrannical as well. He must enter the tower as well, so he sneered and spoke: “Schoolmaster Liu, others might be afraid of your Void Imperfection Schools, but my Ancestral Terra doesn’t care for it! Today, if there is only one person who can enter the tower, it will be me. I’ll kill everyone who gets in my way.”

The crowd glanced at each other again. Everyone was acting very strange today; they were all hot-headed with overbearing tones.

Few knew about Puresun, and the same goes for this Terra King. They were aware of just how strong the Ancestral Terra was, but this person’s tone was too much.

“A mere puppet dares to bluster before me?” Li Qiye shook his head: “Tell your old man to crawl out. He might be worth my time, but as for a puppet without a soul like you, get the hell away from here.”

The Terra King’s expression greatly shifted. He was very annoyed since Li Qiye had revealed his shortcoming. This was the one thing he didn’t want to hear others talk about. He certainly didn’t want to be low-key in life, but he had no say in the matter! If this problem didn’t exist, he would have soared to the nine heavens and even embarked on the road towards becoming a treefather!

“Li, you only have a few days left to act all smug, there’s no need to wave your dog tail around. There are many experts in Heaven Spirit and your existence doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Before being qualified to compete for the Heaven’s Will, tuck your tail between your legs and start acting smart lest you die a sudden death!” The Terra King yelled back without any reservation. It looked like he wasn’t afraid of anything.

In fact, he was indeed untethered from having any apprehension. Even the Roaring Conch and Cao Guojian had to give him some respect, so who should he be afraid of?

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