Chapter 1369: The Tyrannical Profound Monarch

Puresun didn’t become angry at the Extreme Yang Monarch. He simply smiled and said: “Brother Li and I have a personal friendship, so this has nothing to do with my four branches.”

“Is that so?” The monarch sneered in response: “This Li has no qualms in killing charming spirits at Heaven Spirit. You, as the Ancient Spirit Island Lord, as well as the four branches being the leaders of our race don’t want to eradicate the wicked and instead are actually helping him harm your own…”

The monarch took his time trying to persuade Puresun while pushing the four branches into a position antagonistic towards the charming spirits. This was his way of challenging the sect’s status within the charming spirits.

Even if him fanning the flames couldn’t touch the four branches, it was fine to smear its reputation. After all, he didn’t lose anything from doing this. He was much bolder compared to Daoist Lin because his sect was far more powerful than the Immaculate Expanse. The Extreme Yang School didn’t only have a grand completion Immortal Physique, its progenitor was Immortal Emperor Tai Yang!

“You are nothing! It isn’t your turn to gossip about my four branches!” A tyrannical voice came about as a person descended from the sky.

Someone shouted upon his appearance: “The Profound Monarch!”

At this moment, the Profound Monarch’s majestic aura loomed over the entire area. It was difficult for someone else to replicate this grand style.

The Extreme Yang Monarch’s expression changed with this newcomer because the Profound Monarch’s reputation far exceeded that of Daoist Puresun’s.

When it came to the younger generation in Heaven Spirit, the Profound Monarch, Swiftdao God, Seashield Prince, and Seven Martial Goddess were the strongest. There was a big gap between them and the Extreme Yang Monarch and Daoist Lin.

Of course, he had heard of a few rumors about Daoist Puresun. Nevertheless, he didn’t buy into them since no one had seen the daoist in action before. His strength was debatable, and some even claimed that he didn’t live up to his name.

The Extreme Yang Monarch coldly uttered: “Oh? Monarch, you want to play too?”

With his suppressive and overbearing aura, the Profound Monarch retorted: “So what if I wish to interfere? You think your school is qualified to comment on our four branches, especially someone at your level? There’s no need for my senior brother to take action, I alone can slay you.”

Do not think that the Profound Monarch didn’t wish to exact revenge on Li Qiye because he was weak and soft. In fact, he was the domineering type, it was just that he understood who he could and couldn’t antagonize.

If he could see through Li Qiye and understand his capabilities, he would show no hesitation in cutting him down. But in his eyes, Li Qiye was unfathomable. Those who opposed him have been devoured and destroyed. Because of this, the Profound Monarch didn’t wish to involve the Profound Sea Dynasty in a war with Li Qiye over his concubine.

As for opponents at the level of Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch, the Profound Monarch simply didn’t care about them. If necessary, he would personally suppress these two. There was no need to call for the four branches, his dynasty alone was enough to crush the Immaculate Expanse.

As a master who dominates his own region, he was fine when others knew their place and didn’t provoke him. However, for violators, he would go all out to flatten their sects. This served to establish his prestige as well as to expand his territory and citizens. Thus, if this daoist and monarch dared to oppose him, it would give him an excuse to mobilize his troops to their lineages!

His declaration to kill made the Extreme Yang Monarch’s expression quite ugly. He knew that there was a certain distance between the two of them, but these words were pushing it too far.

Such a reversal took the crowd by surprise. Everyone thought that the Profound Monarch would have a life-and-death spar with Li Qiye. No one expected for him to be on Li Qiye’s side. They found it astonishing since everyone knew that his favorite concubine, Gongsun Meiyu, was killed by Li Qiye. Logically, the monarch should be aiming for revenge, so his actions left the crowd confused.

“Monarch, you and I share the same enemy.” Daoist Lin smiled and said: “This Li Qiye has no inhibitions. He killed my followers as well as your beloved concubine—”

“There’s no need for an outsider to run their mouths about my business and feud!” The Profound Monarch interrupted him.

“Haha, Profound Monarch, don’t tell me you are afraid of Li Qiye?” Lin showed an implicative smile.

The Profound Monarch’s eyes turned serious. He snorted and replied: “Trying to goad me into joining your side? Very well, let me see your abilities first! Don’t rely on your tongue to fan the flames without sufficient strength to back it up!”

Having said that, his blood energy erupted as if a deity has descended to this world. He spread his right palm and attacked.

A visual phenomenon appeared alongside a palm as clear as jade. Devils would lose their souls under this attack and be suppressed for an eternity without a chance for reincarnation!

Daoist Lin was shocked to see this move. In fact, this was the reaction for the majority of the crowd, including Cao Guojian’s group.

Everyone knew that the Profound Monarch’s cultivation was exceedingly powerful. Not only did he bear the blood energy of billions of citizens with his kingdom, his right hand was equally peerless. Some even called it the right hand of god, a hand blessed by the deities. People believed that this right hand was untouchable and could fight against all kinds of weapons!

Daoist Lin immediately retaliated. His physique turned bright when a blossoming lotus flower that carried immense holiness appeared. Each petal of the flower was the size of a thumb, but they could each support a world.

“Bang!” Even this world-upholding lotus couldn’t stop the Profound Monarch’s right hand.

The pale Lin staggered with his chest pumping up and down. Even though he was able to accept the palm, the disparity between the two was apparent. He was no match for the Profound Monarch.

“You dare to run your mouth with only this much power?!” The monarch sneered: “Your Immaculate Expanse’s ‘Stainless Physique Law’ can’t compare to the Void Imperfection Schools’ physiques. Only Schoolmaster Liu and Schoolmaster Zhuo are qualified to oppose me in this regard.” He was a thousand times more aggressive than Daoist Puresun.

“You!” Lin’s expression turned quiet unsightly after being treated with this level of contempt. He was still a famous genius in the present after all…

“Profound Monarch, you are going too far!” The Extreme Yang Monarch shouted before moving to stand side by side with Daoist Lin.

“Too far?” The Profound Monarch snorted. He didn’t mind the two of them joining hands, he only leisurely answered: “I still haven’t commented on when you chose to accuse my four branches. Teaching the two of you a lesson right now is not going too far at all!”

Daoist Lin shouted back: “Your arrogance is madness!” There was nowhere to put his face after being treated with such disdain.

The Profound Monarch’s dominance was unceasing as he smiled: “So what if I’m mad? Didn’t you want to involve my four branches earlier? Very well, come, show me your abilities to do so.”

Everyone here turned slack-jawed due to this domineering display. They all knew that he wasn’t a pushover. When he was younger, he had conquered all four directions to expand his dynasty in order to create a strong foundation. Such a conqueror was definitely not nice, so this was true to his character — challenging the Immaculate Expanse and Extreme Yang School at the same time.

In fact, many people knew that he was strong enough to do so. Some older characters even thought that he was doing this on purpose, that he wanted nothing more than to send troops to suppress these lineages and expand his territory!

In Heaven Spirit, the four branches were qualified to lead the charming spirits. If the Void Imperfection Three Schools didn’t wish to interfere, no other charming spirit clan would dare to challenge their position.

Moreover, these two behemoths have been friends for a long time. Some even thought that they had formed an unbreakable alliance since the olden age. Who would dare to challenge this kind of alliance in Heaven Spirit?

The monarch haughtily said: “Come, I’ll take the two of you on since you two aren’t qualified to challenge my brother.”

Daoist Puresun wryly smiled and reached out to stop the Profound Monarch: “Junior Brother, leave it to me. I started this, so let me end it.”

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