Chapter 1367: Terra King

Li Qiye’s boneship continued to float through the continent. Along the way, they also felt the overwhelming power. Even the daoist and the two girls were trembling before its might.

“Is Meng Zhentian about to ascend to the throne?” Jianshi’s expression became heavy.

The daoist gently sighed and replied: “Not yet, but he’s not far from that point. When the Heaven’s Will finishes condensing, he will be the one closest to Immortal Emperor. If there is no one else on the same level to contend against him, he is indeed the most promising.”

“Don’t worry, he can want to become an Immortal Emperor all he wants, but who else can take the throne but our Young Noble?” Ruyan looked at Li Qiye and smiled.

Li Qiye’s wounds had yet to heal, but he still burst out in laughter after hearing this: “Little girl, it looks like you are very confident in me.”

“Of course.” She charmingly smiled with an anticipating gaze: “You didn’t even bat an eye against this overwhelming power. It shows that you don’t care at all about Meng Zhentian.”

These words amused him, so he responded: “I, Li Qiye, shall be the only one who reaches the throne. Others will only be the bones that pave my path.”

He uttered it in such an insipid and calm manner, yet it carried an overbearing tone. It made it seem as if he was already an Immortal Emperor, that he was stating a mere fact.

The group was astounded to hear this manner of response. It showed just how great his confidence was! Who would treat an opponent like Meng Zhentian in such a frivolous manner? Only Li Qiye would. It was difficult to imagine someone having this much confidence outside of being insane, but the daoist knew that Li Qiye was definitely not a madman!

It took a long time for the people in the middle of the lake and altar to regain their wits.

A paragon slowly revealed his understanding: “This place is also meant for dao enlightenment.”

There were two places on this continent gushing brilliance. Meng Zhentian had taken one of them, and his process of pondering actually gave off the phenomenon of an Immortal Emperor emerging. Thus, people understood that if they could enter the tower to learn, it would be a great harvest even if they couldn’t replicate Zhentian’s feat.

However, the problem was that no one could enter, not even someone as strong as the Swiftdao God. When all seemed helpless, more strange lights spewed out from the tower and turned into even more weapons. However, one of the rays actually turned into a shining boat.

The cultivator closest to it grew curious and boarded it. Before the eyes of everyone, this boat actually drifted towards the tower while its passenger crazily shouted: “I’m entering!”

“Bang!” Alas, his overzealousness betrayed him. He jumped down from the boat to rush into the tower, but the miniature tower slammed down and turned him into a pool of blood.

The scene was quiet to the extreme. Suddenly, someone realized something and shouted: “This boat can take people inside!”

Someone tried to cover his mouth, but it was too late. Everyone had heard him and reacted by wanting to rush towards the boat near the entrance. However, the quickest was the Swiftdao God. He rushed over and stood by the edge to stop everyone while waiting for the light to appear again.

Many stopped with the Swiftdao God standing there. His power was as clear as day for all to see, so no matter who they might be, they must weigh themselves first before challenging him. However, this didn’t mean that there weren’t any challengers. A king came forward and confronted the youth.

“Nephew, make room for me. You can enter afterward.” This king was a middle-aged man with a cold temperament.

There was nothing exceptional about him; it was as if he wasn’t the type to be imposing. Without great vitality, he was more of a commoner. His eyes might be quite sharp, but his cold expression seemed a bit glazed as if his face was paralyzed. In fact, not many people were able to recognize him let alone know his origin.

Such a conspicuous character actually dared to talk this way in front of the Swiftdao God? This astounded the crowd.

“Who is this man?” People quietly whispered in order to guess who this man was.

The Swiftdao God was unperturbed and flatly responded: “Terra King, you are not qualified to act imperiously before me.”

The Terra King coldly said: “Nephew, I am not putting on airs. Out of my love for talents, I am giving you a chance to make way.”

“Such arrogance, wow.” A cultivator found this astonishing. Even a Grand Godking wouldn’t talk this rudely to the Swiftdao God.

The youth refused to show any consideration towards this king and refused with haste: “Thank you for your consideration, but if you want to enter, line up behind me.”

This middle-aged man was aggressive, but the young genius didn’t show the slightest hint of weakness. He arrogantly retorted without giving an inch.

The spectators were pleased to hear this. An invincible genius should have this kind of attitude. Otherwise, the younger generation would be too repressed if any random could come up and push their geniuses back.

“Junior, this lack of sensibility won’t do. You would rather choose the hard way instead of the easy way!” The Terra King coldly spoke with a grim smile: “Don’t think that you are amazing just because you are from an imperial lineage. It won’t end well for anyone who opposes me. At that time, even the Swiftdao Sacred Ground won’t be able to protect you.”

The crowd gasped after hearing this strong response. They felt that this middle-aged man had too big of a tone. The Swiftdao God’s might was no secret. As for the sacred ground, it had ample strength and resources due to being an imperial lineage.

But now, this king didn’t care about the sacred ground at all. This made people think of him as arrogant and crazy.

The Swiftdao God glared at him in response: “Terra King, I am calling you a king due to your age. Don’t think that just because you are from the Ancestral Terra, I will show respect. Don’t act all haughty before me, I know exactly who you are! It doesn’t matter how strong your backing is, provoke me and I’ll cut you down as well as your ancestor if he comes out!”

The Swiftdao God’s direct response didn’t give any thought for the Terra King’s aggressive words. He appeared even more domineering.

The Terra King angrily responded: “Good, good, such a big tone. I want to see just how strong you are for even thinking about fighting my ancestor! Someone like you isn’t worthy!”

Earlier, people felt that this middle-aged man was arrogant to the point of being ignorant. However, after hearing the name “Ancestral Terra”, they were shaken and didn’t dare to comment any further. They finally understood that he dared to act this boldly against the Swiftdao God because of his powerful backing.

The Ancestral Terra was a treefather’s lineage. Some even said that it was the most powerful for having three treefathers. Because of this, they could look down on the rest of the world and be praised as a sect capable of taking down imperial lineages!

Outside of this, there was another ancestor close to being a treefather that stayed behind to guard the Ancestral Terra. He played a big role as to why Heaven Spirit was afraid of their lineage.

While the Swiftdao God and the Terra King were confronting each other, Cao Guojian and the Roaring Conch were sneering in secret without bothering to interject. After all, it was best for them if someone could kill the young god due to his promising future of becoming emperor.

“It seems quite lively here.” A leisurely voice sounded during this standoff.

The relaxed tone broke the tense atmosphere and made people look back. They saw a boneship floating closer with Li Qiye’s group on board. The speaker was Li Qiye.

Someone shouted after seeing him: “Fierce is here!”

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