Chapter 1363: Seaside Continent

“What do we need?” Both the girls were shocked and had to glance at each other. If there was something that they needed, it had to be the Windchase Break!

“That’s right, it’s the Windchase Break.” Li Qiye noticed their expressions and smiled.

Jianshi was pleasantly surprised and had to confirm: “Really?”

He smiled in response: “Others might lie for a lifetime, but my words will always be true.”

After getting such a definite answer, the two girls became quite excited. In their eyes, getting back their lost Windchase Break was a foregone conclusion. Li Qiye had promised to help them if the opportunity came. They knew that he would stay true to his word and that he had the power to do so.

At this time, with the help of Ruyan and Jianshi, Li Qiye stood on the deck. He called for Qianbei: “You have broadened your horizons after coming here and also obtained the items you deserve. We shall face unknown dangers ahead, so you should take your leave now. I will give you a piece of land in the future.”

Qianbei understood that it was time to leave and gratefully said: “Thank you, Young Noble and Schoolmasters, for guiding me.”

He knew his limits and that the group might have important business to do. His shallow cultivation would only hold them back if he were to stay on the ship.

Li Qiye didn’t say more and released a boat to take him back. After Qianbei left, Li Qiye stopped watching and said: “Let’s go, a lot of fun is waiting for us!”

The moment these words left his mouth, the ship suddenly sped up like a flood-dragon leaping out of the sea with lightning speed! It quickly ran towards the continent that emerged in the Bonesea.

They could see this vast landmass in the distance. It was completely dark with no end in sight. There were rolling hills with peaks that pierced the sky as well as enormous mountains as far as the eye could see. It gave off an ancient and boundless feel, as if all of these elevations weighed tons and tons.

Even a small mound seemed immense in this land. Before one knew it, they would suddenly sense these mountains press down on their chests and suffocate them.

In fact, even before arriving, the crowd could tell that there was something different about this land. This feeling was amplified once they set foot on it and wouldn’t dissipate.

This everlasting aura diffused endlessly across the sky. It was also powerful and let people envision a scene of the distant eras where ancient beasts roamed about.

At this time, many had come close to this continent and abandoned their boneships to land. Of course, there were still rivers that consisted of the ocean’s currents. Because of this, a few ships actually made it deeper inside. The outrageous part was that some were slowly floating in the sky.

The boneship the group was on no longer needed Li Qiye’s control. It was actually drifting in the sky towards the continent in a magical manner as well.

“Why is this happening?” Jianshi was surprised to see the floating ships.

Li Qiye looked down at the sceneries and said: “Because there is an incredible power here beyond comprehension.”

Though they didn’t know the power of this continent, they definitely sensed something was different about its atmosphere.

Ruyan curiously asked: “Young Noble, why are you so certain that our Windchase Break is here?”

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “What kind of continent do you think this is?”

This question prompted the girls to look at each other. They didn’t know anything about the landmass ahead.

Li Qiye jokingly replied: “It seems like your ancestors didn’t leave behind records.”

The daoist who has been standing aside to look at the mountains and rivers mused: “This is probably not a landmass.” He continued with uncertainty: “I think this is the body of a primordial beast.”

“The body of a primordial beast?” Both the sisters were shocked. Prior to this, they had seen some huge skeletons that spanned several thousand or even ten thousand miles… However, this continent ahead seemed to be ten million miles wide. If this was the body of a beast, just how big was it when it was alive? This was simply unbelievable. This would mean that all the corpses they had seen so far were essentially nothing in comparison.

“It looks like you do know something.” Li Qiye glanced at the daoist and chuckled.

The daoist didn’t get complacent and answered honestly: “I read it from an ancient scroll in my sect. It was written by our ancestors after being told by the progenitor that the Bonesea once had a continent. However, it floats up and down and could possibly be made from the corpse of a beast.”

“Immortal Emperor Gu Chun, eh.” Li Qiye emotionally commented: “Your scroll is indeed correct. If I’m not mistaken, your progenitor was lucky enough to come here before becoming emperor. His speculation is correct.”

Ruyan asked in astonishment: “What kind of monster is this? Why is it so huge?” It was a bit scary for such a creature to exist.

After so many years, its body has turned into a continent so its size when it was still alive could have been even larger.

“Do you know how you lost your Windchase Break or why it fell in this place?” Li Qiye didn’t answer right away and amused himself by asking a question first.

The two girls couldn’t answer this question. They knew that the Windchase Break was missing, but no one from the sect knew why.

Li Qiye smilingly revealed: “This is related to the origin of your Windchase Break.”

Jianshi asked with doubt: “Wasn’t it created by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou?”

Li Qiye nodded: “That’s right, it was indeed created by the emperor, but do you know how?”

The two girls couldn’t answer this question. Immortal Emperor Wu Gou’s descendants had no way of knowing how the emperor created his invincible technique.

Li Qiye smiled and revealed: “Back then, your emperor watched the totems of an ancient beast while pondering its visual phenomena. With that, he was able to comprehend and create the unique and peerless Immortal Physique Strike, the Windchase Break.”

The two girls immediately understood what he meant right away and exclaimed in shock: “Our emperor has been here!”

“That’s right, he was here before.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “In fact, he wasn’t the only one who had been here to ponder the dao. Many emperors have done so for generations. They didn’t come to the Bonesea just for the treasures.”

“So what is this beast then?” Ruyan was still curious like the rest of the group. Even though the daoist had read his records, it didn’t state the beast that made up this continent.

Li Qiye slowly recited: “In the northern darkness is a fish, and its name is Kun. The Kun is so large that no one knows how many millions of li he measures. He changes and becomes a bird whose name is Peng. When it furiously flew, its wings flapped like the gates of the nine worlds and was able to jump across the nineteen continents…”

“A Kun Peng!” The minds of everyone present trembled after hearing this poem. They were too familiar with the verses because this poem described a legendary divine beast, the Kun Peng!

They were inevitably shocked after finding out the original form of this continent. A Kun Peng… a mythical creature. Some even said that it was the most powerful of all divine beasts!

For millions and millions of years, who has actually seen a real Kun Peng? Even though the verses described its size, no one could actually visualize its behemoth form.

Right now, the corpse of a Kun Peng was right below their feet and had turned into a vast continent. This made them truly appreciate its enormous size and understand the visual description of the poem...

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