Chapter 1362: Pacification

While facing with Fairy’s power, Li Qiye shouted: “Activate!” His body turned bright with a sparkling radiance as the crystal physique activated.

With its power, he quickly went to the rudder to control the boneship. Several small boats were brought out.

He shouted at the rest of the group: “Go!”

They didn’t dare to linger around any longer and jumped off the ship to maintain a safe distance. If they were still around once Fairy actually erupts, there would be no chance of surviving even if they were stronger.

The ship also lit up under Li Qiye’s control. Dwindling runes emerged and began to repair the fragmented locations since they were facing the brunt of Fairy’s power.

At this moment, he summoned his Heaven Sealing Pentagate. With a loud blast, he used his Pentadao Timeless Seal on this entire region. He sealed this boneship not to protect himself, but to separate her from the Bonesea. His initial goal was to use it to restore her memories, but its effect on her was too great so he had no choice but to isolate her from the Bonesea.

“Buzz!” His blood energy rushed out while the three vessels of life emerged above him. A new vitality encompassed Fairy!

At this time, he released his thirteen palaces and chanted a mantra in order to utilize the grand dao to affect her emotions!

She was in a state of spiritual emptiness. Ordinary words spoken ten thousand times still wouldn’t reach her, so he had to use the grand dao for communication.

At the same time, he opened his own sea of memories. Countless memories emerged, both sad and happy. The past he didn’t want to remember returned. He had to do this in order to connect with Fairy, to let her see his ups and downs, his joy and sorrow, the vicissitudes of life...

The connection of feelings was the most persuasive method of communication… 

While Li Qiye was unleashing his entire arsenal, the group was watching the sealed ship from afar.

The Pentadao Timeless Seal appeared with its five ancient creatures that turned into five eternal totems: the Sun Consuming Bird, the Moon Eating Wolf, the Star Devouring Ant, the Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and the Earth Sealing Rat! This made the boneship as sturdy as an impregnable fortress.

After seeing this move, the daoist emotionally commented: “This suppression is completely untouchable and definitely comparable to a Heavenly Annihilation. How many people could actually penetrate this defense?”

Qianbei’s astonished expression made a return. Comparable to a Heavenly Annihilation? What an unbreakable technique!

The two girls were actually worried about Li Qiye. They weren’t afraid of Li Qiye lacking strength, it was just that Fairy was too terrifying. They couldn’t see what was happening on the ship, so they could only wait things out.

There was no movement on the ship which only added to everyone’s anxiety. Qianbei lost his patience and murmured: “Will he be okay?”

Even the daoist was worried: “Hard to say. If he can calm Fairy down, then everything will be easy. However, the story changes if he can’t. She is someone at the level of emperors; even the strongest would feel like an ant in the face of this power and be subject to its wrath.”

“Do you think she is an empress?” Qianbei found it unbelievable.

The group fell silent on this question. In fact, they still didn’t know her origin or what she had experienced. Li Qiye was the only one privy to this information.

“I don’t know.” The daoist gently shook his head: “Even if she isn’t one, I’m afraid there is a power of that magnitude slumbering in her body. This is not a seal, it is simply sleeping. Perhaps it was due to her own choice, or there might be other reasons, but regardless of the reason, she definitely has the power of an Immortal Emperor. Even if someone in this generation were to accept the Heaven’s Will and ascend to the throne, she will still be able to contend against them!” The daoist sighed after saying this.

He knew better than anyone else after being struck by her twice. Her invincible power had left its mark on him. Qianbei was definitely surprised at such a high evaluation from the daoist. If this was the case, Fairy was without a doubt a terrifying existence.

Eventually, a loud buzz came about and the seal around the boneship broke, revealing the ship before everyone. Compared to earlier, the damage to the ship was even graver; it was now at an unrepairable level.

With the seal gone, the group relaxed and quickly jumped onto the ship. The moment they went inside, they saw Li Qiye slumped over with blood everywhere on his body. There were countless cracks on his figure, making him look like a broken piece of ceramic. It seemed that even a gentle touch would make him fall apart. He was pale without any power left.

The two girls hurriedly rushed over and asked with concern: “Young Noble, how are you now?”

Li Qiye feebly opened his eyes and smiled: “It’s no big deal. At the very least, I won’t die!”

They were relieved to see that he could still joke around. Ruyan looked over at Fairy who was now lying in her coffin without the lid on and asked: “Is she alright?”

At this time, her body was no longer emitting any light. She was sleeping peacefully. Maybe she was having a good dream.

She looked incredibly beautiful and magnificent. Who would have thought that such a beauty housed such an eternal power within her body?

“I’m afraid she won’t be able to wake up anytime soon.” Li Qiye looked at her and sighed.

People were concerned about Li Qiye and also curious about Fairy’s origin. Her imperial-level power indicated her extraordinary status, but if Li Qiye was unwilling to talk, they wouldn’t press the issue.

Li Qiye shifted his eyes towards the group and said: “Let’s go, it’s time for us to get out of here.”

Jianshi looked at his bloodied body and said: “But, what about your injuries…”

Li Qiye flatly said: “My wounds won’t be cured right away, so we’ll take care of them as we go. There’s still another place I want to visit, so we can’t linger here for too long.”

Having said that, he pointed at the rudder, lighting it up. The runic gears began to turn as the boneship drifted out of this area.


In the last two days, a message swept through the Bonesea like a storm. Many cultivators had received it.

“A vast continent has emerged in the Bonesea.” This message blew up at an unbelievable rate.

Some blurted in disbelief: “A continent!”

Everyone knew that there weren’t many vast continents outside of Godhalt in all of Heaven Spirit, let alone the Bonesea.

No one had heard of a continent in the Bonesea before, so no, when such a large landmass appeared out of nowhere, how could people not be astonished?

Many quickly traveled towards its direction. Rumor has it that Meng Zhentian, the Profound Monarch, the Extreme Yang Monarch, and the other geniuses were heading there as well.

The news of their departure made the other cultivators even more impatient. Their intuition told them that this continent was definitely amazing.

“A great continent has appeared in the Bonesea!” Li Qiye’s group also heard this news after leaving the previous region.

“Finally.” Li Qiye immediately stood up. His serious wounds had yet to heal, so when he suddenly stood up, his body slightly trembled.

The two girls immediately came to support him before he fell over.

“Come, we shall go there as well!” Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious as he issued an order while gazing at the sea.

“What’s over there?” Judging from his expression, they knew that this continent must be incredible.

Li Qiye replied: “There are some amazing things over there. More importantly, what you need is also there.”

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