Chapter 1360: Trouble At The Bonesea

While Li Qiye’s group went to the legacy treasure zone, the other regions of the Bonesea were very lively with ships and people everywhere. Virtually every famous cultivator in Heaven Spirit has arrived. From the start, many influential characters came for the item of immortality in the legends. However, the cultivators from the rest of the factions came to join in the fun as well. Many people knew that the greater the force, the safer it would be.

Of course, safety was a relative term inside this region. No true haven existed here. In fact, this was the case for all twelve burial grounds. Due to this factor, unfortunate news came each day as many cultivators met their demise with no lack of big shots among the list.

“Nine elders, twenty-four protectors, and three thousand disciples from the Southsea aquatic tribe met a group of evil spirits. All of them became food, not even a bone was left behind.” This was one of the misfortunes.

“The Trueflower God-Monarch from the Jade Sea was attacked by a croco-dragon then fell into the sea by accident and drowned.” Cultivators glanced around upon hearing this. [1]

A God-Monarch drowning to death? This might be the saddest death of a God-Monarch in the past million years.

“A charming spirit from the Abyss Sea, the Soaring Reflection Godking wanted to break into the forbidden zone of the Bonesea. The moment he stepped inside, he suddenly turned into ashes.” An even more shocking piece of news about the deeper region spread.

Many shuddered after hearing this and had to take deep breaths. A Godking rendered to ashes instantly? Just how horrifying was this?

The deepest part of the Bonesea was also its core. It was known as the forbidden zone. This location was quite mysterious and dangerous. There was a ninety percent chance of dying after intruding this area, even for a Godking.

Nevertheless, many Godkings still tried to enter for research purposes due to the rumors about the item of immortality. Another one stated that the sea demons’ Trident might also be there. Because of these reasons, many supreme sea demons fell in this place to verify the claim of the Trident’s location.

Of course, there was also good news among the bad. Some claimed that there were treasures everywhere. Even though this was a bit exaggerated, it wasn’t too far off from the truth. As long as one was lucky enough, they could obtain precious items.

There was a plethora of different treasures. Some beasts would leave behind their cores after dying, and the same goes for powerful cultivators with their treasures. Maybe there were even mantras and merit laws carved on the bones of a failed expedition…

Just a few days ago, one cultivator found a particular merit law. This news quickly spread across the Bonesea.

“A nobody from the Dragon Demon Sea found a law on the leg of a mammoth. This supreme law was left behind by the Holywheel Supreme from ninety thousand years ago.” The juniors or people from the smaller sects were quite envious.

For these weaker cultivators, obtaining a chapter of a merit law was the same as leaping over the dragon gate to enter the rank of masters. This “nobody” was smart. After obtaining this great merit law, he immediately left the Bonesea to find a place and hide.

“Have you heard yet? Elder Hua from the Woodenfish Tribe picked up a piece of bone. I heard he spent several days rummaging through these mountains before finding it. After being checked by a sage, it was determined to be a piece from the sternum of a heavenly flood-dragon with its majestic divinity intact. It’s very precious and can be refined into a foreign dao treasure.”

“The eldest disciple from the Hundredfish Courtyard also picked up a bronze lock. I heard it is a legacy treasure left behind by a True God — very unfathomable with a great effect within.”


The good news that came up each day excited the cultivators here even more. Everyone wanted to have success overnight by finding one or two pieces of incredible treasures.

Everyone knew just how dangerous the place was with evil spirits looming everywhere, but this didn’t deter their enthusiasm for these treasures. They scavaged around through the bones in their search.

Both the famous big shots and renowned prodigies were present. The Swiftdao God, the Profound God-Monarch, Daoist Lin from the Immaculate Expanse, the Extreme Yang Monarch… these illustrious youths were all present.

Of course, among the big shots, the most famous and powerful had to be Meng Zhentian. His might was not just in name since it has been proven before. The moment he arrived, a powerful evil spirit attacked him. This creature was more than ten thousand meters tall. It stood on the sea like a great mountain.

Its skeletal form was quite frightening. Only one thick and large leg was supporting its huge form like a pillar. The skeleton emitted a powerful divinity like a living divine beast.

“A Kui!” Even older paragons retreated in the face of this monstrous skeleton.

After the skeletons in the Bonesea turned into evil spirits, they all emitted emotionless and cold auras. However, this particular skeleton still exuded divinity, showing that the aura of death here had yet to refine it completely.

“It’s a Divine Impertinent Bull and not a real Kui! But when it was alive, it did have the bloodline of a Kui flowing through it.” A charming spirit paragon noticed the bony claw sticking out of its chest and recognized its real identity.

Although this evil spirit was not a Kui, it was still quite mighty. With a loud roar, the world quaked with tidal waves capable of destroying everything terrorize the sky.

“Ah!” Screams resounded. In the surging storm, many boneships were flipped over with cultivators still aboard, causing them to drown.

Many nearby cultivators jumped onto other bone mountains or grabbed onto large skeletons on the sea in order to avoid dying from their ships capsizing.

While the bull skeleton was causing waves, Meng Zhentian declared from his carriage: “Monster, do not be presumptuous!”

His declaration alarmed the high heavens. The stars in the sky rustled as the universe turned disorderly.

An everlasting aura emanated from the carriage with an endless light illuminating the entire region.

It looked as if ten suns were rising from within. All kinds of phenomena emerged around it. There were immortal pictures and astral creations floating up and down. The Yin and Yang as well as karma itself were rotating inside. This carriage became the center of the world and dominated the entire realm.

“Bang!” Under Meng Zhentian’s supreme suppression, the one-legged bull prostrated in the sea. It roared and struggled to stand up in vain since it remained suppressed by his power.

It wasn’t until his boat made from Crocodile Yin-bone went away before his supreme aura dispersed. This frightened skeletal bull drilled into the ocean and disappeared immediately after.

Many people were aghast after seeing such a domineering scene. They couldn’t calm down for a long time. From start to finish, Meng Zhentian didn’t even show his face or take action. Just his supreme aura alone was enough to force that powerful spirit into prostrating motionlessly. Just how formidable was he?

The crowd shuddered at his incredible show of power. Many young geniuses felt despair. As long as Meng Zhentian was alive in this world, their day would never come.

“Who else can be Immortal Emperor but him!?” Both the old and young shared this thought after seeing this scene. 

The younger generation had a decent showing at the Bonesea, especially the Extreme Yang Monarch. There were reports of him obtaining an incomparable refined sunfire. However, with Meng Zhentian around, they were eclipsed completely. No one really paid attention to them.

Rumor has it that even the Seashield Prince was here, but no one had seen him so it was merely speculation. This character had always been mysterious. Moreover, he cultivated the Void Physique, so he often traveled in an untraceable manner; no one really knew his whereabouts.

[1] Champsosaurus seemed to be the designated translation for this, but I’m keeping dinosaurs away. The reason for this is because most dinosaurs in Chinese are adjective + dragon. For example, a T-rex is a tyrannical dragon. This croco-dragon is crocodile + dragon. I don’t think the author is ever referring to a dinosaur when he names these dragon hybrids.

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