Chapter 136: Six Dao Lotus, Evil Typha Tree (2)

  Chapter 136: Six Dao Lotus, Evil Typha Tree (2)

Seeing Dao Child Shengtian’s group in another path through the myriad of gaps between the webs made out of the ancient roots, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but shout:

“Long Xiangtian…”


While the old servant was protecting Chen Baojiao, he unleashed his Enlightened Being power once again. At this moment, his body had been pierced through by the roots, and he could only risk his life one last time.

Dao Child Shengtian, in the other path, heard the cries of Chen Baojiao. He greatly changed his expression, then hesitantly took a step forward.

“Young Master, please reconsider. Even the Chen Clan’s Enlightened Being Shi isn’t able to handle it. We going in is merely seeking death. We should take advantage of when these evil plants are not attending to other things and rush to the deepest area to find the treasures!”

Enlightened Being Si Tu said.

“Ziiiiii— xiiiiii-ziiiii”

At this point, countless stems and roots submerged the cave of death like the tide and the entire pathway was sealed.


But then, in the blink of an eye, the entire world shook and the area subsided. Everyone became greatly alarmed.

Everyone saw a person, with an extraordinary velocity, violently rushing in by himself. Under his impact, the earth was mere tofu! He easily penetrated cave after cave and he could even rush up from the depths of the ground with an unstoppable rampage.

In an instant, ten caves were plowed through; not even the earth could stop him.


He directly swept to another direction with an unstoppable momentum and drilled through the cave of death.


Li Qiye fought his way in and carried Chen Baojiao, along with her old servant, out from the crack in the blink of an eye.

“Brummmm… Brummmm….”

At this moment, all of the ancient roots became crazy and chased after Li Qiye, who escaped with Chen Baojiao, like millions of poisonous serpents.

Seeing Chen Baojiao taken away by Li Qiye, Dao Child Shengtian’s expression sank, but he didn’t say anything.

“Young Master, while the evil plants are chasing after them, if we don’t go now, then when would we leave?”

Enlightened Being Si Tu deepened his voice.


Dao Child Shengtian quietly uttered with a chilling expression and brought his group towards the depths. They would not give up until seeing the treasure of the gods.


Li Qiye, like a Tyrannical Dragon, crashed through the ground via many holes. And right behind him, countless roots were pursuing.

Since their delicious meal being taken away, these ancient roots were truly enraged. In a flash, not only the ones from the back, but ones from all directions came striking at Li Qiye.

“Xshhh, xshhh, xshhh…”

In just a moment, rustling sounds that could cause your scalp to tingle penetrated from all directions. Flooding with numerous ancient roots, they were all aiming for Li Qiye.


Finally, Li Qiye brought Chen Baojiao and her old servant to a trap that they had prepared beforehand.

Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen hid here earlier and saw the tidal flood of the ancient roots. They immediately appeared and roared, unleashing the ashes everywhere. Suddenly, countless lotus ashes were thrown out, hitting all of the furious ancient roots. This change occurred too fast, and the ancient roots couldn’t flee in time.

“Bang… Bang…”

In the blink of an eye, all of the ancient roots, like poisonous serpents, were crushed and whimpering on the ground, shaking the earth. Hole after hole inside the crater were collapsing, causing the cultivators who were penetrating even deeper to be frightened. It was as if this area was submerging.

A short while later, all of the roots were dead on the ground, like strips of dried serpents.

The Evil Typha Tree’s roots, once met by the lotus ashes — its nemesis, would be dead for sure.

When all of the tree roots were dead at this place, only silence ensued. The event that Li Qiye was anticipating did not happen.

“It still isn’t coming out. It really is smart!”

Li Qiye murmured as he looked at all of the dead tree roots.

Earlier, he brought Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen to another hole in a different direction. Since they still couldn’t find the main root, Li Qiye guessed that the main root was always on the move to escape the hunt! Thus, Li Qiye set a trap to kill a large amount of evil plants in order to provoke the main root and lure it out.

However, even after killing so many, the main root still did not appear.

“Not bad, it can even endure this.”

Li Qiye was disappointed that he couldn’t wait for the main root to appear. This underground area was huge; wanting to hunt the main root that could traverse freely was not an easy matter.

Chen Baojiao, at this moment, was in a daze. She had no idea that, in the end, the one to save her was Li Qiye. Even Dao Child Shengtian, who was her fiance, didn’t help her. It was Li Qiye who came to the rescue!


Suddenly, the old servant pitifully bellowed and fell to the ground with a seizure. The roots were cutting his body and rivulets of the roots were visible along his muscles.

He had been stabbed by many evil thorns. Even though he cut the evil root, these remains inside his body continued to grow and he couldn’t suppress them.

“Grandpa Shi…”

The frightened Chen Baojiao wanted to lift the fallen old servant.

“Don’t move him. Watch out for the evil roots, they might enter your body.”

Li Qiye snapped. He immediately separated Chen Baojiao from the old servant, then he told Niu Fen:

“Rip open his wounds!”

Niu Fen immediately tore open the wounds of the old servant. Li Qiye then poured the holy water over the wounds. The old servant’s body immediately quivered in pain and he couldn’t help but to scream.

“How is Grandpa Shi?”

Chen Baojiao urgently cried. Her face was pale as a sheet of paper.

The evil plants inside his body were like leeches sprinkled with hydrated limes. They crawled out from the wounds, then fell dead onto the floor — motionless.

Once they have entered the body, only the holy water from the Six Dao Lotus could force the roots out. Otherwise, it would entrench inside the flesh and suck the blood of the human.

When Niu Fen applied golden medicine on the old servant, he was finally able to breath and open his eyes.

“Grandpa Shi, how are you feeling, now?”

Chen Baojiao hastily called. Seeing the revival of the old servant, she was ecstatic.

The old servant sat up with Chen Baojiao’s support. He struggled to take a deep breath, and then he answered:

“Young Miss, I can’t die just yet!”

“Old Man, your cultivation is not bad. Your deep Enlightened Being’s cultivation was really well hidden.”

Niu Fen said:

“Just a bit of rest and you will recover.”

“Young Noble Li, for saving Young Miss and this old man, I am very grateful.”

The old servant finally stood up and voiced his appreciation towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye slightly nodded his head. Then, he eyed Chen Baojiao and said:

“Even though you haven’t made your decision, I won’t let you be eaten by the evil plants.”

At this time, Chen Baojiao lowered her head in silence. This time, there were a few things that moved her heart, and unknowingly, she had already made her decision.

“What to do now?”

Being unable to lure the main root out, Li Shuangyan worriedly asked:

“After a trap has been sprung, it won’t fall for it a second time.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and said:

“This thing is wily; however, I still have one more method. Even if it is a demon, it will still have to drink my feet washing water. Come, we will go to a different cave. I don’t believe that it won’t come out!”

As he wasn’t able to lure it out, Li Qiye wanted to use a different secret card! That year, to destroy the Evil Typha Tree, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi left behind a preparation, here. Later on, Immortal Emperor Min Ren also fortified it after this place became the private property of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, in order to sweep through the surviving roots in the future.

Finally, Li Qiye took the group of Li Shuangyan to a different place. Chen Baojiao, along with her old servant, also followed him.

There were no more roots as they were traveling to a different location. The truth was that not only Li Qiye, but even the other cultivators in the other caves came to realize that the evil roots were no longer appearing.

The truth was that the main root underground was aware of the danger, and it felt that someone was hunting it. Thus, it became a ghost, lurking underground, and it no longer took action. It was laying dormant and waited, instead.

Eventually, Li Qiye and the others came to a large cave. This rocky cave was very big; however, without Li Qiye leading the way, others wouldn’t be able to find it.

There was a thing that looked like a giant box yet also a dao platform. It was unknown what godly ores this thing was made from. It emitted a faint light along with a brilliant ray, resembling a blood diamond — very beautiful.

A sword was hovering on top of this dao platform. On a closer look, this sword was not made from godly ore or treasure metal.

This black and white sword that was suspended on top of the dao platform, with careful observation, was found to be made from two types of woods; one side black and one side white. Black was like the obsidian stone; white was as white as jade. Seeing this white and black sword, others would think that it was made from jade.

However, Li Qiye was not captivated by the sword. His gaze was on a frog on top of the dao platform.

It was an ordinary frog; only, its belly was bigger. It was lying on the dao platform — motionless.

Li Qiye stared intensely at this frog. His eyes became incomparably red-hot and murmured:

“Truly unable to find the destination after wearing out iron soles, then inadvertently finding it without any effort.”[1. From the Southern Song Dynasty poet, Xia Yuangding. Meaning that even after walking and searching for so long that one’s iron shoes are even worn out, they still couldn’t find what they were searching for. Then suddenly, they later came across it by accident]


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