Chapter 1354: Location Of The Legacy Treasures

At this moment, dragons seemed to be awakening alongside his bloodline. Their roars could tear the world apart.

“This is the true bloodline of the Xiong Clan, even if it is a little sparse.” Li Qiye insipidly spoke without being surprised at all.

Qianbei was still in shock and couldn’t calm down. He sat planted his butt on the deck. The howling dragon aura was nowhere to be found, and his blood energy had returned to its usual level. He was still an insignificant human cultivator.

Li Qiye didn’t pay attention to the shocked cultivator and continued forward without waiting for Jianshi. The ship headed deeper into the Bonesea. Along the way, they met more skeletons that attacked them, but they couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s advance. Under his control, the ship moved as fast as a soaring dragon.

The skeletons became extraordinary once they reached deeper into this region. Qianbei saw a skeleton that resembled a dragon lying on the sea. There was a jumping flame by its stomach akin to a blossoming flower. It was in a perpetual cycle of blooming then withering then blooming again… Upon closer inspection, people would find that it was not a group of flames but an ancient rune. It was unreasonably complicated with flashing lights, as if stars were being created inside.

Qianbei also saw a giant skeletal bird that resembled a giant with its head held up high. This posture made it seem that even during its last moment, it didn’t give up. However, this was not the case, it simply had a sun in its mouth.

This sun was not particularly large, but it emitted terrifying refined flames, making it seem as if all of the flames in this world were gathered here. This pocket version of the sun could illuminate an entire world or be the genesis of a new generation of life.

There was also another skeleton suspended in the air. This one still had fur left that exuded a blue light — this was the thing keeping the skeleton up in the air.

All of these skeletons left behind their treasures. Even as time slowly passed, these treasures continued to exist, true to their worth.

After looking at these remains, Qianbei finally understood what Li Qiye meant when he talked about the opportunities earlier.

“Supreme treasures...” Ruyan murmured: “These are the most precious artifacts of these dead creatures.”

Just obtaining one of these artifacts could benefit cultivators for a lifetime. Of course, it wasn’t that easy to get any of them.

Li Qiye stopped the ship and said: “This is a safe zone.”

After a while, the daoist caught up after killing the Fiendmother.

After getting on the boat, he wryly smiled and said: “That was a narrow escape, I almost died in this sea just now.” Even though his appearance looked a bit ragged, he was still in high spirits.

Li Qiye gave him a side-eye in response: “It was only a minor battle, what is this about a narrow escape? That’s outrageous. You can say that when you meet a living Fiendmother. A dead one is nothing in comparison.”

The daoist embarrassingly coughed after being put down by Li Qiye. Of course, one had to admit that the daoist was very powerful. Any other Grand Godking would have died for sure after meeting a creature like the dead Fiendmother, unlike the daoist who came out unscathed in addition to killing it. This showed just how powerful he was.

More time passed. Jianshi had also killed the Massive Palm Divine Monkey and was now coolly standing on her drifting boneship.

Her dress fluttered with the wind; she was still as beautiful and elegant as always. With this current image, one could hardly imagine her carrying a giant axe. She landed on the deck and looked around without saying much. From start to finish, she maintained her noble demeanor and mature charm like a married woman. It was truly captivating.

The daoist finally looked around and saw the skeletons on the sea. He spoke with astonishment: “If they left behind these powerful legacies, just how incredible did they used to be when they were alive?”

This only made things even more frightening since all of these invincible existences died in this terrifying Bonesea.

Li Qiye let go of the rudder and sat down next to Fairy before telling the group with a smile: “Okay, the opportunities are right in front of you. It will be up to your fortune to see if you can get them or not.”

They stared at each of the skeletons. All of these legacy artifacts were quite powerful, so picking one out of this many wasn’t an easy task.

“Young Noble, can we take all of the treasures here?” Ruyan winked at Li Qiye. Her sparkling eyes could make people topple over.

Li Qiye laughed and replied: “Yes, as long as you are strong enough. However, this will cause the entire sea to riot. Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t want something like that to happen.”

“I’ll just pick one then, I’m too young to become a skeleton here.” After hearing him, she smiled in response.

The daoist asked Li Qiye: “Brother Li, you have an erudite understanding of this matter. How about you show me the way? Which legacy treasure is suitable for me?”

The daoist was normally a quiet man, but he seemed to be a bit cunning with this question.

Li Qiye glanced at him and chuckled: “Since you asked so modestly, I’ll tell you. Go all the way east from here until you see a location that resembles a mountain. The peak will be red as if blood is oozing from it. Climb up there and test your fortune.”

The daoist cupped his fists after obtaining some guidance and said: “Thank you for your advice, I’ll go give it a shot.” He jumped back on his boneship and drifted towards the direction Li Qiye spoke of.

“Young Noble, do you have some tips for me as well?” Ruyan coquettishly smiled at him.

Li Qiye answered: “Fine, I’ll be nice to the end since you sisters have treated me well. Come.” Having said that, he controlled the ship to relocate to another location.

They crossed the region and eventually stopped at an island. This was quite a rare sight. It was full of mists, giving it the appearance of an immortal land. If this island appeared in a blue ocean, people would actually think that immortals lived there.

Inside the mist was the faint sight of a tablet that reached all the way into the sky. People couldn’t see it completely due to poor visibility. Nevertheless, they could still tell that the tablet was made from a completely black metal. There were markings on it that could be text or morphing runes. It was impossible to see what the marks were due to the mist.

Li Qiye pointed at the stone tablet and said: “If you can obtain this tablet, then it will bring you a lifetime of benefits. It can also take your Heaven Devourer Evil Physique to the next level!”

“Really?” Ruyan felt elated after hearing this. Despite being the Evil Devourer Schoolmaster and seeing countless treasures while growing up, she was still very interested in this tablet that was capable of improving her physique.

Li Qiye gave her a glance and replied: “My words are truer than anything else in this world.”

Ruyan took a deep breath and stepped on the island without any carelessness. She activated her immortal physique instantly. An evil energy floated around her body, causing a demoness like her to look even more seductive.

She started walking towards the tablet shrouded in mist as a buzzing noise came out. The marks on the tablet suddenly rose and turned into a palm that flew right at her.

“Come!” She gave a shout as her evil energy rose into the air and turned into a black barrier to stop the suppressive palm.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” It was a successful block, but the palm was too powerful. Cracks appeared on the barrier.

“Activate!” She didn’t waste time thinking after seeing its power and summoned her cauldron while exerting her physique to its limit. She unleashed an unstoppable fire straight onto the tablet.

A loud explosion signaled the start of their battle!

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