Chapter 1352: Fiendmother

Li Qiye provided no answer. He continued to sail the ship in silence. For a while, the rest of the group fell into silence as well. The scene ahead was too shocking. The Kun and the humanoid giant were huge, unstoppable creatures. However, they have turned into mere bones.

Li Qiye suddenly broke the silence with a shout: “Ready up!”

“Bang!” The seawater splashed. In a split second, Li Qiye’s ship suddenly leaped across the sea and traveled more than ten thousand miles.

“Boom!” At the same time, a long and large skeleton rushed out from the seabed.

It looked quite bizarre. There was no head or tail, just a tube made out of bones. Inside were numerous teeth interlocked together like sharp, grinding gears. When these strange teeth-like gears start to rotate, it could crush everything to pieces.

“Splash!” It leaped straight out of the water towards the boneship.

“Come!” The daoist smiled and unleashed a fist with haste.

At this time, he didn’t try to hide his power. A Godking’s aura surged to the sky alongside a magnificent blood energy that surged out like a dam being broken. He immediately lit up as if his body was made out of gold.

Under his diamond physique, his fist looked just like a golden mountain that slammed towards this strange skeleton.

“Boom!” The skeleton was blown back into the sea, creating a large tidal wave!

However, after just a moment, it leaped out of the water to chase the ship.

Li Qiye laughed: “Go outside to fight, don’t break my ship.” Having said that, he moved the rudder. With the sound of a hatch being opened, a smaller ship dropped out from the bottom layer of where they were standing and floated to the surface of the sea.

“Okay!” The daoist jumped onto this boat and faced the incoming skeleton without fear.

“Rumble!” While the daoist confronted the strange skeleton, more splashes sounded. Several more skeletons that looked exactly like the one just now jumped out.

The girls quickly counted and found that there were nine of them.

These nine headless figures standing on the sea were quite creepy no matter how one looked at it. This was emphasized by them grinding their teeth, issuing rustling sounds.

Both the girls exclaimed: “What the hell are these things?”

“A Fiendmother has nine connectors.” Li Qiye looked at these bony tubes and said: “It’s a devilish creature that has died a long time ago but is still causing trouble.”

“Clank!” The daoist didn’t dare to be careless and underestimate these strange tubes. He took out his Ancient Purity Blade and readied himself to fight the enemies.

“Woooo!” The nine bizarre tubes suddenly let out a sharp and creepy cry. Whistling sounds could be heard as these creatures opened their mouths. Circular discs made out of bones suddenly shot out at extreme speeds.

These discs actually came together to form a large capstan, trapping the daoist in the middle in the blink of an eye. Countless sharp teeth within the contraption intended to grind him into mincemeat.

At the same time, these tubes also spat out long bony spurs with unbelievable sharpness. With lightning speed, they aimed for his heart. His body was trapped by the cutting capstan with a fatal bone spur aiming directly at him. Such a murderous technique would leave many masters helpless.

However, the daoist was still nonchalant. He let out a long laugh and said: “Good move!”

In this moment of life and death, his diamond physique erupted with a fiery light. With his current state, he ignored both the capstan and lethal bone spur while swinging his blade horizontally straight for the nine bone tubes.

“Clang! Clank! Clank!” The capstan tightened up around his body. The sharp gears seemed to be cutting into the hardest metal in the world with sparks flying everywhere. They failed to hurt him in the slightest.

At the same time, the long spurs finally struck his heart. With a blinding light like an exploding star, only a shallow dent was left behind; they couldn’t pierce through his chest.

“Clank!” A sword hymn echoed as the Ancient Purity Blade crossed the sky. Under the empowerment of his blood energy, this sword emitted an invincible imperial aura. One slash could sever myriad ages, bury the Yin and Yang, and decapitate gods and devils.

At this moment, others could see the daoist’s might as well as the formidable sword. This slash illuminated all eras. With a loud splash, the nine tubes were chopped into two and fell into the water.

His diamond physique on top of his cultivation of a Godking could allow him to easily sweep through Heaven Spirit. It would be difficult to find someone among the younger generation who could contend against him. Perhaps only Meng Zhentian could be his match.

“Crash!” A wave soared to the sky and the severed tubes soared up high once more. One could hear the clicky sounds of bones reconnecting.

In a short period of time, these severed tubes were completely connected again. The individual tubes disappeared and a full skeleton appeared before him.

This skeleton was huge. On top of it was a large skull greatly contrasting its rather slender exo-shell of a woman. Thorny spurs extended all around this slender figure. Each of them had a flashing dark brilliance that looked quite horrifying. It also spewed out a billowing black fog from its mouth just like a harrowing storm.

“What is it now?” Jianshi was startled to see this huge skeleton.

“That’s the Fiendmother.” Li Qiye smiled and replied: “The show is just beginning. It is enough to give him a hard time for a while.”

Having said that, he continued to move his ship along.

Qianbei couldn’t help but ask: “Are we not waiting for the Puresun Island Lord?”

“Don’t worry, he can’t die. Someone who can take the Ancient Purity Sword with him to the outside dying this easily? That would be too much of a disappointment.” Li Qiye didn’t even bother looking back.

This skeletal Fiendmother spewed out a tremendous amount of black fog in the shape of skull that flew straight at the daoist.

However, his physique was already activated, so he didn’t care for these fog skulls slamming into him.

“Bang!” These skulls all exploded with a force no less than the explosion of a star. The black fog continued to sweep over him. Not only were they powerful, they carried a terrorizing toxicity more than enough to render a mighty existence to ashes.

“Sizzle!” Initially, a glittering light from the diamond physique could be seen inside the black fog. However, this physique began to change. Its golden light dimmed. The fog was beginning to corrode his physique. He had to channel more blood energy so that the physique could light up again. His body that was turning black from the erosion began to shed layers of ash.

The black fog from a Fiendmother could annihilate a God-Monarch, but his diamond physique could withstand its corrosion.

At the same time, he attacked with his vibrating sword. It crossed the sky like a rainbow and went straight for the creature’s gigantic skull.

“Bang!” In this split second, the Fiendmother suddenly slammed its palms together to form a mudra that came pressing down.

This mudra was too fast. The daoist couldn’t block it, so he was blown flying! His chest caved in as if it crumbled. His sword attack was also capable of easily killing God-Monarchs, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Fiendmother. He clearly lost this particular exchange.

Luckily, he survived due to his special constitution. Any other Godking on the same level as him would have turned into blood.

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