Chapter 1350: Li Qiye’s Condition

Li Qiye’s solemn demeanor let the elder know that he didn’t mishear. However, he found it quite strange and didn’t know how to look at Li Qiye or what words to say.

In fact, Ruyan and Jianshi were stunned as well. After a while, Jianshi quietly reminded him: “Young Noble, the Prime Sea God has left this world for a long time.”

The Prime Sea God was the first sea god of the pavilion and rumored to be the strongest of his level.

Li Qiye flatly said: “I know who he is.”

The elder hesitated for a moment before responding: “Young Noble Li, please excuse me, but you should know that our Prime Sea God is no longer of this world. It is impossible to see him since we can’t revive him.”

Li Qiye told him: “You don’t understand. Just go back and tell your Hallowed Ancestor that I wish to see the Prime Sea God! If he is still hesitant, tell him that this is my only condition. I’m sure he will understand my intention.”

The elder truly didn’t get it. Everyone knew that the Prime Sea God wasn’t alive. Their pavilion had never tried to hide it. In fact, if they had a living sea god, they wouldn’t need to ask Li Qiye for this favor. 

But now, Li Qiye insisted on seeing Prime which was shaking the elder’s mind. Could the pavilion’s Prime Sea God actually be alive? He carefully thought about it and dispelled this notion. If Prime was still alive, then it meant that the Trident had always been in their possession.

Li Qiye had a rare moment of austerity as he told the stunned elder: “You just need to relay the message to the Hallowed Ancestor. This is my business. As long as he agrees, I’ll renew his life.”

The elder took a deep breath and earnestly nodded: “I’ll relay your message in full to the Hallowed Ancestor.”

Li Qiye casually dismissed him: “You may leave now.”

The elder hesitated and didn’t leave right away.

Li Qiye noticed him standing still and asked: “Is there anything else?”

“Well…” The elder wryly smiled: “May I ask when you will have some free time? Our lord wishes to see you.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “You still haven’t given up? I’m not interested in this stallion business.”

The elder awkwardly pressed on: “Young Noble, one meeting won’t be that bad. Our lord has been interested in seeing your great charisma in person, what do you…?”

Li Qiye interrupted him: “We can talk about this matter later once the Hallowed Ancestor agrees to my condition.”

After seeing his firm demeanor, the elder cupped his fist and bowed: “I’ll be taking my leave then.” He bid goodbye to the girls as well before leaving.

Ruyan grew very curious after seeing his departure and looked at Li Qiye: “Young Noble, are you sure you want to see the Prime Sea God?”

“Is there a problem?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile this time.

Jianshi had to interject: “The problem is, he has been dead for a long time now.” She didn’t believe that this sea god was still alive.

Li Qiye leisurely said: “That depends on how you define life and death. In your eyes, he is dead. In mine, he is still alive.”

Both the girls repeated in shock: “He’s still alive?” If this was true, it would be too earth-shattering.

“No, he’s dead.” Li Qiye laughed again.

“Young Noble, you are deliberately teasing us now. Can you just reveal what is going on?” Ruyan pouted in a charming pose that could make people fall over.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “He is indeed dead if we were to go by the definition of living creatures. However, he is still alive from the perspective of a sea god.” Having said that, he looked outside to contemplate.

“What does that mean?” Even smart people like them felt a bit lost.

“Why is it that sea demons and treants are not included in the nine worlds’ great races? In the nine worlds, they are not weaker than humans or charming spirits, so why are they excluded by the wise sages from the list of myriad races? What is the reason?”

The two were stunned for a bit. Even though they had never left Heaven Spirit, they knew from their readings that outside of their world, other people never mentioned the sea demons and treants as part of the great races.

However, no one has ever looked into this matter.

“Are you saying that sea gods and treefathers are similar? Even though a treefather might be dead, he will still return to the origin and take root in the earth. A tree controller will be able to communicate with an ancestral tree.” The intelligent Ruyan immediately connected sea gods and treefathers.

Li Qiye answered: “Right and wrong. The process treefathers undergo is unique to them. However, returning to the origin is something similar between the two types of existences.”

The meticulous Jianshi discovered an unprecedented door due to the time she spent with Li Qiye. He had given them too many surprises, but in this split second, she thought about a terrifying matter. Her heart trembled and she had to ask: “What about us, the charming spirits?”

Li Qiye gave her another look and cheerfully praised: “You sisters are indeed amazing. If you work together, what will your limit be? Ruyan is sharp while Jianshi is wise. Your ancestors electing you two as schoolmasters prove just how far-sighted they are.”

Ruyan coquettishly said: “Young Noble, there’s no need to praise us, just tell us the answers.” They weren’t happy from his praise since they were hellbent on understanding what was behind all of this.

Li Qiye looked at them and finally chuckled: “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but we have already reached this point. Out of consideration for your hard work and hospitality, I can tell you a little. In the sense of your origins, your three races are quite similar and are interconnected. At the very least, you were all part of the same race in the beginning…”

“... However, charming spirits are different from the other two. Your race will have a better future than them. It’s just as people say, you are the favored children of the heavens.”

He suddenly stopped and laughed: “But they are wrong! The villainous heavens will never favor a race or any person. If it did, it would be a bunch of devils! So, with regard to that phrase, even if your race is loved and adored, this affection isn’t coming from the heavens.”

The two quietly listened to Li Qiye. He didn’t explain everything clearly, but they found themselves to be lost in a reverie of thoughts.

“I can’t reveal too much about your race. After all, knowing might not necessarily be a good thing. It can even affect your dao heart.” Li Qiye smiled: “But the answer for your race lies in the great maelstrom!”

“The great maelstrom!” They couldn’t help but shudder after hearing this all-too-familiar name again.

“The origin of the charming spirits, eh.” Li Qiye looked outside with a tinge of regret and melancholy.

The two of them didn’t believe their own eyes. Such a sad expression could appear on his face?

“Young Noble, why do you want to see the Prime Sea God? What was it that made you change your mind?” Ruyan had this question brewing in her mind the entire time. Jianshi was just as curious.

The status of sea god was a different matter. It could be said that in the beginning, he could have made this request. It showed that he didn’t have any interest during the first meeting. However, on this second meeting with the elder, Li Qiye changed his mind; he didn’t even want the seven styles. Thus, the two girls wanted to know what the catalyst behind this change of heart was.

“Tell me, am I a good person?” Li Qiye asked a sudden and strange question instead.

The two couldn’t answer because one couldn’t use morality to judge a cultivator.

Li Qiye revealed a smile and continued: “In fact, I don’t know either. Some people have said that I am a good person while others argued for the opposite. I have always wanted to be a bad person, but time and time again, some still think that I am good. This world, it can make a person feel very helpless at times.”

Having said that, he showed a bitter smile while looking back at Fairy with a complex expression.

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