Chapter 1348: Seven Martial Pavilion’s Generous Payment

The elder’s words sounded astonishing to both the girls. They actually thought they had heard him wrong.

The pavilion had the name “Seven Martial” due to their seven styles. This was the belief of many people. Until now, these moves were top secrets and were never passed on to outsiders. In the pavilion itself, fewer than few were able to see the styles, but now, they were willing to give him the first three variations.

“Quite bold and ambitious.” Li Qiye was surprised as well: “It looks like your pavilion is going big this time.”

He didn’t care too much about this transaction. The seven styles might be amazing, but it wasn’t to the level where he must have them. At the same time, he didn’t think they would ever give it to an outsider. Thus, this concession from them was truly astonishing.

The third elder quickly smiled and added: “Thank you for your kind words. We are just acting out of necessity, not ambition. Our pavilion has no desire to compete against the rest of the world for hegemony.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye leisurely chuckled and stared at the elder: “If your pavilion has no such ambition, why the need for this concession?”

His eyes turned quite profound. The elder felt a bit scared; it felt as if he was seen through, so he lowered his head.

Li Qiye faintly smiled: “Fine, I’d like to hear the rest.”

This attitude was a good development for the third elder. At least things looked hopeful for the pavilion. After all, Li Qiye had a very indifferent attitude last time.

He busily responded: “Although we can’t give you all seven styles, we can compensate you in other ways. If you are willing, our Seven Seas Goddess is willing to marry you. At the same time, our dowry will be two sea god weapons. Feel free to put forward more conditions if you would like.”

The girls were impressed, the pavilion was going all out just to pull Li Qiye in. Anyone would be tempted by such conditions. The Seven Seas Goddess was not only powerful, she was also quite beautiful. Moreover, two sea god weapons made this deal even more tempting.

“Is this your pavilion’s idea or your successor’s, the Seven Seas Goddess’?” Li Qiye laughed in response.

The elder smiled back: “Young Noble Li, you can rest assured about this marriage. Our pavilion and lord can keep our word!”

Both Ruyan and Jianshi were surprised once more. Jianshi gave her congratulations: “So the goddess has taken the position of your lord. That’s great.”

They also understood why the goddess agreed to this arrangement. If she was only a disciple, then she could follow her own desires. However, it was different for a lord whose responsibility was to shoulder the rise and fall of their lineage. They were also schoolmasters, thus they understood the heavy responsibilities that ensue.

The elder respectfully said: “Thank you, Schoolmasters. The truth is that our lord has taken the position more than two years ago, but we didn’t announce it to the world.”

Li Qiye smiled: “Because your Hallowed Ancestor is about to die, your pavilion wishes to keep a low-profile on these matters.”

The elder coughed after Li Qiye blurted everything out. He wryly smiled and said: “Nothing can hide from your keen sight. In this generation, the goddess is indeed the most promising to become the next sea god. Logically speaking, her promotion to being our lord is a grand matter. It should be a magnificent feast, but the Hallowed Ancestor’s situation is not good, so we didn’t want to draw further attention to ourselves.”

Li Qiye lightly smiled: “Since you already know that I’m observant, just get everything out in the open. Outside of the life renewal, your pavilion also wants my seed, an imperial bloodline! Thus, you are willing to do everything to succeed so that your goddess will ascend to godhood and have me become the next Immortal Emperor.”

He gave an amusing laugh after stating this.

The elder grew bolder and asked: “Do you not have confidence about becoming emperor? You are exceptionally gifted, so wouldn’t it be a great pity if you don't ascend to the throne?”

Li Qiye chuckled: “This goading won’t work on me.” His eyes turned serious as he stared at the elder: “We can leave the seven styles aside and focus on your Hallowed Ancestor’s plan as well as the direction your pavilion will take in the future.”

The third elder chuckled as well and said: “Ah, well, our pavilion hopes that you can become Immortal Emperor and our lord, the next sea god.”

“Third Elder, if you want to negotiate with me, then just be honest, don’t play games like this.” Li Qiye coldly spoke: “There are some things that you might not be qualified to know, but if your Hallowed Ancestor has sent you here to negotiate, it means that he has made a decision and told you certain things. So, Third Elder, let’s cut to the chase if you actually wish to negotiate.”

The third elder was slightly startled: “How did you know it was the Hallowed Ancestor who sent me?”

Li Qiye insipidly responded: “It’s very simple. Who can actually be in charge of using the seven styles as a bargaining tool? Who has such guts? If it was any other ancestor from your pavilion, they wouldn’t be willing to bear this mark of a sinner, the full burden of the blame. In your entire sect, only your Hallowed Ancestor dares to make this grand gamble!”

“You truly see through everything.” The elder sighed and confessed: “Yes, it was the Hallowed Ancestor who sent me here to talk to you.”

Li Qiye said: “Then tell me his plan.” 

The elder hesitated for a moment before glancing over at Ruyan and Jianshi.

“Young Noble, we’ll be off then.” Jianshi hurriedly said after seeing the elder’s demeanor.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively while looking at the elder: “Stay and listen. Third Elder, I trust the two of them. If I am no longer in Heaven Spirit one day, the Void Imperfection Schools will act as my representatives, do you understand?”

“Excuse me, I worried too much, I hope Schoolmasters will forgive me.” The elder quickly cupped his fists and apologized to the two girls.

Jianshi replied: “You are being overly polite, Third Elder.” In fact, his actions were understandable.

Li Qiye said: “Since your Hallowed Ancestor has made up his mind to do this, we’ll be frank with each other.”

The elder finally took a deep breath and began: “Young Noble, the truth is that our Hallowed Ancestor wishes to make a change, the biggest reformation to our bloodline.”

Li Qiye stared at him and slowly said: “Your sect does not wish for something as simple as a sea god or an Immortal Emperor for your groom. What you truly want is to use my bloodline to give birth to an unfathomable descendant! This will be the revolution of your bloodline, the wish of your Hallowed Ancestor.”

“He only wishes for change.” The elder let out a hollow laugh.

Li Qiye continued: “This is too clear from the fact that he wishes to team up with me and not Meng Zhentian. He wishes to produce more offspring with my imperial human bloodline. He’s not a fool, so I’m sure he has already explained everything to you beforehand.”

“Well…” The third elder found it difficult to respond because they didn’t have things planned to this point yet.

Li Qiye speculated: “I know what your ancestor intends to do. The reproduction of our bloodlines will be the last part of the negotiation. As for your pavilion’s plan, that is even further into the future. He wishes to bring this up after our marriage, when our marital bond and love becomes stronger.”

“Uh…” The third elder lost control of this deliberation because it was proceeding too quickly. Both sides hadn’t talked about cooperating just, yet but they had gotten to the latter points already.

The elder quickly said: “Young Noble, if you would like, you can talk to our Hallowed Ancestor about these future plans some other time. If you form an alliance with us, we will not hide anything from you since we will be a family connected by bonds!”

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