Chapter 1341: Meeting Su Yonghuang Again

Li Qiye continued to let the ship sail at great speeds, leaving the other ships drifting along far behind them. Along the way, there was a boneship with a single passenger going back. This was indeed quite rare. Right now, the reason why everyone was rushing towards the Bonesea was because of the object of immortality. The feast was just beginning, so who would be willing to leave this early?

Li Qiye suddenly turned the ship and blocked the boneship drifting back.

Li Qiye teased the person on the ship: “Hey gorgeous, where are you going? Want a ride?”

Standing there was a woman with a graceful demeanor. She wore a yellow dress and had an unparalleled noble demeanor as if she was an empress.

She angrily glared at him and said: “Be a good boy and call me master instead of being a pest.”

“Forget it, don’t try and take advantage of being my master.” Li Qiye grinned and asked: “I crossed countless lands just to see you, yet this is all you have to say to me?”

She maintained her vexing glare: “You came just to find me? Please, in my eyes, you are just here to show off.”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “I can’t do anything if you think of me like that. I can only lament my luck for picking a master like you.”

This woman was Su Yonghuang, the person that Li Qiye had been searching for. He wasn’t surprised to see her here at the Bonesea.

It was the same for her to see Li Qiye because she had heard of his glorious tales already.

She unhappily quipped: “Don’t act like this before me.” There was a hint of charm in her noble temperament. However, her expression became slightly happier. She knew she would meet him eventually since he was in Heaven Spirit and was glad to meet an acquaintance in a foreign land.

Ruyan’s group found it astonishing after listening in to this conversation. They didn’t expect for Li Qiye to have a master, a young beauty at that.

However, judging by their demeanors, their relationship was quite strange. The master didn’t act like a master and neither did the disciple. The two were completely different from each other.

He smilingly asked: “I’m going to take a look at the Bonesea, are you going with me or not?”

Su Yonghuang shook her head: “No, I was just there. I’m leaving for the Godhalt Continent to find the Undying Gate since I received some clues about it.”

He asked: “What kind of clues?”

Yonghuang didn’t hide anything from Li Qiye: “The ancestor left behind some things and I just so happened to find them. It’ll be good if I can find the missing treasure.”

Having said that, she took out a diagram. It was made by combining two different drawings. Li Qiye took it and said: “You obtained this piece from the Minor Zen School?”

She answered: “Yes, I’m following the clues from it, so I want to go to the Undying Gate. From what little I’ve heard, the gate is probably still there.”

Li Qiye took a good look at the drawing and murmured: “What a guy, Immortal Emperor Bu Si. He indeed hid it back then!”

“It has something to do with Immortal Emperor Bu Si?” She was slightly startled although confused.

He looked at her and asked: “Don’t tell me you don’t know what this drawing records?”

She replied: “I only know that this was a clue left behind by the ancestor. After arriving here, I found out that it has something to do with the Undying Gate.”

After taking a careful look at the drawing, Li Qiye revealed: “I don’t actually know where your ancestor went back then, but since he obtained this, I know exactly what he wanted to do.”

Having said that, he drew a circle on the map: “If you can’t find the treasure at the Undying Gate, then go to this place instead! Since he came with half of the map, I’m sure he knew about this matter. He definitely didn’t only come for the woman.”

“I’m not sure about this, where is this place?” She revealed a beautiful smile and took the map for a look at the place Li Qiye circled.

“A very dangerous location!” Li Qiye replied in a serious manner: “If you can’t find anything at the Undying Gate, then you can go take a look. However, do not rush in, wait for me to catch up first.”

“I will.” She memorized his words and nodded her head before putting the diagram away.

“When I finish dealing with some matters here, I’ll go find you at Godhalt.” Li Qiye noticed that she was anxious to find the lost treasure from her ancestor and didn’t try to stop her.

“Come fast!” She glared at him before glancing at Ruyan and Jianshi: “Stop your philandering too!”

Li Qiye laughed and let go of her boneship so that it could drift again.

“Oh? Young Noble, is she really your master?” Ruyan charmingly smiled while watching Yonghuang’s departing figure.

Li Qiye continued to grin without answering this question. Of course, the group noticed that something was strange about their relationship. No one would believe that they were master and disciple.

“Don’t tell me you have something going on with your master? I smelled a little jealousy from her words earlier.” Ruyan chuckled with her lovely, sparkling eyes. One’s heart would itch after seeing her playful appearance.

She happily continued: “So you are someone who likes this kind of play between master and disciple...”

Li Qiye didn’t explain or refute this kind of teasing and continued to drive the boneship forward.

The Bonesea was vast, but no one knew the exact size of it. At this time, they have already sailed through a large area, but it could only be considered the entrance.

He shouted: “Sit tight, we’re about to enter the real Bonesea. You better grab onto something or else you’ll fall off. No one can save you then.”

The group quickly stabilized their bodies. Xiong Qianbei took it a step further by tying himself to the ship with a rope.

“Boom!” The waves suddenly rose in a wild manner as if it was affected by a powerful force. An unbelievable scene appeared before everyone. The water rushed forward, but it was heading straight for the sky instead of an area with less water.

It kept on rushing forward straight towards the boundless sky as if it was being pulled on by an extremely powerful force. Not many would be able to observe this bizarre scene since it was most likely unique to the Bonesea. The entire ship was chaotically swaying on top of the water and appeared to be on the verge of capsizing.

Li Qiye drove the ship and shouted at the group: “Hold on!” The water carried an unimaginable momentum, so Li Qiye began to lose control. He could only let the ship follow the current up into the sky.

“Rumble!” The ship frantically quaked. To the dismay of its passengers, it felt like the ship would break apart at any moment. The group was strong enough to stabilize their bodies, but they were still dizzy from the crazy shaking of the current. If Li Qiye didn’t remind them earlier, they would have been in some embarrassing state at this moment.

Xiong Qianbei suffered the most despite having tied himself to the ship. He lost all sense of direction and limped around on the spot.

This seemed to be the end of the world; the heaven and earth were about to break apart alongside Heaven Spirit itself. Everything turned dark and was on the verge of disappearing. Outside of blaring explosions, nothing else was in sight.

This situation persisted for a long time. Eventually, the clamor and quaking stopped. Everything became quiet once more.

At this time, the group found that they were weightless. Even powerful cultivators like them couldn’t control themselves in this state and could only let their bodies float in the air.

Li Qiye spoke with a smile at the confused group: “Grab onto something around you. If you fly out of the ship, then that would be the end. You will disappear from this world.”

He led the way out of the ship towards the deck while holding onto the hull.

Li Qiye sat down with both hands on the deck to stabilize his body while speaking: “This is a rare spectacle. All of you, come and take a look. Perhaps you will gain something from this.”

The group copied Li Qiye’s method to come to the deck. They buckled down to avoid floating out of the ship. Qianbei relied on his ropes again. He wasn’t as strong as the others, so his life would be over if he made a single mistake.

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