Chapter 134 : Evil Root Underground (2)

 Chapter 134 : Evil Root Underground (2)

“The Evil Typha Tree…”

Hearing this name, Niu Fen felt the creeps all over his body, and he lost his colors:

“I have heard of the legends regarding this existence. This thing is like a fiend and will not die after many slayings. No matter who meets it, death will be their only path and they will become its meal. However, since the ages till now, I’ve never heard of anyone seeing an Evil Typha Tree!”

“There are gods?”

Chen Baojiao, who was standing to the side, heard about gods and she couldn’t help but ask:

“There really are gods in this world?”

Li Qiye glanced at her and said:

“You tell me, why are you here? For the treasure of the gods or the Godly Monarch weapon?”

When asked by Li Qiye, Chen Baojiao lifted her head to meet his gaze, and she replied with a serious tone:

“The legends of the gods’ universal laws. The most ancient of the laws, they are able to break through all obstacles and return to the origin!”

“So you are here for the universal laws of the gods.”

Li Qiye understood. Chen Baojiao had a limited Physique and wanted to break through her own predicament. Thus, when she heard that there was a treasure of the gods, she wanted to aim for the universal laws of the gods.

Li Qiye smiled, then he shook his head as he said:

“I’m afraid you will be disappointed. There are no universal laws of the gods, here. I am not clear if there are gods in this world, but at the very least, there are no laws of the gods in this place.”

“Hmph, this is your first time here, how would you know whether or not this place has treasures or universal laws of the gods? You are simply speculating at best.”

Chen Baojiao coldly snorted. She was naturally not willing to just give up. Finished speaking, she and the old man went towards the other direction.

“You are not stopping her?”

Seeing Li Qiye’s relaxed state, Li Shuangyan glanced at him and said:

“In my opinion, she was willing to go with you.”

“With such an arrogant attitude, it is not a bad thing to let her suffer a little bit.”

Li Qiye slowly spoke; he was in no hurry at all.

Niu Fen said:

“That old man, her driver next to her is also not simple. I believe he is an Enlightened Being. Even if she is going to suffer, it will not be too dangerous.”

“Come, we will go find our objective!”

Li Qiye analyzed his current position a little bit. He finally went into a different direction and went inside another cave.

The moment Li Qiye went inside, other cultivators underground were extremely excited as well. They only wished that they could search the entire crater and find all of the treasures.

There were more than a hundred different sects and countries here, along with more than ten thousand cultivators. When Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, along with Dao Child Shengtian and their people, went into the cavern, some sects followed them while others chose their own paths.

However, whether it was the cultivators who were following them or the ones that chose their own paths, they all had amazing results!

The caves were complex, but under this vast underground world, there were many hidden treasures. There were not only rare and strange plants and grass, but also treasure metals and godly ores. Even the exceedingly rare True Fate Godly Ore was present.

“Yin Spring Water…”

A grand sect master saw the spirit spring and excited exclaimed:

“Hurry, hurry, bring all of the spring water to me. Yin Spring Water, ah! This is the best water to nourish Yin Fish!”

“Onyx Tree…”

A Demon Monarch couldn’t believe it as he was looking at an ancient tree three feet ahead. He was moved and excitedly said:

“An Onyx Tree, this is the treasure of our demon branch, ah!”

He then immediately dug up this amazing treasure.

“Haha! A Six Runes Treasure Metal, I am rich now!”

A cultivator dug out an exceedingly rare Saint Copper, and he uncontrollably jumped up from excitement.

“A Bone Transformation Fish…”

In the underground yin river, someone caught a mysterious fish.

“Where are you running? This Drill Wind Rat was found by us first.”

There were many strange and wonderful treasures underground. In this moment, many cultivators were very excited and wished that they could dig every inch of this land.

This place used to be a treasure ground by itself, and it was then entrenched by the Evil Typha Tree. The treasures here had once been taken away, but after millions of years, this treasure ground was able to give birth to many strange plants and grass, along with treasure metals and godly ores!

However, when these cultivators were drunk with their harvest, underground, many tree roots silently came out from the mud. Some were as big as an arm while others were the size of a hair. They were like spirit snakes and were impossible to be noticed. And these tree roots were moving like a poisonous snake that hid in the darkness, waiting and moving.


Suddenly, there was a miserable shriek. A tree root, the size of an arm, suddenly crawled out and penetrated the chest of a cultivator.

“Little Brother…”

The abrupt change happened too quickly, rendering many of his fellow disciples to be shocked.


But in a flash, this tree root drained the blood of this cultivator and, like a snake, it drilled down into the ground. Then, it suddenly appeared on the other side and stabbed another practitioner.


The frightened cultivator roared and slashed forward with his saber towards this tree root. It cut through the root, but the remaining fragment still pierced through his chest like an arrow.


The dying cultivator couldn’t believe this scene. As the root invaded his chest, it sucked up all of his blood, like a leech, then it suddenly went underground again.

“What kind of monster is this…”

Seeing the events that transpired right before their eyes, everyone felt a cold chill that reverberated throughout their bodies!

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

In the blink of an eye, waves of tree roots rushed out from the ground and attacked the other cultivators.


A Royal Noble finally took action. He unleashed a torrential aura with a godly light that was capable of destroying everything. In a flash, he destroyed one tree root after another. However, these roots were much more frightening than their imaginations. Even if they were cut in half, they could still escape and hide underground. Only a complete destruction would be their true end.


Momentarily, there were many pitiful bellowings inside the complex maze. Many cultivators met the disaster of being penetrated and being drained of their blood.


Many experts started to take action, especially the Royal Nobles. They were extremely domineering and each of their moves destroyed an attacking root.

The strongest was still Heavenly Prince Qingxuan. Surrounded by his surging azure aura, he swept through any places that he treaded on. All of the roots, no matter how huge they may be, would have to retreat in the presence of this azure light.

“Qingxuan’s Emperor Treasure…”

Seeing such a strong aura, many cultivators that were following behind him were shocked. With Heavenly Prince Qingxuan opening the way, it became more secure.


Dao Child Shengtian also didn’t fall behind. He rampaged and destroyed waves and waves of the tree roots’ onslaught!


There were many sounds in the cavern below. There were the sounds of killing, screaming, and also the cheering of people obtaining treasures — they were all woven into one melody.

The deeper the path, the stronger the attack of the roots became. Many more cultivators suffered, but the big sects still continued to go deeper. To them, the treasures here were too tempting. Plus, no one had seen the treasure of the gods yet, so no one was willing to give up.

Because there were so many mysterious plants and metals underground, all of the cultivators became even more convinced that there was a treasure of the gods here, just like the legends had claimed!

Li Qiye found his path and was also met with attacks from the tree roots like the other sects, but to Li Qiye, this was not a problem.


Suddenly, an arm size tree root rushed out from the ground and stabbed towards Li Qiye with a lightning-like speed.

The tree root’s speed was fast, but Li Qiye was even faster. He suddenly grabbed this tree root and crushed it in his hands. However, even though the tree root was crushed, it turned into smaller, needle-like roots and went straight for Li Qiye’s skin, wanting to penetrate his muscles.

However, once the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique came out, his body became terrifyingly stout and the tree roots simply couldn’t pierce through. Li Qiye coldly laughed and pulled with a disastrous force.

“Bang– Bang– Bang–”

In one fell swoop, the long tree root was tore down alive. These roots were very long. Every time Li Qiye tore them apart and down onto the ground, they were like serpents that coiled around him. Suddenly, Li Qiye was densely covered by three layers of these roots.


Li Qiye slightly shook his body with the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, exerting millions of jin. Just a simple shake was enough to crush everything. The roots on his body broke into many snags and were still wiggling. They tried to burrow underground to escape.

Then, Li Qiye activated his Fate Palace and the Kun Peng leapt up. The Kun Peng opened its mouth, like a giant that could consumed the entire ocean, and easily swallowed all of the root branches. Then, the emperor’s power of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants easily crushed all of the tree snags.

Compared to Li Qiye, Li Shuangyan was simply a fairy with her Void Imperfection Physique. She was like a blooming holy lotus that emitted sacred lights. The tree roots wanting to stab Li Shuangyan could not get close to her. They were even afraid of her aura.

Li Shuangyan swung her sword and swept through the air. The sword edge annihilated all of the tree roots.

However, the simplest and most direct was still Niu Fen. He hid inside his giant shell. It had a great origin and was incredibly fortified; the roots couldn’t pierce through it. He rolled down towards the depths of the cavern — like a boulder — and bluntly crushed all of the tree roots he passed by.


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