Chapter 1333: Meng Zhentian’s Enticement

As the group was preparing to depart for the Bonesea once more, someone else came to visit.

A boneship floated from the Bonesea with two people on board, one old and one young.

The old man looked extraordinary with a sword on his back. This sword was thick and huge, a great contrast to his own stature. Though he hid his aura, there were sharp glints in his eyes like unstoppable sword strikes, evident by his suffocating sword dao.

As for the youth, many people knew that it was Bao Yujiang from the Dream Empyrean.

An older character immediately recognized the old man and blurted: “Cao Guojian!”

“Cao Guojian?” Others shuddered after hearing this name.

This was Meng Zhentian’s youngest disciple. Rumor has it that he became Zhentian’s direct disciple after joining the Dream Empyrean during the Difficult Dao Era.

Although Meng Zhentian didn’t spend a long period teaching Cao Guojian about cultivation, his talents shined during this arduous generation. It was difficult to find a suitable opponent for him during his youth. Others praised him as the best swordsman in Heaven Spirit. Ultimately, he reached the peak by becoming an excellent God-Monarch.

Keep in mind that it was exceedingly difficult to even become a paragon during the Difficult Dao Era, let alone a God-Monarch. After this era ended, he eventually became a Grand Godking.

It has been said that if he hadn’t been born at the wrong time, he could have become an invincible Godking. Even if he couldn’t become a Nine Worlds Godking, he would at least be a World Dominating Godking.

Cao Guojian disembarked his boneship and boarded the Evil Devourer School’s boat. He told the disciples here: “Dream Empyrean disciple, Cao Guojian. Under the orders of my master, I am here to see Schoolmaster Liu and Schoolmaster Zhuo.”

Many cultivators slightly trembled after hearing this, especially the experienced ones who smelled something different in the air.

“Could it be that Meng Zhentian has begun to recruit the heroes of this world?” A sect master murmured to himself after making this prediction.

Everyone knew that Meng Zhentian wanted to become the Immortal Emperor. These candidates didn’t need to antagonize everyone in the world. In fact, throughout history, many great powers were willing to form an alliance with promising candidates.

This sudden visit from Cao Guojian under Meng Zhentian’s orders had a different feeling to it.

An insightful elder murmured: “If the Void Imperfection Three Schools form an alliance with the Dream Empyrean, he will become a tiger with wings. His path towards Immortal Emperor will be even easier.”

Despite being low-key, the Void Imperfection Schools were still a behemoth of the Charming Spirit Race and Heaven Spirit as a whole. It held a pivotal position in the worldly order.

If they were to ally with the Dream Empyrean, then not far in the future, the four branches might do so as well.

If it came down to this, Meng Zhentian would be completely victorious. No one would be able to stop his army.

Inside the boat, Ruyan and Jianshi heard the message from the disciples. Their eyes darted at each other and then Li Qiye.

In their opinion, their schools would definitely follow Li Qiye. He could make any decision in their stead.

The daoist sitting to the side smiled and said: “The guest comes bearing ill-will.”

The daoist was quite a character, so he naturally understood the reason for Cao Guojian’s visit.

Li Qiye smiled and added: “I like this type of guest the most. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was agreeable all the time? Only blood and bones will paint the path of an Immortal Emperor, one full of passion and fun.”

Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude left the two girls with helpless smiles. Even someone as restless as Ruyan, a demoness, wasn’t a match for Li Qiye in terms of bloodthirst and murder.

Massacring and clan extermination was just an ordinary meal to Li Qiye. It was as if a day without war and blood would be a boring and lonely day.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He shook his head after noticing the stares: “I’m not a murderous demon or butcher, I’m simply stating the truth. The path of an emperor will be paved with dried bones, and even after becoming one, the future will still be full of obstacles and death.”

The daoist smiled in response: “Before knowing Brother Li, I might have felt some regret for not choosing the path of the heavens, but now, I think the path of the grand era is more suitable for me. With you here, there is no chance for me to become emperor.”

These words were not uttered carelessly. He truly had the power and talents to reach for the throne. Even if Meng Zhentian came out, he just needed another three to five years before being able to compete all the same.

“Let him in.” Li Qiye told Ruyan: “If Meng Zhentian won’t come, we can still listen to his disciple for a bit.”

Ruyan followed his instruction. A bit later, Bao Yujiang and Cao Guojian were led inside by the disciples.

Yujiang followed his master in. The moment he saw Li Qiye, his eyes ignited with rage. He glared at him as if this feud wouldn’t end until one of them died.

Guojian politely greeted Ruyan and Jianshi. He found it a bit surprising to see Daoist Puresun as well: “So Puresun Island Lord is also here? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just passing by.” The daoist smiled and left.

Guojian cupped his fists before formally taking out a document. He solemnly handed it to Ruyan and Jianshi while saying: “I have been entrusted the task to visit Schoolmasters by my master.”

The two took a look. This was a formal document of communication between great powers with the personal signature of Meng Zhentian.

The three words “Meng Zhentian” were majestic and exuded a mighty aura that struck at the face; it was as if he was standing before them.

Ruyan accepted the document and cheerfully asked: “What business are you here for, Lord Cao?”

Guojian wanted to speak, but he refrained from doing so after seeing Li Qiye leisurely sitting there.

Jianshi gracefully said: “Young Noble Li and our Void Imperfection Schools are on the same side. Lord Cao, you don’t have to watch your words.” [1. The raw would be “under the same household”, but you can see why it would be weird. This phrase works for allies/families/friends. You can see what Jianshi is implying with this.]

Guojian looked at him a bit more before speaking: “Schoolmaster Liu, Schoolmaster Zhuo, my master’s emergence this time will certainly result in him becoming the Immortal Emperor. I am here to formalize an alliance between our sects in order to lead the charming spirits in Heaven Spirit to a new golden age with our immortalized contributions.”

This was within the two girls’ expectations. Meng Zhentian wanted to become an emperor and actually thought about leading the charming spirits. He would be able to leave behind a great legacy in the future. This type of honor was an irresistible temptation.

Moreover, the support of the Void Imperfection Schools meant that he would also garner the support of the majority of the Charming Spirit Race. Its might would wipe out some of the obstacles in his future.

Jianshi smiled and slightly shook her head in response: “We appreciate Senior Meng’s high evaluation of us. However, our three schools have always been free and have no intention of competing against the world. Send him our regards.”

Guojian was stunned after hearing this. He didn’t expect her to make a decision this quickly, and definitely not this frank of a refusal. He regained his wits and quickly replied: “Schoolmaster Zhuo, there’s no need to make a decision right now. My master hopes that your sect can carefully think about the alliance. You should consult the elders before making a decision.”

Despite the guise of persuasion, this was also a veiled threat.

“I can give you a serious response right now. Our schools have no intention of involving ourselves in this competition. I’m not just speaking on behalf of my Sacred Spring School, my words speak for all three Void Imperfection Schools.”

This was not an impulsive decision or overstepping her authority. In fact, the ancestors from the three schools had already given her a clear answer, Li Qiye!

In their eyes, picking a true whale rider was much better than joining hands with an Immortal Emperor. Their ancestral whale was already powerful enough, and a whale rider would be able to exert its true power. With this combination, they could sweep through the entire world.

Instead of fawning over Meng Zhentian, it was better to pick Li Qiye. Moreover, they also thought that he had a great chance of becoming the Immortal Emperor.

Spending these last few days together with Li Qiye only made Jianshi even more determined. Making Li Qiye stay with them was more important than anything else!

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