Chapter 1332: The Profound Sea Monarch’s Decision

Chapter 1332: The Profound Sea Monarch’s Decision

After hearing Li Qiye’s response, the monarch’s eyes lit up with an oppressive bite. An imperial aura emerged. Even paragons would feel pressured under his momentum.

However, Li Qiye was completely unaffected and nonchalantly sat there.

The monarch slowly uttered while maintaining his glare: “It seems like you are full of confidence. Do you think you alone can sweep through the entire Heaven Spirit World?”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “No. I know that with my own strength, it is more than enough to ravage the entire nine worlds!”

Anyone else would find Li Qiye’s words to be blasphemously haughty. Ravaging the nine worlds was a statement no one would say outside of Immortal Emperors.

The glint in the monarch’s eyes sharpened during this staredown. His whole mind was focused on Li Qiye, as if he wanted to figure out something by looking into his eyes.

One with a haunting gaze and one seated leisurely — this went on for some time.

Eventually, the monarch dispersed his horrifying momentum and converged his aura before speaking: “No matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger. It was her lack of propriety for opposing you, she didn’t understand the immensity of the heaven and earth.”

Many would be surprised to hear these words come from the monarch. One must remember that Li Qiye killed his favorite concubine, yet he wasn’t trying to obtain revenge right now. It was simply inconceivable.

“Profound King, I actually thought you were here for revenge.” Ruyan came out after finishing her tasks. She smiled after hearing his response.

Because the Profound Monarch was also the king of the Profound Dynasty, others called him the Profound King as well.

The monarch faintly smiled in response: “Schoolmaster Liu, I will repay certain enmities. If my concubine’s killer was on the same level as me, I would absolutely kill them not only for revenge but also to establish my authority!”

She charmingly quipped: “Then what about my Young Noble? Are you saying that you are not on his level?”

The monarch gave Li Qiye a cold glance and snorted without answering Ruyan.

Li Qiye sat there and chuckled: “This is a bit surprising. Anyone else would have a hard time enduring this anger.”

The monarch scowled: “Don’t be surprised. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am unable to see through your true power, I would have made mincemeat out of you. It was her fault for being blind and seeking her own death by opposing you.”

Ruyan asked: “Hey now, Profound King, these words are too frank. Are you not afraid that your other concubines will be hurt from hearing this?”

The monarch responded: “Schoolmaster, there’s no need to goad me. She was only a woman, this isn’t enough for me to involve the entire Profound Dynasty. Moreover, I gave her wealth and prestige. She, on the other hand, didn’t find me strong allies and instead only provoked a supreme enemy. Her death was her own fault.”

The monarch betrayed all expectations. No one would be able to endure their favorite concubine being killed, yet he could let go of this grudge and not try to obtain revenge.

Li Qiye smiled and told the monarch: “Interesting, sit down for a drink.”

The daoist finally spoke at this time: “Brother, why not come with me to the Bonesea? We can support each other.”

The monarch cupped his fists towards the daoist before glaring at Li Qiye to say: “Senior Brother, I appreciate your goodwill. However, my willingness to forego this grudge does not mean that I want to befriend him. Even though I do not want revenge, I still don’t like him. There’s no need for the drink.”

Li Qiye clapped his hands approvingly, quite pleased with the response. He said: “Very straightforward, how interesting. Because of this response, I will spare your life even if we become enemies later on!”

The monarch didn’t reply to such domineering words. He gave Li Qiye one last side-eye before turning around to leave.

However, he suddenly stopped after remembering something. He turned and asked the daoist: “Senior Brother, it has been a few years, have you made any progress with Senior Aunt?”

“Brother, what are you saying?” The daoist blushed and shook his head.

The monarch stared at him and pressed on: “Why bother hiding when it has reached this level? You aren’t the only one who knows this, even she herself knows about it! As the saying goes, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ fields. She is such a beauty, yet you still want her to marry an outsider? If you like her, you need to make a move!”

“Don’t try to egg me on, I have my own discretion.” The daoist’s face became hot as he glared at the monarch.

“Stop, Senior Brother, I know you too well. Everything about you is excellent outside of your lack of ambition! If I had your talents, I would have reached for the Heaven’s Will already. This Meng Zhentian or whatever, I would have cut him down! You are blessed with an unparalleled aptitude, yet you’re wasting it away by idling about!” The monarch showed a disdainful look.

He continued on: “Nothing can be done about that, one does not necessarily have to become an Immortal Emperor. However, if you don’t even dare to chase after the woman you like, then you would be failing your supreme blessings even more! Senior Brother, you must reconsider. If you don’t court her, someone else will win her over. She has many suitors in Heaven Spirit, after all.” With that, the monarch finally left.

The daoist only wryly smiled without responding to the monarch.

Many eyes were staring at the giant boat outside. They thought that a fight would break out between the monarch and Li Qiye. However, they were surprised to see the monarch leave. How could such a prestigious character endure this anger?

Nobody knew what was going on, but they didn’t dare to comment in the presence of the monarch.

The monarch didn’t care for their opinions either and boarded a boneship to head towards the Bonesea.

Back inside the boat, Li Qiye drank a nice cup of tea given to him by Jianshi. He smiled at the daoist: “Your junior brother is an interesting fella.”

The daoist smiled back: “He has always been like this. We grew up together and he’s perfect outside of being a bit arrogant and competitive. The Profound Dynasty — in his hands — will be able to shine.”

The daoist was much greater than the monarch in terms of talents and power. However, the two had a great friendship. The monarch never held any jealousy towards his excellent senior brother.

On the contrary, he felt regret for his brother. In his opinion, the daoist could compete for the Heaven’s Will and perhaps be the most likely candidate as well.

Unfortunately, the daoist didn’t have this ambition. He chose the path of the grand era instead of the heavenly path. More importantly, he never cared for fame and wealth, so despite holding immense power, he was relatively unknown.

The monarch himself chose the path of the grand era because of his brother. If someone as matchless as his brother didn’t obtain the Heaven’s Will, then it would be too tasteless for an inferior person like him to reach for it.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “However, your brother is right. If you don’t dare to chase after someone you like, it would be an affront towards your innate gifts.”

The daoist couldn’t find an answer to this comment and let out a hollow laughter.

He liked the Golden Era Palace Master. However, as his martial aunt, she was one generation higher than him. This left him in a difficult situation.

After all, they were a magnificent sect in Heaven Spirit. Countless lineages and charming spirits viewed them as leaders. If he married his martial aunt, it would indeed be improper given his sect’s reputation.

“The Puresun Island Lord is incredible regarding cultivation, but unfortunately, you treat a few matters in the way women do.” Ruyan chuckled: “Just as the Profound King has said, if you waste this opportunity, won’t you regret it for the rest of your life?”

Both the Void Imperfection Three Schools and Gu Chun’s four branches were leading charming spirit lineages as well as allies. The two powers mingled a lot, so Liu Ruyan also knew about the daoist’s love for the Golden Era Master. In fact, this was no secret in the four branches; any disciple with a bit of influence knew about it.

The daoist quietly pondered for a moment before letting out a sentimental sigh. Shortly after, he said: “Morality and ethics, what can people say about them? Even if I can cross this hurdle, my aunt might not be able to.”

“How can you say that without trying?” Li Qiye grinned: “Make an attempt before coming to a conclusion. Plus, your four branches aren’t that pedantic about morality. Your ancestors, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun, Immortal Emperor Chen Hai, and Immortal Emperor Yan Shi, aren’t so old-fashioned in the first place.”

The daoist was still hesitant, not knowing how to voice his feelings.

Li Qiye laughed and patted his shoulder: “Give it a try. The opportunity is in your hands. If you fail to grasp it, it won’t be there any longer. If such a day comes, you will regret it, and remember, there is no medicine for regret.”

The daoist quietly nodded.

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