Chapter 1330: Boneship

Chapter 1330: Boneship

The giant boat went into the gap and Li Qiye’s group came out to the deck. They gazed at the muddy sea in front of them.

Many cultivators felt envious after seeing Ruyan and Jianshi standing next to Li Qiye. For many people, to have such beauties by one’s side was an incredible stroke of luck. Moreover, they were famous rulers of their respective regions.

On the other hand, Daoist Puresun was recognized by only a few people. Those who might have heard of his title had never seen him before.

Li Qiye flatly commented: “How many existences have been buried here at the Bonesea...?”

At this moment, someone suddenly called out: “The boneships are here.” Sure enough, several groups of ships were coming closer.

They were ships seemingly made out of bones of varying sizes. The bigger ones could accommodate around ten people while the smaller ones were the size of a canoe.

All of them had some skeletons lying onboard. They were wearing their own clothes that had rotted completely, but this indicated that they were once living beings or cultivators.

“Time for us to board.” The cultivators in the gap grew restless and wanted to board.

“Why do you get to go first? Our three sects arrived here before you, so we should be first.” An expert became unhappy right away.

“Okay, let’s not argue. If we fight before we even get to the Bonesea, we won’t ever get there.” An influential paragon stepped out and said: “We’ll follow the rules. The three Cloud Ballads and the six schools from Shallow Waters were here first, so they get to board. Then the next groups...” The cultivators had no objections to this paragon taking charge of the situation and prepared to board.

When the boneships finally arrived at the edge of the muddy sea water, they automatically turned around and headed back for the Bonesea.

A senior immediately shouted once the ships were close enough: “Go.”

Shortly after, many cultivators jumped and got on the closest boats. Many first-timers heaved a sigh of relief after boarding.

“Get ready to fight.” However, the experienced cultivators turned serious and took out their treasures.

At this time, the fallen skeletons’ eyes turned red as if something was fueling their soulflames. Their figures slowly stood up one after the other.

They grabbed the mottled weapons next to them and headed for the cultivators near them. Some howled wildly and opened their mouths to take out some strange treasures before going on the offense.

“Kill!” The cultivators retaliated with a battle cry. Even if they weren’t from the same sect, they worked together.

Another old cultivator shouted: “Watch it, don’t sink the boat or we’ll be done for.”

“Hey, how come these skeletons aren’t attacking you?” During this chaotic melee, some cultivators noticed that their peers weren’t being attacked and found it quite surprising.

One of them happily gloated: “Heh, I bought some expensive talismans from Old Chu back at Bones Island so I don’t have to worry about them.”

A strange-looking talisman was attached to him. The skeletons on the ships didn’t seem to notice him. Even if they attacked those next to him, they completely ignored him.

“I also bought some from Old Chu.” After seeing this, many others calmed down and took out their wooden boxes then put these talismans somewhere on their bodies.

“Buzz!” However, despite putting on a talisman, a skeleton still attacked them with its blade.

He jumped and shouted: “What the hell? I also have a talisman.”

“Heh, you don’t know? These talismans are very specific. If you bought a very expensive one, then there will be no problems. However, if you bought one for cheap, then you better change it for another.” An experienced cultivator found this quite amusing.

The cheapskate immediately put on a different talisman. Sure enough, the skeleton stopped attacking him and went for other people.

“Damn it! I’ve changed five talismans already.” A different cultivator put on many different talismans, yet he was still being attacked. His talismans were completely ineffective.

“Ah—” A miserable scream sounded. One of the cultivators used up all of his talismans, but he was still being targeted. He couldn’t handle the attacks of the skeletons and was quickly disposed of by three of them.

“Never be too stingy.” The old cultivator saw this and shook his head to say: “Even though one can buy some good items for cheap from Old Chu, the chance of them being effective is minuscule. Paying an exorbitant price guarantees the quality.”

“Ah—” In the following moments, screams sounded left and right on these boneships. Some of the cultivators weren’t strong enough even when working together and were killed by the skeletons.

“Push them into the sea!” An experienced cultivator loudly shouted and joined forces to take down these skeletons.

“Boom!” With the help of this powerful cultivator, a group finally took over one of the ships after throwing the skeletons into the sea. They couldn’t swim at all and sank into the depths.

“Crack!” However, some were unlucky. One cultivator inadvertently pierced the ship and the sea water rushed in.

“You’re insane!” Everyone on the ship turned pale from horror after seeing this.

One of the cleverer cultivators managed to jump to the closest boneship. The slower ones sank with the ship into the water without having the chance to even scream.

More ships drifted towards the Bonesea while screams and battle cries echoed from them. The two sides were still vying for supremacy.

After clearing the ships of skeletons, the cultivators could only sit there and let the ships take them away since no one could control the direction.

“More are coming.” After the first batch floated away, another group came along.

An old man commanded his disciples: “Get ready, don’t be disorderly once we board.”

Another battle broke out on this second boarding as well. More ships continued to come. The majority of the cultivators could easily jump on them, but the weaker ones would be killed by the skeletons.

After a few batches of ships, a large one finally came. It was several times larger than the previous ships and could contain several hundred cultivators.

The presiding paragon immediately asked: “Whose turn is it?”

The crowd looked around at each other. A schoolmaster explained: “We all know that the larger the ship, the stronger the skeletons inside. Even if it is our turn, we aren’t strong enough to seize this ship.”

This schoolmaster was being very realistic. Even though this huge ship was very tempting, they needed to be strong enough to seize it.

“We’ll go then.” This paragon worked with the other paragons and took their juniors up onto this ship. Another great battle broke out.

Li Qiye’s group was still watching on the deck. Li Qiye smiled and told Liu Ruyan: “Get ready, we’ll board in a bit. This trip will be dangerous, so don’t take your disciples along.”

Ruyan immediately sent the command. Even though the disciples really wanted to take a look at the Bonesea, they let go of this thought due to the nature of the trip. They didn’t want to drag their schoolmasters down.

Li Qiye went back inside and told Xiong Qianbei: “Since I have promised to take you to the Bonesea, prepare yourself. Whether you can get anything is up to your own fortune.”

“Thank you, Young Noble Li and schoolmasters, for leading the way.” After hearing this, the excited old man bowed and went to prepare.

After sitting down, Li Qiye looked at the calm Daoist Puresun and smilingly asked: “What is your purpose for coming to the Bonesea?”

The daoist replied with a smile: “I want to take a look at the mythical central area.”

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “You are indeed very strong and capable. However, you should forget about the central area. If something unfortunate were to happen to you there, it would be a great loss for the charming spirits, the Heaven Spirit World, and the four branches because of your innate talents.”

Li Qiye rarely praised others, so his words were indicative of the daoist’s strength.

“Then I’ll wait until I’m stronger.” The daoist easily abandoned this notion without forcing the issue.

Li Qiye said: “There are other interesting places at the Bonesea. Just wait, you will come to find that this trip will not be in vain.”

The daoist cupped his fists in response: “Then I’ll leave it to Brother Li to guide us.”

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