Chapter 1329: Bonesea’s Entrance

Chapter 1329: Bonesea’s Entrance

Daoist Puresun smiled to respond to Li Qiye: “If Brother Li comes to my four branches, I’m willing to be your guide. We can take a tour of the Golden Era Palace. With your charisma, I’m sure you will have a considerable harvest there. Humans and our four branches have deep ties, so I know you can be at home there.”

The daoist’s words were reasonable. Immortal Emperor Yan Shi was a human. Moreover, the human bloodline at the palace and even the entire four branches was doing very well.

Ruyan was quite amused as she playfully said: “The truth is that the Golden Era Palace Master is a supreme beauty. Just one glance at her could enamor countless others. Young Noble, the daoist can introduce you to her. With your peerless charm, I’m sure you can win her heart.”

Li Qiye smiled as well and asked the daoist: “Is this the truth?”

The daoist hesitated for a moment: “Well…”

Even the elegant Jianshi chuckled. It was clear that Ruyan was toying with Daoist Puresun.

“Oh? You don’t want to introduce your martial aunt to our Young Noble?” Ruyan’s enchanting posture was quite bewitching.

The current palace master was the daoist’s martial aunt. It wasn’t because she was older than him, it was just that she was one generation above him.

The daoist turned red and awkward. He became quite hesitant unlike before. He eventually answered: “If there is a chance when you visit us, I will certainly introduce you to her.”

Jianshi slightly shook her head after hearing this: “Puresun, you are courageous and wise and your talents are peerless. Unfortunately, there are a few things…”

She didn’t finish her sentence.

“Young Noble, did you hear that? You must visit the palace. If there is a chance to win her over, you mustn’t disappoint the daoist.” Ruyan was just like a little demoness. Her swaying laughter belonged to a devil.

The daoist knew that Ruyan was deliberately trying to be annoying, but he couldn’t do anything outside of smiling awkwardly.

Li Qiye instantly knew what was going on after seeing the daoist’s expression.

At this time, a disciple came in and reported: “Schoolmaster, we have arrived at the Bonesea.”

“We’re here.” Both the girls stood up from excitement.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious. He went to the deck to look at this region before smiling: “Things are going to be exciting again.”

In front of them were incomparable mountains blocking everyone’s path. They appeared without warning as if they were guardians preventing everyone from entering.

The spectators felt an illusion that the Dragon Demon Sea ended right here. These mountains ahead were not part of a mountain range, there were tiny gaps among them. Of course, they were small relative to the huge size of the mountains. But for the people here, they were large enough and could accommodate many big ships side by side.

This huge gap in the center of the row of mountains gave the feeling that a mountain had collapsed here for some unknown reason.

If one could stand in the sky of the Dragon Demon Sea and look down on this long row of mountains, they would find that they seemed to be a lower jaw.

If it wasn’t for the flowers and vegetation, these mountains would look like a series of teeth.

If there was an inverted row of mountains in the sky, then it would make up the upper half of the jaw. The missing part in the center would be a missing front tooth.

Of course, the majority wouldn’t believe that this was a row of teeth because it spanned across the Dragon Demon Sea for millions of miles. Its length was too long to be imagined.

If it was truly the lower half of a jaw, then just how frightening was this monster? It could swallow the entire Heaven Spirit World!

After going through these mountains, another ocean appeared before them. However, there was a distinct difference between this one and the previous.

The water of the Dragon Demon Sea was incomparably blue with waves everywhere. However, the sea ahead was turbid as far as the eyes could see, making it seem to be a gateway to hell. A chilling sensation assaulted all spectators. This feeling was especially true while standing on the collapsed mountain.

In fact, this analogy wasn’t unreasonable. Those who had been to the Bonesea before knew that this was only the entrance and not the Bonesea itself.

The experienced crowd knew that one would only know what true fear was when they actually reached the Bonesea.

There were many cultivators waiting at this gap between the mountains and the ridges nearby. This was because everyone was waiting for the boneships. Without them, there was no way of getting to the Bonesea regardless of the treasure used.

The first-timers didn’t believe this statement too much. After waiting for a long time and seeing how none of the boneships have come, someone grew impatient and said: “Is this sea really that bizarre? My heirloom boat can travel across anything, I don’t buy that it can’t cross this sea.”

This skeptic summoned his boat. It was indeed extraordinary since it was exuding a divine light. It slowly sailed into the muddy waters. However, it didn’t reach more than a hundred feet before it began to sink. Next, some clattering sounds came about. This treasure ship completely sank into the sea and disappeared.

The cultivator witnessed the whole scene and was dumbfounded due to disbelief. His ship had an amazing origin and was capable of crossing through all seas, but it has now sunk. He quivered in horror and praised his fortune for not being on it when it sank, or else his life would have been forfeited.

An older cultivator told the youth: “How could it be that easy to enter the Bonesea? Not to mention you, even a Godking would drown in those muddy waters.”.

A sea demon added: “The Bonesea spares no victims. Even the most incredible ship would sink, and yours is no exception. In terms of evasion and purification, no one is better than the Immaculate Expanse. But its master, Daoist Lin, would still obediently wait here for a boneship. His Void Imperfection Physique is virtually invincible, yet he still doesn’t dare to test his luck. Don’t mess around without a boneship.”

A cultivator stated: “I heard that outside of the Sea Conch, no one else dared to not use the boneships to enter.”

“Yes, the Sea Conch is an exception.” A sea demon replied: “Rumor has it that their progenitor, the Conch God, obtained a bunch of Yin bones and crocodile wood. With them, he was able to create some vessels that could cross the Bonesea.”

A charming spirit suddenly interjected: “Is Daoist Lin here right now?”

“Not just the daoist, the Extreme Yang Monarch, the Swiftdao Celestial God, they’re all here too. This trip to the Bonesea will be very lively.” An old cultivator responded: “Towering waves will rise with the arrival of Meng Zhentian as well.”

After hearing this, someone murmured: “A duel of geniuses?”

A paragon chimed in: “That day will come, but Daoist Lin’s group should be fine. They don’t have a strong desire for the Heaven’s Will. However, the celestial god and his peers must have the Heaven’s Will. A great battle is inevitable.”

A charming spirit master mused: “But who can compete with Meng Zhentian? The celestial god might be strong, but his current self can’t contend against Zhentian.”

Many people pondered these words. Even though some people didn’t want to believe it, it was indeed the truth. No one was qualified to compete against Meng Zhentian, at least for now.

“Fierce is here.” During the silence, someone with good vision spotted Li Qiye’s ship.

Many turned around. Sure enough, the giant boat of the Evil Devourer School slowly drifted into the gap. The cultivators nearby quickly made way for them.

Even if it wasn’t for Fierce’s notoriety, just the name “Evil Devourer School” was enough for everyone here to back off.

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