Chapter 1328: Puresun Daoist

Chapter 1328: Puresun Daoist

The flying gulls soared above the waving sea. The boat from the Evil Devourer School continued on with adequate speed while many cultivators quickly passed them.

Of course, some were even slower than Li Qiye. As Li Qiye’s group continued to move forward, they spotted a carefree youth.

This was a young man a bit more than twenty years old with an old mottled sword on his back. He wore a yellow robe the color of sunlight and gave off a solitary feel.

He didn’t appear to be outstanding, but he made others feel that he was rock-solid like an immovable mountain.

His eyes were bright, but within them hid an indescribable loneliness and a profound silence. This youth rode a wooden plank above the waves.

It looked quite shabby in comparison to the other experts and big shots with their treasure boats and divine vessels. This youth, with his wooden plank, seemed to be on a lower level in comparison.

Ruyan and Jianshi were both surprised to see him after passing by. When the youth saw them, his sentimental expression turned into a smile. He initiated the conversation: “Schoolmaster Liu and Schoolmaster Zhuo, it has been a while, about ten years? You two are becoming even more beautiful.”

“I didn’t expect the Puresun Island Lord, who is so indifferent to fame and fortune, to actually come to the Bonesea.” Ruyan smiled back at this youth.

He gave a carefree smile in response: “People in this world cannot be freed from wanting fame and fortune. Something is happening at the Bonesea, and as the island lord, I have to go broaden my horizons as well.”

Jianshi gracefully responded: “So you are coming for the item of immortality.”

The youth shook his head: “How could a mundane man like me dare to think about a fortuitous item like that? Being a cultivator of Heaven Spirit, it would be a shame to never visit the Bonesea at least once. Today, I’m making an exception to join in on the fun.” With that, he cupped his fists towards Li Qiye and asked: “Brother Li, do you mind if I tag along on the schoolmaster’s boat to the Bonesea?”

This young man was very polite. Moreover, he asked Li Qiye instead of Ruyan. It was a very interesting and deliberate act.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “I don’t mind, get on.”

The youth smiled and jumped on the large boat. He bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “I am Daoist Puresun from the Ancient Spirit Island.”

“I know who you are.” Li Qiye chuckled and glanced at the sword on the daoist’s back. With an intrigued smile, he said: “I have been wanting a decorative sword, and the one you have looks quite nice.”

The daoist’s sword was quite old and ragged. Even though it had an ancient style going for it, there was nothing extraordinary in appearance, making it seem to be an ordinary old sword.

Ruyan smilingly quipped: “Are you listening? Our Young Noble wants your sword. Will you hand it over nicely, or do we have to take it from you?”

The daoist wryly smiled. He was still at ease and generous with his response: “Brother Li, you are matchless in the current generation, so how could a sword of this level be to your liking? Even though this Ancient Purity Blade isn’t bad, it isn’t good enough for you to rob me. Unfortunately, this sword belongs to the school. If it was my personal belonging, I could have gifted it to you.”

If an outsider was present to hear this name, they would be jumping from astonishment. The Ancient Purity Blade was Immortal Emperor Gu Chun’s true fate weapon. This was an unfathomable weapon with many colorful legends.

This seemingly young man was Daoist Puresun, one of the island lords of Gu Chun’s four branches. He looked around twenty, but his real age was much older.

“So many words just to refuse.” Ruyan chuckled and wanted to encourage Li Qiye: “You might be a powerful Godking, but there is still a long way to go before you can compare to our Young Noble…”

“... Young Noble, if you want to sweep through Heaven Spirit, it is best to attack this daoist right now. If you take him down, the rest like the Seashield Prince and Seven Sea Goddess won’t matter. Even though he isn’t famous, he is definitely the number one genius of our charming spirit race, someone who became a Godking ten years ago.” She playfully winked at Li Qiye.

The daoist coughed after hearing this and replied: “Schoolmaster Liu, you are praising me too much. If you use your Charming Evil Strike from your Heaven Devourer Evil Physique, I am not your opponent.”

The progenitor of her school was an invincible Immortal Physique user at grand completion. Even though she didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, she was able to create the Charming Evil Strike.

In theory, a grand completion user shouldn’t be able to create an Immortal Physique Strike. However, this progenitor’s demon-like talents were too amazing. She created this technique the moment she reached grand completion.

There was still a gap between her technique and those created by Immortal Emperors. To be exact, her technique was considered a secondary Immortal Emperor Strike.

“A descendant of Immortal Emperor Gu Chun while cultivating the Indestructible Diamond Physique, these are excellent achievements.” Li Qiye nodded while looking at the daoist.

The four branches were in the following order: the Ancient Spirit Island, the Puresun River, the Profound Sea Dynasty, and the Golden Era Palace. They were all created by Immortal Emperor Gu Chun and separated later on.

According to the rumors, the Ancient Spirit Island was ruled by his direct descendants. The Puresun River was built as a lineage for a grand completion Immortal Physique master, the Indestructible Diamond Physique, to be exact. He created the famous Diamond Evil-subduing Physique Law, the only physique law of this level in the four branches.

The Profound Sea Dynasty was created by Immortal Emperor Chen Hai and, of course, the Golden Era Palace was built on the fame of Immortal Emperor Yan Shi. [2. Chen Hai = Profound Sea; Yan Shi = Golden/Prosperous Era.]

Despite being divided into four branches, they were still part of the same family and would regularly exchange merit laws and information.

For example, this daoist came from the Ancient Spirit Island, but he still cultivates the diamond physique.

The daoist immediately stood up and said: “Brother Li, you are scaring me. My little cultivation shouldn’t matter to you.”

Li Qiye replied with a grin: “Don’t worry, I have no intention of messing with your four branches. At the very least, if your sect doesn’t provoke me, I won’t be coming to break your nest.”

He quickly said with sincerity: “I can rest easy now after hearing this.”

Earlier when Ruyan called him the greatest genius of the charming spirit race, it was the truth. Not only did he have a half completion Immortal Physique, he became a Godking ten years ago. These were amazing achievements.

Other youths would shock the world by becoming a Godking at such a young age, but the daoist wasn’t very famous in Heaven Spirit.

This wasn’t only because he was low-key, it was also because he had no ambition to compete with others. He preferred to travel calmly without needless thoughts and desires. This made his cultivation even stronger despite his unknown reputation.

Many people didn’t even know who he was. Those who did might not know the extent of his strength. The Void Imperfection Schools had ties with the Ancient Spirit Island, so they knew his real strength.

The powerful daoist was very insightful as well. The moment he saw Li Qiye, he didn’t dare to put on airs.

“But really, the Ancient Purity Blade is not bad at all.” Li Qiye added right after the daoist became relieved: “I’m actually missing a sword, maybe I should think about taking it?”

The daoist felt awkward once more as he replied: “Brother Li, you are too funny.”

“If this was any other true treasure, I wouldn’t actually care for it.” Li Qiye said in a serious manner: “However, this blade is extraordinary and contains a great mystery.”

Such earnest words left the daoist speechless and the two girls smiling.

“I’m just messing with you.” Li Qiye added after seeing the slightly alarmed daoist: “This sword is not bad, but I wouldn’t have waited until now if I truly wanted it.”

The daoist cupped his fists and said: “Brother Li, this little brother is very grateful for your generosity.”

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve: “The four branches have remarkable contributions to the nine worlds. The descendants of Immortal Emperor Gu Chun are wise as well.”

“However, I do have a bit of enmity with your four branches. Whether this escalates or not will depend on your sect.” He smiled after saying this.

The daoist’s heart jumped after seeing his smile. He felt that Li Qiye actually wanted the four branches to come looking for trouble, like a lamb walking into the jaws of a tiger.

The daoist was certain of this and earnestly answered: “My junior brother is a great man, I’m sure he will know how to tread.”

It was no secret that Li Qiye killed Gongsun Meiyu, the Profound Monarch’s concubine. Everyone knew that he was very fond of her, so he might not be able to swallow this anger.

Nevertheless, the daoist felt quite confident. This was not because of their sect’s power, but because he had a deep friendship with the Profound Monarch. He understood the monarch and his personality, so he believed that he would be able to take care of this enmity.

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t really take this problem to heart. If the monarch wanted revenge for his concubine, he would be ready.

Li Qiye kept on looking at the sword behind the daoist’s back with some longing. He eventually smiled and said: “I know that your Golden Era Palace has many beauties as well. Besides the sword of your four branches, I’m also interested in the palace.”

Of course, he wasn’t interested in the beauties but some things that Immortal Emperor Yan Shi left behind.

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