Chapter 1327: Godslaying Dao

Chapter 1327: Godslaying Dao

She was intimidated while standing there. Her mind didn’t return and she had forgotten about fleeing.

“The world still has a few Godslaying Dragon Cannons?” Li Qiye gave an amused smile while looking at the blank-minded girl.

She was shocked and regained her wits to run once more.

This was met with Li Qiye’s quip: “It’s too late to run now. Come, accept your imprisonment.” With that, his five fingers spread out and aimed straight for her.

His palm covered the heaven and earth and suppressed myriad realms. Regardless of her efforts, she couldn’t escape from his grasp.

Right when she was about to be trapped within his attack, a sword left its sheath with a loud hymn.

Someone took action. His sword came sweeping by and turned into countless majestic mountains — profound and steady. It came straight for Li Qiye’s gigantic palm.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s attack shattered the countless mountains before him. The attacker just now staggered backward as well.

“Swiftdao God!” People blurted in surprise after seeing who it was.

The person who saved Yujian was the current lord of the Swiftdao Sacred Ground, her junior brother.

He quickly cupped his fists towards Li Qiye and said: “Brother Li, you are a great man. Won’t you be magnanimous this time and let it go?”

She refused to accept his help and coldly uttered: “Scram, I don’t need you to take care of me.”

The Swiftdao God’s expression didn’t change as he earnestly said: “Senior Sister, protecting every disciple of the sacred ground is my duty.”

“I am no longer someone from the sacred ground. Get the hell out of my sight.” Yujian’s expression was cold, choosing not to show any gratefulness.

“Senior Sister, you have not been expelled from the sacred ground, so you will always be considered its disciple.” The celestial god shook his head.

Li Qiye looked at the two and became amused: “Such love between fellow disciples, which one of you will come first to die?”

“Li, I dare to accept the consequences of my own doing. I will fight you.” The girl still had a surging bloodthirst and a will to fight with the sword in her hand.

The celestial god, on the other hand, started to beseech Li Qiye: “Brother Li, my sister only wanted to use this chance to polish her grand dao, I hope you can forgive her once. Our sacred ground will pay for your losses.”

She coldly stated: “I have nothing to do with the Swiftdao Sacred Ground!”

Li Qiye smirked after seeing the exchange between the two and eventually said: “I’m someone who finds mercy to be a noble quality. Since you were able to escape from me once, I shall also spare you this time.”

He coolly left after stating this with a laugh.

Yujian and the celestial god were stunned after seeing this. The celestial god naturally didn’t think that Li Qiye was afraid of him. Someone like Li Qiye simply wouldn’t put anyone in his sight.

He only walked a couple of steps away before turning his head and smilingly told Sima Yujian: “The next time we meet, I hope you will have the Coiling Dragon Sword in hand. Don’t let me down.”

With that, he finally left with Ruyan and Jianshi.

Sima Yujian stood there looking silly. She didn’t expect such a result after the failed assassination since she was mentally prepared to die. However, what stunned her even more was that Li Qiye knew about the Coiling Dragon Sword! No one should know about its existence.

In fact, she wasn’t the only one who looked silly, many people were astounded all the same. They didn’t expect for someone as ruthless as Li Qiye to easily forgive her like this.

From his previous conduct, they knew that opposing him wouldn’t end well. For example, the Lithodidae Overlord; he even took the Regal Valley down with him.

But now when Yujian tried to assassinate him twice, Li Qiye actually decided to spare her. People began to wonder if Li Qiye actually had a merciful side.

Someone murmured: “He is completely unpredictable.”

Yujian calmed down and glanced at the celestial god before leaving without saying anything.

The celestial god told Sima Yujian: “Senior Sister, why not return to our sect? Master and the others miss you.”

However, she turned a blind eye to him and disappeared into the horizon without giving him a second glance.

The celestial god gently sighed without commenting. He sheathed his sword before placing it on his back and seated himself in the small boat to take his leave as well.

The others saw that the play was over, so they left the War Cliff for the Bonesea.

The news of the Regal Valley’s destruction spread overnight. Many people listened to the process and were quite frightened. Li Qiye was now even more renowned in the world.

Meanwhile, the Evil Devourer School’s boat continued forward towards the Bonesea.

On the boat, Li Qiye sat quietly with Ruyan and Jianshi to his left and right. Jianshi was boiling some tea for him while Ruyan peeled some fruit and personally fed him.

“Young Noble, are you friends with Yujian’s seniors?” Jianshi grew quite curious after seeing Li Qiye spare Sima Yujian. He was not the merciful type to spare her just because of the celestial god’s plead.

Ruyan fed another fruit straight into his mouth before smiling: “Do you really need to think about this? It’s so obvious, Yujian grew up to be quite pretty, so Young Noble spared her this time in order to make her warm his bed later.”

Of course, she was only joking. Shangguan Feiyan and Gongsun Meiyu were both peerless beauties, yet Li Qiye killed them ruthlessly and decisively. He didn’t spare them just because they were pretty. Therefore, he didn’t spare Yujian for her beauty, it must have been some other reason.

Li Qiye glanced at the vast sea and eventually answered: “She has a connection with me from cultivating the Godslaying Dao. I suppose you can say that her seniors are my old friends.”

He plunged into quiet contemplation afterward.

Sima Yujian probably didn’t know that the Godslaying Dao was created by Li Qiye when he was still the Dark Crow.

During the dark years of the Ancient Ming’s reign, they were mighty and ruled over the nine worlds. This was especially true during Immortal Emperor Tian Tu’s prosperous generation when his race reached their peak.

In that period, Li Qiye’s military might couldn’t compete in an all-out war against the entire Ancient Ming, so he chose to use indirect methods.

He created the Godslaying Dao and established the Godslaying Night Corps. It could be said that this was the most prominent and terrifying assassination group. [1. Night probably stands for his name and the nature of the corp. Ye = Night.]

He led this assassination corp to kill many geniuses from the Ancient Ming, the ones with the potential to become invincible. They took it a step further by initiating complicated long-term assassinations against this race’s supremes in order to weaken them.

The godslaying corps never showed themselves to the world and remained in the darkness. However, they set up many opportunities for the eventual victory, so it was full of accolades and merits.

When the Ancient Ming Era ended and the Emperors Era ushered in, a new dawn emerged for the nine worlds.

At that time, the Godslaying Night Corps had completed its mission. There was no longer a need for assassinations.

It stopped training new assassins. The older generation began to die from old age or hid in seclusion, and their leader chose to live in seclusion as well.

Before he left, Li Qiye handed control of the corps over to the leader, including the manuals of the Godslaying Dao, the Coiling Dragon Sword that represented the highest authority of the corps, and the Godslaying Dragon Cannons.

Li Qiye told the leader that it was up to him to decide whether to continue the corps or not. He didn’t know what they ultimately chose.

Later on, he never saw them again. The Godslaying Night Corps disappeared from this world, and no one trained in the Godslaying Dao.

Sima Yujian’s appearance had let Li Qiye see the dao and the cannon once more. This was the reason why he chose to spare her. Otherwise, he would have killed her on the second assassination attempt.

Ruyan and Jianshi didn’t pry any further after seeing his quiet contemplation. The atmosphere became very quiet as the two continued with their chores.

The Bonesea was lively once again. Many great powers and imperial lineages in Heaven Spirit flocked to this region. Even old monsters who didn’t come out before made appearances.

This was one of the twelve burial grounds. It was located in a remote area of the Dragon Demon Sea, and it was also the most dangerous and mysterious location.

However, there was one very strange aspect about it. Legend states that every single sea god would travel to the Bonesea at least once. No one knew the reason, however.

There was one particular speculation. People thought that the Trident came from the Bonesea, so all the sea gods would come to see it.

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