Chapter 1326: Second Assassination Attempt

Chapter 1326: Second Assassination Attempt

Everyone saw this ray pierce through Li Qiye’s back with incredible speed. Time seemed to have frozen into a vivid image, depicting his downfall.

Many people stopped breathing; it was as if an invisible hand was clutching their throats. Ruyan’s and Jianshi’s hearts jumped out of their chests.

Li Qiye’s power was as clear as day when he easily destroyed the Regal Valley alone.

However, such a great genius basking in triumph was assassinated. This sudden reversal of plot was a bit unbearable.

After the cold glint penetrated Li Qiye’s back, the assassin finally revealed herself. It was Sima Yujian!

No one saw her hiding in the cliff, not even experts like Ruyan and Jianshi.

One must admit that she was a capable assassin. Not only was her stealth matchless, she could seize the most opportune moment to deliver a fatal blow, evident by what had just transpired.

There was no better opportunity to kill Li Qiye than that moment. In this split second, she thought that she had succeeded.

However, she quickly felt that something was amiss.

Li Qiye was indeed standing there and her sword had pierced through him. Alas, there was no gushing blood or miserable screams.

He stood there quietly without any reaction, as if the sword had pierced someone else.

She was aware of the problem. At the same time, an older big shot outside of the War Cliff also noticed the anomaly.

He exclaimed after the realization: “He isn’t in this space.”

People were surprised to hear this. They didn’t expect for Li Qiye to not be in this space. It was a huge distance, but no one saw him take flight.

This was Displaced Space, another technique in Li Qiye’s arsenal. One could clearly see the person standing there and would feel that they were mere inches away. However, there existed an unreachable gap of one or several different spaces.

“Buzz!” Yujian realized this right away. Her long sword turned radiant as if countless suns had just exploded. With this empowerment, the blade traveled with a speed faster than time itself by ten-fold!

It pierced through time and space to reach Li Qiye’s space, aiming for his neck.

She was indeed remarkable and her speed had reached the extreme. To be able to react so quickly and adapt to his new space, anyone would have been skewered by her swift reaction speed regardless of their space mastery.

Unfortunately, fortune eluded her. Her opponent just happened to be Li Qiye.

The terrifying sword glint stopped right before Li Qiye. His two fingers were gripping her sword.

While looking at the emotionless girl, Li Qiye chuckled and flatly stated: “Not bad, your sword speed is enough to reign over the younger generation. You have done a good job cultivating the Godslaying Dao. Unfortunately, you have met me.” [1. This title can mean Godslaying or Death God/Reaper. It’s a coin toss before the author gives more context.]

Yujian’s expression showed signs of fear. After leaving the sacred ground, no one knew which dao she was cultivating until now.

She decisively abandoned her sword and turned to flee. However, she was quickly stopped after banging into an invisible wall that blocked her path.

Space Closure, a technique that allowed Li Qiye to seal off this space right when Yujian tried to escape. It didn’t matter which direction she chose since there would be an invisible wall there to stop her.

However, she was much more powerful than the five generals. At this moment, her body exuded strands of brilliance alongside a cold energy. They seemed to be sword rays capable of severing all things.

These bright lights condensed into a single ray. She used an unmatched speed to slam into the spatial wall.

“Bang!” The closure began to have multiple cracks.

“Bang!” She gathered her speed once more and managed to break through Li Qiye’s Space Closure, successfully escaping the trap.

However, she didn’t make it far before Li Qiye casually pointed his finger forward. The space around her suddenly squeezed together and turned into chains.

“Click!” A transparent light engulfed her body and formed a gigantic lock.

At this time, her speed suddenly slowed down despite her efforts to accelerate.

Space Shackle was Li Qiye’s choice this time. It was quite powerful, capable of rendering its victim unable to move. Moreover, it was omnipresent, there was no escaping once sealed.

Yujian was quite powerful; her speed could be ranked among the top in Heaven Spirit. Even under such restraints, she was able to fly like before.

“I want to see just how strong you are.” Li Qiye smiled and took one step forward to instantly catch up to her.

He attacked with his Hell Suppressing Fist.

The grand dao shattered along with the sky vault. Countless mountains came crashing down with their immense weight. There was no way of measuring its boundless power capable of annihilating the earth and ending the gods.

Yujian was aghast in the face of this terrifying punch. She didn’t have time to think and exuded her blood energy. Darkness loomed over her as if she had been possessed by a devil. This dark light gave birth to a pair of sun-blotting wings behind her.

In an instant, the wings folded in front of her like two hands of a dark god to stop Li Qiye’s blow.

“Boom!” This divine possession wasn’t enough. The dark wings faltered before his fist. Even the space around her was crushed completely.

As for Yujian, she was blown away with blood gushing out of her wounds. Her face turned pale.

In this moment of life and death, she lifted a cannon decorated with a coiling dragon onto her shoulder. It was completely black, seemingly made from the body of a dark dragon.

“Boom!” The weapon shot out a blazing ray like moonlight. It was transparent and dazzling as it soared with extreme speed.

Furthermore, it was unbelievably sharp and instantly pierced through space to head straight for Li Qiye’s throat.

This flame traveled for a long time before the sound of the explosion came. One could easily imagine just how swift it was.

Even a God-Monarch was stunned silly after seeing this incredible attack. He could already see the scene of it piercing his throat, instantly killing him.

It moved so fast that timed seemed to stop. Everyone was watching a slow-motion picture from its emergence.

Li Qiye smiled. His inner physique lit up and his agility surged. The moment the Soaring Immortal Physique comes out, it would exceed all else in speed.

At the same time, he unleashed an Indestructible Diamond Fist straight at the blazing flame.

“Boom!” This slow-motion scene amazed the crowd. The flame shattered like glass. Its sparkling traces of light scattered everywhere. The sound of the impact came long after the actual event.

Yujian was astonished once more. The Godslaying Dragon Cannon was one of her aces. She didn’t have many shots left, so she wouldn’t use it unless her life was on the line.

There was no return after the cannon gets fired. It had extreme speed and horrifying destructive power, even a Godking’s weapon would be instantly pierced. This was the weapon she used to assassinate the White Whale Godking.

However, it could only shoot once before becoming useless for a period of time. She didn’t expect to fail in damaging Li Qiye in the slightest because she wasn’t aware of his counterattack and Immortal Physiques.

Under the acceleration of the Soaring Immortal Physique, Li Qiye’s Indestructible Diamond Fist had incalculable power. Even a magical blow from the dragon cannon couldn’t withstand its might.

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