Chapter 1324: Attack On The Regal Valley

Chapter 1324: Attack On The Regal Valley

A horrifying scene took place; the overlord’s body actually melted. Even though his eyes were still there, his body turned into a pile of soft, muddy mush. Moreover, roots came out of what was left of his body and stuck along the cliff. He became a horrifying abomination.

Despite this new form, his sanity was still intact. In fact, he watched the whole grotesque transformation.

The crowd was frightened after the emergence of this monster.

Ruyan chuckled in amusement: “Do you know the name of this poison? It is called ‘Back To The Roots’. Not only will your body melt, your true fate will follow suit. If I don’t let you die, you will be hanging here in this abominable form for several hundred years!” [1. The raw is the idiom — falling leaves return to the roots.]

“Kill me if you dare!” The overlord screamed in a very low tone. It sounded like the roar of an old tree.

“I will, your funeral will be on the same day as the Regal Valley’s demise.” Ruyan chuckled: “Our Young Noble will force you to watch what you have done. The Regal Valley shall end by your own hands. Your ancestors won’t rest in peace because of you, and the same goes for the sea god’s legion! This is the outcome of your selfishness!”

The overlord was furious, but nothing was going to change.

At this time, the two Cancer Divine Formations were fighting each other. The first one was at a disadvantage and was being pushed down. However, even though the second was much stronger, it wasn’t easy for it to sever the claws and legs of the first.

Just like that, the battle between the gigantic crabs shattered many mountains and barriers at the Regal Valley.

It seemed that doomsday had arrived. The crabs in the sky caused great explosions while the skeletal army continued to kill its way deeper while reaping the lives of the disciples. In a short amount of time, corpses piled into mountains while blood ran like rivers.

Even if all the ancestors here came into being, they couldn’t reverse the present situation. Not only did they have to face their progenitor’s legion, they also had to fight his opposing legion.

Their ancestors might have been victorious back then and slew millions, but now, these millions of sea demons were having their revenge!

“Rumble!” As the assault raged on, a divine light appeared and soared for endless miles from the depths of the valley.

A great figure emerged in this brilliance and with it the aura of a sea god. Billions of existences in this sea trembled and had to kneel in worship.

Some people saw the figure through the spatial channel and cried out: “Lithodidae Sea God!”

“It’s the foundation of the sea god, not him.” An expert explained: “The skeletal army has finally woken up. I wonder if this legacy can withstand it or not?”

“Hahaha, little animal, the foundation laid down by my ancestors is unbreakable. You can keep on dreaming!” The overlord laughed hysterically after seeing the tall figure.

As a sea god lineage, Lithodidae created this sect back then and left behind an eternal foundation to protect the Regal Valley.

Today, the offense had finally woke it up along with the will of Lithodidae.

“Boom!” This tall figure raged over the world and used its incredible aura to suppress the skeletal army.

However, the army did not panic or become afraid. They mounted their most powerful assault against this foundation by forming war formations. A sea of skeletons spanned as far as the eyes could see. In just a moment, it looked like this invincible legion had returned to life.

However, these war formations couldn’t withstand the pressure from the great aura. One skeleton shattered after another. They failed to break through this barrier erected by the will of a sea god.

“That’s a sea god for you, the supreme sovereign of our sea demon race.” Some sea demons felt proud after witnessing this scene.

“Little animal, all of your calculations have failed, your tricks can’t compare to my ancestors’ invincibility!” The overlord turned even crazier after seeing this scene. His voice was incredibly hoarse at this point.

Li Qiye nonchalantly responded: “Only the will of a sea god. It might be a bit interesting if it was an Immortal Emperor’s will controlling a true weapon, but this sea god’s remnant doesn't even have the Trident. Watch how I will destroy your hope and the Regal Valley.”

Having said that, he personally entered the spatial channel and descended towards the Regal Valley.

After he left, Ruyan and Jianshi guarded the channel. If anyone wanted to cross it, they must go through the two girls first.

Once he appeared in the sky, the glaring eyes of the figure instantly swept towards him like two divine swords capable of cutting through everything in this world.

However, before these two rays could touch him, he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

It looked as if this will of the sea god noticed something was wrong. Its eyes lit up like two suns illuminating the entire valley. Without a doubt, it was searching for Li Qiye.

Logically, no one should be able to hide from such a powerful intent regardless of their methods.

However, the luminous eyes failed to find a single trace of Li Qiye.

“Impossible!” Even some powerful paragons couldn’t believe it while watching the spatial channel.

A paragon exclaimed in astonishment: “Even though a sea god’s will is not as strong as the real deal, it is still the intent of a sea god. They are built upon a great foundation, so even Apex Godkings are wary of them and ordinary Godkings can’t hide from their sweeping search!”

This was Cryptic Space, one of the four major arts of the Space Scripture. Not to mention an intent, even if a real sea god were here, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to spot Li Qiye without spending some time.

This technique could hide anything from everything, even the heavens. Even if the user was an inch away, the opponent still wouldn’t be able to detect them.

While the crowd was amazed by Li Qiye’s stealth technique, something finally changed in the valley. The space here suddenly turned blurry as if it was about to melt.

Although it was blurring up, the background coordinates of this spatial region became quite clear. It seemed that this location was trying to connect to a different space.

At this time, the sea god’s intent finally found Li Qiye. Its sharp gaze came for his neck once more.

“Bang!” The cryptic space was exposed under this strangulating search. Li Qiye appeared in the sky again while channeling a spatial law in his palm.

As the intent was about to attack him again, Li Qiye said with a smile: “Too late.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Tremendous explosions resounded across the Dragon Demon Sea. The whole region began to tremble.

The background of the region became clear. A huge maelstrom emerged right behind the Regal Valley.

“The Great Maelstrom!” Everyone lost their minds after seeing this gigantic whirlpool. Even paragons turned pale as they shouted its name.

Someone uncontrollably blurted: “Impossible! How can the Great Maelstrom appear in our sea?!”

At this time, the souls of many sea demons left their bodies in fear. If the maelstrom was really here, then the end of the Dragon Demon Sea as well as their race was coming.

“No, this isn’t the maelstrom appearing in our sea. Li Qiye is connecting two different spaces.” A shocked master elaborated while heaving a sigh of relief.

“Boom!” The sea god’s intent had no time to deal with Li Qiye now. It immediately turned back to fight against the power of the maelstrom.

“Crack!” A burst of breaking noises resounded. Even though the intent wanted to stabilize the space around the valley, it was already too late. The foundation built by Lithodidae began to crack in many places.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this scene: “This is Space Connection. What a shame, one wrong step is all it takes to lose everything. If the foundation didn’t take action and continued to protect the valley, I wouldn’t have been able to connect the valley’s space to the maelstrom’s space.”

Space Connection was the next level of spatial teleportation, a technique even more advanced than spatial channels. It was part of the Space Control art as well.

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